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Broken Souls

Chapter 8: "They should make cheese flavored blood,” Emmett commented randomly. This is the sequel to Broken Love!!! There's something stranged happening to Nadalie. It's something both Alice and Emily saw coming but hoped it would never come true. Now everybody's in danger from Nadalie, not just the vampires.

So here it is, the sequel! As you all probably know I do not own most of the character, the places, etc.. It all belongs to Stephenie Meyers! I do however own Nadalie, Emily Adeline (soon to be Emily Clearwater), and a few of the werewolf's imprints.

3. Chapter 3: A Miriacle Is Born

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Chapter 3: A Miracle Is Born

Seth woke up to find me deep in thought. He tightened his arms around me and kissed my forehead. His dark colored eyes searched my face with concern.

“Hey baby, whatcha thinking about?” he asked.

“My human life,” I whispered.

“Oh,” he murmured.

I felt his lips in my hair. After a few minutes of comfortable silence he moved them down to my lips. My eyes closed in absolute bliss. The contentment didn’t last long because only a little while later the sound of large feet stomping down the stairs shook the entire house and Jared’s voice called out.

“EMY!!!” he yelled, “Aren’t you up yet? It is 9:30 and you don’t even sleep!”

There were more footsteps, these softer and slower. Then, “I’m hungry. Has Emy made breakfast yet? I hope she made waffles and eggs and bacon and toast and...”

Jacob’s list of breakfasts was cut off by the door opening and closing. Great, now there was another hungrier werewolf to feed. That was just what I needed... NOT!

“Hey is breakfast ready?” It was Quil.

The door opened again. It sounded like two people had come in this time. From the sound of their voices I guessed it was Paul and Brady.

“Emy get out of bed!” Paul’s voice boomed.

“SHUT UP!!!!” Seth hollered back at him.

I groaned. “I guess I should go make breakfast for my hungry boys.”

“I think you should kick them all out.” Seth growled, kissing me again.

“Seth!” I exclaimed, pulling away, “I couldn’t do that! Jared’s parents pretty much threw him out, Jacob’s dad just died, Paul can barely make himself a bowl of cereal, Quil...”

“I know, I know,” moaned Seth.

“It’ll be ok sweetie. Breathe alright.” I kissed him on the cheek before rolling out of bed. I got dressed and went out into the living room to meet the ravenous pack.

Months passed like this. Jacob moved permanently into our house. He said that his held to many painful memories. Jared also stayed, still searching for a place to live. All the while the day the baby would be born drew closer and closer.

I knew it was time one Saturday when Alice, Rosalie, Bella, and Carlisle burst through the door panting my name. I looked up from the dishes I was washing, unsurprised. I’d seen this happening in a vision only ten minutes ago.

“Seth!” I yelled.

“What?” he called back.

“Kick out the boys. It’s time.” I replied.

A while later I held my baby girl for the first time. She had wisps of blond hair, completely opposite of both Seth and mine, and creamy colored skin. Her skin was warm and her eyes were a brilliant, sparkling gold. They dazzled me.

“Noelani,” I whispered looking up at Seth, “We should name her that.”

“Noelani Joy.” He said, “Noelani Joy Clearwater.”

“Is the baby human then?” Rosalie asked, looking rather jealous.

“Everything but her eyes appears normal,” Carlisle responded.

“She’s not human,” I said, “and she’s not a vampire or a werewolf either.”

“Then what is she?” Bella asked.

“She’s a werepire of course!” I squealed, grinning like a maniac.

Everybody burst out laughing. When we all settled down Alice began bouncing up and down. One peek into her mind told me what she was up to.

“This baby needs cute clothes and toys and diapers and...” she trailed off excitedly, “Aunt Alice gets to go shopping!!!”

I rolled my eyes but smiled. It was good to have perky little Alice back. I watched her dash out of the house in a flash of white.

I looked back at Noelani. The strangest feeling was rising up inside of me. Joy, relief, and exhaustion were there but there was something else too. It was a mixture of protectiveness, love, and pride. This was the happiest I’d ever felt in my entire existence. I was a mother.

I was so caught up in the moment that I jumped when the door banged open and Edward, Emmett, and Jasper bounded in. Emmett was whooping, Edward laughing, and Jasper was practically skipping!

“I could feel the joy a mile away!” Jasper yelled.

“What’s her name?” Emmett asked.

Seth answered. He looked as proud as I felt and that was saying a lot. It was the most excited I’d ever seen him.

“Noelani Joy Clearwater,” he said, “the werepire.”