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Broken Souls

Chapter 8: "They should make cheese flavored blood,” Emmett commented randomly. This is the sequel to Broken Love!!! There's something stranged happening to Nadalie. It's something both Alice and Emily saw coming but hoped it would never come true. Now everybody's in danger from Nadalie, not just the vampires.

So here it is, the sequel! As you all probably know I do not own most of the character, the places, etc.. It all belongs to Stephenie Meyers! I do however own Nadalie, Emily Adeline (soon to be Emily Clearwater), and a few of the werewolf's imprints.

4. Chapter 4: Different (three parts)

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Chapter 4: Different (three parts)

Part I: Noelani

I began noticing the little things that made my daughter not quite human. First off, she spoke pretty well for only being one year old. Then there were her eyes, as dazzlingly golden as the day she was born. Her skin burned like Seth’s which was unusual for her age. Werewolves didn’t usually start that until they were getting close to their first phase.

Noelani’s hair had darkened slightly since she was born to a light, golden blond. It framed her adorable face nicely. She was going to be beautiful when she grew up. She was going to be as beautiful as a vampire.

Jared was the first to notice that Noelani seemed to have a power. She simply knew things. Being so young she didn’t always understand, just knew. Out of the blue one day she made a peculiar statement.

“A baby girl named ‘Lizabeth was born in New ‘Ork today. What New ‘Ork Dairwid?”

Dairwid is what she called Jared, just like he sometimes called her Lainy.

“Where did you hear that Lainy?” he asked.

“I dunno. I didn’t hear it, I jus’ know silly,” she replied, “and Aunty Leah is pwanning a supwise visit. She gonna be here in twee minutes.”

Sure enough Leah arrived three minutes later. Gosh our daughter was special.

Part II: Nadalie

(Nadalie’s POV)

There was something different about me since Embry and I were married a month ago. At first I’d just black out in my bedroom and wake up in the forest or near Seth and Emily Clearwater’s home. Now I’d have flashes of terrifying, unexplained fury when I couldn’t control my body at all. I knew that I was tearing up the sofa with a strange inhuman strength but I couldn’t stop it. It was like someone else was controlling me.

Both Embry and I were terrified out of our minds. He said that when I was in one of my uncontrollable, dangerous, angry states my eyes would turn completely white and he could have sworn my teeth looked much sharper. He said that I became unstoppable. I was faster and stronger then any vampire or werewolf he had ever seen. I was becoming a monster.

We came to realize that I lost control over anything to do with vampires or Noelani, the only werepire known to ever exist. If I caught their scent with my new heightened senses, heard their names, or saw them my control vanished.

I could also feel when a vampire was near and I wanted to BITE them! I decided to lock myself in the house. Embry stayed with me. It made no sense for him to still love me, especially after I almost ripped off his arms, but he did. Somehow he still did. I was glad. I needed help and company to keep me from going insane over one question. What the heck was happening to me?

Part III: Kara

(Jacob’s POV)

I was on vacation in California. I really needed it. I definitely needed cheering up. I’d lost both my mom and dad. The only women I’d ever loved had chosen a vampire over me. Imprinting was apparently much more common then the legends suggested because I was the only werewolf not to have an imprint. Yup, that was me, Mr. Broken and Alone.

A guy can only take so much pain you know. I couldn’t stand being around the pack while they were all love dovey with their imprints (besides Quil and Clair of course). It hurt. So here I was in California.

I was buying a huge amount of junk food when I saw her for the first time. She was about 17 or 18 years old. Her dark brown hair fell around her face. She had bangs that were swept to the side revealing her forehead. Her bangs had three glitter filled streaks of color in it. Two were dark blue with one light red between them.

The girl’s brown eyes were so dark that they appeared black from a distance. She was medium size, about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She peered down at the book she clutched in her hands. It was Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

The girl wore a blue t-shirt with the words, Old Navy, on it. Her jeans hugged her legs tightly until they reached her knees were they flared out, covering Airwalk shoes. She had a simple necklace with a thin silver chain and a tiny bear holding a sapphire birthstone. So she was born in September.

As she walked large silver hoops swung from her ears. She wore hardly any make-up. All she had on was pink eye shadow and light red lipstick. The girl’s eyes darted across the pages of Inkeart so fast I could hardly believe she was really reading it. She was so into the book that she didn’t notice the shelf in front of her and ran right into it. She fell to the ground and her book hit the linoleum floor with a thump. I was by her side in an instant.

“Are you all right?” I asked, holding out a hand.

She raised her eyebrows but grabbed her book and took the hand.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Yah, sure thing. Are you alright?” I asked.

“Most definitely! You look very familiar. Do I know you? Wait, I remember now,” she talked at top speed, “I’ve had quite a few dreams about you. That’s weird, I didn’t think that you were a real person. Am I dreaming? I don’t think so. My name’s Kara Gates. It’s sooooo nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you too Kara. I’m Jacob Black.” I sputtered, gaping at her.

“Are you ok? Why are you staring at my like that? Do I have a spider on my head or something? Oh my gosh!!! I have SERIOUS arachnophobia!” she squealed and started freaking out.

“Calm down, there’s no spider,” I assured her, “you’re just... um... you’re... well... gorgeous.”

“Thank you very much! You’re pretty dang hot yourself,” she gushed, “so are you from around here?”

“No I live in Washington.” I replied.

“Really? Tell me about it!” she smiled.

We talked for a while. Kara was pretty awesome. She was very energetic and bouncy and she couldn’t stop talking. I was disappointed when she caught sight of the clock.

“Hopin’ pajama wearing penguins!” she yelped, “I’ve gotta be home in ten minutes for my sister, Jamie’s, tenth birthday party!”

“Need a ride?” I asked.

“I don’t usually take rides with random hot guys I meet at the store but what the heck, I’d love a ride. I really feel like I can trust you,” she said.

“Good, you should.” I laughed.

When we reached her house she scribbled her cell phone number on my hand with a pink gel pen. I watched her walk away with a sinking feeling. She had told me that the party would be over in two hours. I decided to call then and see if she would go out with me.

Now I had two hours without her. Two hours without hearing her talk nonstop or listening to her girly giggle. Two hours with out breathing in her sweet freshly baked blueberry muffin scent. I drove reluctantly back to my hotel to wait.