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Broken Souls

Chapter 8: "They should make cheese flavored blood,” Emmett commented randomly. This is the sequel to Broken Love!!! There's something stranged happening to Nadalie. It's something both Alice and Emily saw coming but hoped it would never come true. Now everybody's in danger from Nadalie, not just the vampires.

So here it is, the sequel! As you all probably know I do not own most of the character, the places, etc.. It all belongs to Stephenie Meyers! I do however own Nadalie, Emily Adeline (soon to be Emily Clearwater), and a few of the werewolf's imprints.

8. Chapter 8: Alive Again

Rating 5/5   Word Count 543   Review this Chapter

Chapter 8: Alive Again

“Dave likes to wear dirty underwear!” Noelani sang along with the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I smiled when I saw that she was happy, safe, and entertained. I turned and went back to the room where Nadalie lay. It had been three days and she hadn’t so much as twitched. Embry hadn’t left her side the entire time.

Thump… thumpthump… thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump.

“Her heart,” I gasped, “it’s beating like normal again.”

She gasped and began breathing steadily. Color rushed back into her skin. She moaned ever so quietly. Nadalie was alive.

“I’m alive,” she mumbled.

Her eyes flew open.

“The soul lust is gone! I’m alive again!” she shouted.

I watched as she climbed out of bed. Embry stood up and hugged her. Both of them were crying. It was good to have normal Nadalie back. Every body got up and left Embry and Nadalie alone.

“You did it my love,” Seth said as the two of us sat down next to Noelani.

“Did what?” I asked.

“You got rid of the soul sucking side of Nadalie. Now you, me, and Noelani can be a normal family,” he replied.

“That’s my chocolate bunny rabbit!” Paul’s voice echoed from upstairs.

“Whatever you moronic flea-bitten mutt! I’ve had that chocolate bunny since 8th grade!” Quil hollered back.

“Exactly,” Paul howled, “you aren’t eating it anytime soon so I’ll do it for you!”

“Not if I eat it first,” was Quil’s reply.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Paul hissed.

“It’s my bunny you idiot! Of course I’m going to eat it!” Quil shouted.

There was a loud thud followed by a yelp. Something shattered that sounded valuable. Before I could go see what they broke Jared burst through the door with Kim in his arms.

“Get a life!” Brady called to him.

“Get a brain!” Jared growled.

“Since when is the fourth of July actually called Independence day?” Collin interrupted.

“My cookie is on fire!” Jacob screamed.

“Jacob, how on earth did you manage to make your cookie randomly burst into flames?” Kara sighed.

“They should make cheese flavored blood,” Emmett commented randomly.

“Look at my new Ashley Tisdale Barbie Doll!” Bella squealed.

“You actually bought that thing? They give me nightmares!” Carlisle cried.

“I’m going to go break the speed limit in my Volvo. That always makes me feel good,” Edward decided.

“Come on Jasper, I need a trip to the nearest mall,” Alice declared.

“Oh joy,” Jasper muttered.

Rosalie came over and picked up Noelani.

“How is my little werepire?” she cooed.

Alvin was singing ‘Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me’ in the dishwasher on the TV screen as I turned to stare at Seth.

“You call this chaos a normal family?” I asked.

“I guess not baby,” he laughed.

Seth leaned forward to kiss me passionately. With all of the craziness going on in our house nobody even noticed until…

“Emy I’m starved. When is lunch?” Paul yelled.

I groaned.