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If there were no monsters and no magic

What if Bella chose Jacob? Would she still get her happy ending?


11. Chapter 11

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Jacob’s POV

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Aro asked softly, his cloudy eyes twinkling.

“Not like I had a choice.” I said and growled at the kid leeches. “She’s not going to come alone, you know that right? She’ll bring the Cullen’s with her.”

“You really think so? Splendid! I was hoping that Alice and Edward would join us!” Aro said. The two kid leeches obviously didn’t share his enthusiasm for the Cullen’s – or Bella for that matter, they both hissed at the mention of them.

“Don’t be sad, dear ones. They will join us, I’m sure of it.”

Bella’s POV

The drive to Forks was more silent than the plane ride to Seattle had been. Alice was frustrated that she couldn’t see what was going to happen because of Jacob’s involvement, Edward was furious at me still for insisting that we go – he didn’t trust Jacob – and Jasper was trying to keep everyone calm. To make matters worse, I’d had the nightmare again and had screamed for over ten minutes before Edward, Alice, and Jasper had been able to wake me up. Even when they managed to wake me up, I clung to Alice and wouldn’t allow Edward to touch me or even be in the same room with me until I was fully awake.

Without thinking about Edward listening, I had told Alice about the nightmare. Edward had been listening – of course – and now he would barely look at me. I was almost happy to go to the hospital. Even a morgue would have more cheer than this car held.

“It was just a dream,” I insisted for probably the billionth time since I woke up.

Edward clenched his jaw, but said nothing.

“Fine,” I muttered.

Alice and Jasper exchanged a look and I felt a cloud of relaxation and happiness float around.

I gritted my teeth. “Stop it, Jasper.”

“That’s probably Jacob,” Alice said knowingly a few seconds before my phone rang.

I flipped it open in the middle of the first ring. I was happy for a distraction. I’d gladly speak to the devil himself if it meant not sitting in this uncomfortable silence any longer.

“Hey Jake – any change?” I asked.

“Don’t kill me, but they sent him home last night. They said it was just indigestion.”

In the front seat, Edward snarled, but I was too relieved about my Dad to care that he was mad.

“I’m not mad, but you could have called me before I left you know. Saved me the trip and everything, Jake.” I sighed.

“I know, I just thought maybe we could talk. You know, about the baby.”

I groaned inwardly. This was not going to be pleasant. Edward continued to snarl, and I knew if I looked at his face – not that I dared to even try – that he would look as angry as the snarls sounded.

“Please, Bells. I really want to make this right.”

“Fine, meet me…” I struggled to think of a place. “Um… I guess meet me at Charlie’s.”

“No!” he cried out. “Not Charlie’s. Look, I’ll meet you at the border okay? I’ll bring the motorcycle, and we’ll go to our beach to talk.

Great, this was getting better all the time. If we went on the reservation, they couldn’t come with me. Not that I particularly minded that, but I know none of them would like it.

I sighed again. “Fine, we’ll be there soon.”

“Bye Bells.”

“Bye,” I whispered and hung up the phone.

For a few minutes, no one said anything. I was waiting on Edward to get mad about Jacob lying to us, but he really didn’t seem that shocked.

“Please tell me that you do not still ride that motorcycle.” Edward said finally breaking the silence.

“Well, I don’t ride mine anymore. Although, I probably would if it hadn’t been destroyed in the accident.”

Even Jasper couldn’t stop him from being mad after that.

“Accident?” he said, his velvet voice low and angry.

“It wasn’t that bad,” I amended quickly. “I only broke one leg, it really could have been worse…” I stopped then because Edward’s eyes bulged out, and I knew anything else I said would only made it worse.

He didn’t say anything else to me, though. He just kept muttering ‘one job, he had one job’.

“So…” Alice started. “Your beach, huh?”

I blushed. “Well, yeah – I mean technically it isn’t our beach. I guess it just holds a lot of memories.” Like the first time we met, the first time we …, our wedding, I thought to myself. Probably wasn’t a good idea to bring any of that up.

For the first time since I saw them at the airport, I felt awkward with the Cullen’s. There was an entire chapter of my life they were unaware of, an entire chapter of my life that I didn’t think I could share with them without hurting Edward.

“I won’t be long,” I promised as we reached the border. “I am going to ask Jake if he’ll allow you guys to cross the border after we’ve had a chance to talk. I could use the help getting the rest of my stuff out of the house – if you still want me to come back to New York with you, of course.”

“You’re doing it again.” Edward said with a small smile on his face.

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Being absurd! Call me as soon as the dog – I mean Jacob – agrees to let us cross.”

“I will,” I promised and waved at them before jogging to Jacob and the motorcycle.

“Let’s go,” he said tersely as I climbed on the back. I waved at Edward one last time before we took off.

Edward’s POV

“How long has it been?” I demanded.

“Ten minutes, just like it was when you asked fifteen seconds ago.” Alice chirped. Calm down, she’s going to be fine.

“I just don’t like it. Something isn’t right. I couldn’t hear his thoughts!” I said again.

“Maybe he was just blocking them,” Jasper suggested. What’s with all the jealousy?

I clenched my jaw and ignored Jasper. I wasn’t jealous of that dog.

“What did he mean “their” beach? Did you see how she blushed when he said that?” I asked.

Alice and Jasper both shrugged.

There was a lot of embarrassment… and a little bit of arousal there.

I squeezed the steering wheel so hard I left indentions on there. Alice had a vision just then. We weren’t going to get our deposit back.

“Really, Edward, you need to take some anger management classes,” she said. I wonder what color we should paint the nursery. Maybe yellow! Or green! I wish I could see if it were going to be a boy or a girl.

“Calm down,” Jasper said and put his arm on my shoulder. I felt my body relax despite the tension that still filled my mind. I’m sure she’s fine. I’m sure they aren’t doing this … images of kissing… or this…images of Bella naked…or even this… images of Jacob naked.

“JASPER!” I roared.

“Sorry,” he laughed.

I wonder if the baby will look like Bella or if it will look like Jacob? Oh my god, what if it turns out to be a werewolf too!

“Alice! Can you please try to control your thoughts?”

“Sorry!” she said. I’ll try!

I hadn’t thought about that, though. It would be problematic to say the least if we had a werewolf living with a family of vampires, after all. Who’s to say that the gene would be passed on? No one really… except that it is Bella…. If there is any trouble in a hundred mile radius, she’s sure to find it. She’d done some pretty reckless things since she’d been with Jacob.

“I can’t believe he would allow her to get back on another motorcycle! Honestly, the dog only had one job… keep her safe! Could he not do even that?”

Jasper laughed. “She’s an adult, Edward. She can ride motorcycles if she wants to.” Calm down! There’s no need in getting all worked up. She’s fine!

Fine, sure she was fine now. But last year she’d broken her leg… her leg.

Jasper relaxed us again – maybe a little too much! – If we’d been human, we’d all been asleep. No one spoke for several minutes.

I was about to ask how much time had passed again when I heard it. A blood-curdling scream in the distance. Bella.

I threw open the door and started running, treaty be damned.

“I’m coming, Bella.” I whispered as I ran.

Bella’s POV

“So, I’ve decided to keep the baby.” I told him. We were sitting under our tree on the beach. He hadn’t said a single word since we’d gotten here five minutes ago.

“Will that bother you? I mean, you know… I guess this is your decision, too.”

He still said nothing. He just kept clenching and unclenching his fists. He would start shaking like he was about to phase and then he would stop.

“Jake, what’s wrong? You’re acting so weird.”

“Nothing, I’m just thinking,” he said in a calm voice, a familiar voice – Sam’s voice.

I figured I should go ahead and ask about Edward and the others coming to the house. He obviously wasn’t going to do much talking. I might as well head back soon.

“Would you care if Edward comes to the house and helps me get my stuff together? I understand if you don’t want him near the house – or you, for that matter – I just thought it would be easier… for me… if I had some help.” I stammered.


“Jake, please – talk to me,” I begged.

“Bells, you have to run,” he finally whispered.

“What? Run? You know I can’t run, Jake. Hello? What’s going on?” I laughed nervously. He was acting so weird.

“Bella, damn it, RUN!”

That’s when I saw the five hooded figures come out of the woods. I took one last look at Jacob – who didn’t even move – and started running. I knew it was pointless. I couldn’t outrun one vampire – even if I wasn’t so clumsy that I was nearly disabled – and I certainly couldn’t outrun five vampires.

I hadn’t gotten more than five feet from the point I started when I tripped over something – probably my own two feet – and fell. Two cold hands helped me up.

“Hello Bella, it is so nice to see you again!” his musical voice said. His arms outstretched to embrace me. It reminded me too much of the nightmare.

“Aro,” I whispered.

Edward’s POV

Where could she be? Where could she be? Alice, Jasper and I had been searching for her for fifteen minutes and found nothing. No trace of her was left in the woods. She couldn’t have just disappeared. I should never have let her go alone. In fact, I should never have allowed her to come here at all. This entire excursion was ridiculous. As soon as she discovered her father was fine, I should have whisked her away to Denali like we’d planned. Even if the Volturi decided to follow us there, we would see that and leave. We would just have to keep moving around.

“All I can smell is the wolf,” Jasper said. Maybe they just got into a fight.

Alice wrinkled her nose. “Me, too.” I’m sure everything is all right.

“Would you two just please stop trying to reassure me? Did you not hear that scream? That was not the scream of a person who was in an argument with someone. That was the scream of a person who was terrified – possibly even hurt. What if he hurt her? He is still a young werewolf who may or may not have control of his emotions. All it would take is one minute – ONE minute – for him to change and he could hurt her. He could kill her.” I was so wrapped up in my ranting, in my worrying about Bella that I didn’t hear Jacob’s thought as he approached, and he was able to sneak up on me.

“I didn’t hurt her,” his voice was quiet, broken.

I turned around to look at him and nearly – not quite, but nearly – felt sorry for him. He’d been crying, the tears were still wet on his face.

Jasper had put his arm protectively around Alice.

I didn’t mean for any of this to happen! I didn’t have a choice.

I took two deep breaths – of air that I didn’t need – and tried to keep my voice as calm as possible. “What happened? Where is Bella?”

I didn’t mean for it to happen. I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t want to tell her to come here, but that damn leech was in my head and he made me do it!

“Jacob, you’re not making any sense. Where is Bella?”

I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I just couldn’t control it – I couldn’t control myself.

“What did you do, Jacob? Where is Bella?” I was frantic now. I felt myself beginning to lose control. I wanted to rip him apart right then and there. I wanted to kill him, and then find and torture whoever had Bella. I wanted the monster I’d repressed for so long to come to the surface and deal with this because I wasn’t sure how much longer I could.

“Come with me back to the house, I’ll tell you everything there.”

“I don’t think so,” Jasper growled. I don’t trust him at all. There’s a lot of guilt coming through him. I think he may have done something to her. I felt a surge of anger and hate run through my body – I wasn’t sure if it was Jasper’s or my own – and I very nearly killed Jacob then. Luckily, Jasper was able to get a grasp on his emotions and managed to calm me down as well.

I clenched my jaw. I didn’t trust him either, but what choice did I have? We would have to work together if we wanted to find Bella.

“Alice, can you see anything? Have you been able to see her?” I asked her.

“I see flickers, but nothing definite,” she said. Call Carlisle, and tell him what’s happened. We can go to their house in the mean time. I’m sure Carlisle will know what to do.

“Lead on, Jacob.” I said. We followed behind him. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialed my father’s phone number.

“Is everything all right, Edward?” he asked when he answered.

“No, Carlisle. It’s not.”

Edward’s POV

As soon as we turned the corner, I knew which house was hers. Even though she hadn’t been home in days, her scent called out to me from the street. We followed Jacob inside, and I felt suffocated by her scent – and the scent of the dog. I walked around the house stunned. I could almost feel her there, almost hear her laughing. It was a small house, but everything about it screamed Bella. There were books on every available surface. It was warm and full of life – just like her. There were photographs everywhere – her entire life frozen in time. She looked happy, happier than I’d ever seen her before.

“She became interested in photography not long after…. Well, you know. She’s got a very good eye for it, I think,” Jacob said, nervously. “She’s had some published. I can show them to you if you want to see them.”

I looked at Alice and Jasper. Alice was staring at a photograph of Bella in a dress… probably a wedding dress. I didn’t dare look at it; it was hard enough to see the other pictures of them together. Pictures of them smiling, kissing, living. Jasper was half-in and half-out the front door. I didn’t have to be empathic to know how anxious he was to be here.

“Perhaps you should tell me what it is you’ve been blocking from me,” I said.

“I don’t think I can,” he whispered as he sat down in a chair at their kitchen table, his long legs taking up nearly the entire walk-way. Can’t I just show you?

I nodded at him.

They are at the beach, sitting under a tree.

“Jake, please – talk to me,” she said.

“Bells, you have to run,” he finally whispered.

“What? Run? You know I can’t run, Jake. Hello? What’s going on?” she said as she gave a little laugh.

“Bella, damn it, RUN !”

She looked confused, but she noticed something out of the corner of her eye – five hooded figures. She started to run, but tripped over a rock and fell on the ground. One of the hooded figures helped her up.

“Hello Bella, it is so nice to see you again!” his musical voice said.

“Aro,” she whispered.

“I’m so disappointed to find you still human. We were hoping to discover your power, weren’t we?” he asked the other hooded figures, but none answered.

“I-I’m sorry,” she stammered.

“It was so nice of your husband to help us locate you. Whatever happened to you and Carlisle ’s son? He did seem so fond of you before – his little human pet. Guess he didn’t love you enough to change you.” Jane said with a sneer.

Bella spun around then. “Jake, you did this?”

“NO! It wasn’t me!” he cried out.

“How could you do this, Jacob? How could you do this to me?”

“Pity your Edward isn’t here to protect you like last time.” Felix said, his hood falling back and revealing his coal black eyes.

Bella screamed then and everything went black.

“Edward, are you okay?” Alice exclaimed frantically.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no… Bella!” I moaned. I was doubled over with pain.

“What did you do to him, wolf?” Jasper snarled.

“Nothing, I swear. I just let him see the memory.” Jacob said, throwing his hands in the air.

“I’m fine,” I gasped even though that was the furthest thing from the truth. “They’ve got her, damn it, they’ve got her.”

I sobbed and wished desperately for the release that tears would bring – if I could cry – but I was a monster, and monsters didn’t deserve release from the pain.