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post-eclipe e/b starts the morning of edward and bella's wedding. this story is mostly cute stuff ive thought of, ill probably work on a plot.


2. Chapter 2: "Heaven Help Us"

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Chapter Two: “Heaven Help Us”

“What an amazing time
What a family
How did the years go by
Now it’s only me”

-What Are You Waiting For?, Gwen Stefani

I dressed in lazy clothes, knowing that in about an hour I’d be the human Barbie doll again. Edward drove me to his house, but was immediately sent out by Alice who warned, “Edward! Bella cannot handle anymore bad luck! You are not allowed to see her until the wedding!”

I looked at him in sympathy. He grabbed my waist and pecked me on the cheek before abruptly leaving, probably after Alice’s thoughts had provoked him into it. I sighed deeply, losing myself to my dream world.Of course, with Alice around, I was pulled from that dream world when she yanked me up the stairs to Rosalie and Emmett’s room, though it was only the girls left. Alice dropped my hand to go into the closet and rummage around for some things. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, small and pale. How could this body ever look beautiful and worthy enough to be marrying someone like Edward? Alice came out of the closet, clutching my dress. Was it that blindingly white before? My eyes widened as I took in its beauty. I was broken out of my trance yet again by Alice as she ushered me to the bathroom.

“Shower! Quick! Rosalie, Esme, and I have been looking forward to this!”

Esme was in on it too? Usually she was the one to get Alice, and curiously, Rosalie, to give me a break! I closed the door behind me and undressed. I started the shower and waited for it to warm. I inhaled the steam, clearing my dry throat. Stepping into the too-hot shower, I adjusted the temperature. As I washed my hair I contemplated what today would be like. I knew what it would be feel like. It’d be the happiest day of my life, but I’d probably be so embarrassed at all the attention all night that I’d be red constantly. Well, at least Edward would be amused. What would Charlie say to me? Would Renee cry? What-A knock sounded at the door, “Bella! Are you finished yet?!” Alice was always an impatient one, even for a vampire. I quickly wiped the last of the suds off my body and shampoo out of my hair. Drying myself off, I looked at the robe Alice had hung on the door before leaving me to shower. It looked pretty comfy. I put it on, and it was. I ambled back to Rosalie’s room, my hair held up in a towel. Alice heard me coming and immediately took my hand, pulling me down into a chair in front of yet another mirror, this one lined with a row of bright lights. Rosalie pulled my hair out of the towel and began drying it. Alice held up various cosmetics to my face, trying to match them to my comp lection, I guessed. When my hair was dry Alice said, “Okay, what do you want us to do with your hair?”I bit my lip, they were actually asking my opinion?

“Uh, whatever you want to do is fine, I guess”.

Alice looked at Rosalie, “Maybe we should just straighten it and leave it down”.

Rosalie nodded yes.Thank you, God! This is easy! Even I knew how to straighten my hair!

An hour later, I guess I spoke too soon. Alice and Rosalie wanted my hair to be pin-straight. It took forever to get every kink or slight curl out of my hair, and when they were done my hair was a lot longer than usual. Esme came in around the end of this to help with my make-up.

Alice consulted Rosalie and Esme, “So I’m thinking warm tones look best on Bella. Let’s go with the browns and dark reds, I think”.

“Yes, definitely! That will look lovely!” Esme cooed. Her full lips smiled at me in the mirror. I tried to smile back, but the smile caught in my throat as I tried to imagine how much time they would take on my face alone. I wasn’t even wearing my dress.By the time they were done, I was wearing a billion pounds of make-up and they wouldn’t let me look in the mirror till they were done. Rosalie gasped, “She looks darling!”

Darling? Rosalie just complimented me? I must look gorgeous!

“Bella, stop worrying, you’re ruining your make-up”, Alice complained. If she ever thought that’d happen, she must be a very wishful thinker.

“Can I look now?” I whined, impatiently.

Alice smiled, “Yes”.Her smile made me think she was trying to pull something over me. I hesitantly, but quickly, swiveled around in my chair to see myself in the mirror. The reflection that caught my eye wasn’t me… but it wasn’t anyone else either. The reflection was beautiful. It was grown-up and mature. It was unlike anything I’d seen in anyone but the Cullens. I blinked twice. I titled my head to the side. I wrinkled my nose. Everything I did, that reflection… well, reflected it. It was me. I couldn’t believe it. I looked completely different… but at the same time, I was Bella. I smiled.

Alice jumped up and down, like popcorn, behind me, “She likes it! She likes it!” She kept repeating.

“Alright, she finally appreciates us, now can we finish up with her so we can actually get ourselves ready?” Rosalie said sarcastically.

“Right!” Esme exclaimed, “I forgot! Bella, you need to change into your dress!”

I stood up, never taking my eyes off of my reflection. I wanted to touch my face to see if it really was mine, but I was afraid Alice would scold me for smudging something. If this was how make-up made you look, I might reconsider Alice’s offer to show me how to put it on. I was mesmerized by the image.

“Take your dress, Bella”, Alice began. I held out my arms, brainlessly. Something heavy, yet soft, fell into my arms. “And put it on in there”. I looked at Alice and she pointed to the closet. I walked into the closet, trying so hard not to drag my beautiful dress on the ground as I did. I closed the door behind me, hearing it click. “And don’t you dare smudge your make-up!” Alice called after me.

I took off my robe and redressed. I turned to look at myself in the mirror inside Rosalie’s closet. It fit perfectly to my form, and it actually gave me form. I really did look gorgeous.Then it hit me, how was I supposed to walk in this thing and not die? Luckily, I had told Alice many times that I was going to be wearing flats. But how gorgeous I did look! I never thought I would even be able to find enjoyment in looking at my image, and yet here I was, staring into the mirror, at the reflection of a girl I thought I knew. The shiny white satin was shielded somewhat by a floral-sort-of-patterned lace. When Alice had first shown me this dress, I couldn’t imagine what I would look like in it. I actually had curves! And surprisingly enough, I had boobs! Alice had made the right decision leaving my hair down. Everything went perfectly together, as everything Alice put her hands on did.I found myself holding my breath when a gentle rap came at the door. I stumbled forward, twisting the knob. The door opened and I took a step forward, but, classic Bella, I tripped on the long train of my dress and fell face first at Esme, who had just knocked on the door. She caught my shoulders and walked me back to the chair I was previously sitting it.

“Bella, you look so lovely and gorgeous!” Esme hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. She was already ready to go. “Alice! Rosalie!”

Rosalie and Alice bounded into the room-both of them, also, dressed and made up already, of coarse. “Oh… my… gosh!” Alice gasped, “You look just as I imagined!… He is going to love it!”

I smiled widely. I did look good, didn’t I? I felt myself flush and my heart stop, then restart a second later when Alice said “he”. Alice, Rosalie, and Esme all started laughing. I guess they heard my heart flutter in my chest.

“You really do look good, Bella”, Rosalie said quietly. I knew this day would be bittersweet for her. She wanted her brother to be happy, but she knew me marrying Edward would place me one step closer to becoming just like her. As much as it pained her to see me make this decision, she still seemed supportive.

Esme looked at her watch, “Oh! Goodness! We’d better get going!”Alice tossed my flats, thank god she paid attention to what I had asked her. I slipped them on and stood abruptly.Even walking down the stairs was a project in this dress. Though it was lovely, it would surely kill me! We all piled… well, Esme, Rosalie, and Alice got gracefully into-I piled… into Rosalie’s convertible, which had its top up today, on a count of the slight rain drizzling down on Forks. We pulled up into the church parking lot. Yes, I did say church. I thought it strange at first that a vampire would want to be wed in a church, but when I asked Edward he said that the few times he had ever thought of getting married, before meeting me, he had always imagined it in a church… that and it’s what Alice wanted.

The guests were not to arrive for another forty-five minutes, yet I felt as if the rest of my life waited just beyond. A feeling in my stomach worried me, as I was full of butterflies. Don’t get me wrong, they were good butterflies, yet still butterflies, nonetheless.

Alice scurried about everywhere making last minute preparations for the most part. Every so often she’d come check on me to see if I’d gone into hysterics yet. The entire time everyone else was out talking to old friends and having fun, I was stuck in a room, locked away from everyone else on the off chance that Edward might see me, because heaven help us if we “jinx our marriage on the first day”.

Ah, this is so boring! I was frantic hearing everyone outside conversing and having not seen Edward for the better part of day. I looked at the clock. There were only ten minutes, now, until the ceremony was scheduled to start.