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We Meet Again

okay before you decide not to click on the title let me just say that this was originally named He's Back and is the sequel of I'm Back (original right) but anyway i changed the title. This is the wedding and what mishaps may happen during this joyous event. CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!


for those already counting down the days and those who want to but are too lazy to do so.

i no its late but better late than never rite? im really really sorry

1. Chapter 1 Charlie

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“I don’t want to do this!” I told Edward “Come on Bella! It’s not like he’s going to bite.” He laughed at me. “Alice, back me up here.” I told her. “Bella it’s going to be fine! I’ve seen him in my visions and you are going to love it.” She squealed. “If it’s so great why is nobody telling me what it is?” “Bella just go!” Jasper told me trying to have Emmett help him to push me into the car. I put a force field around me and they bounced back. “Bella why are you being so difficult?” Sara asked. “Charlie is ancient! I could give him a heart attack if I showed up and looked exactly the same as when I went missing.” “He will understand Bella.” Jamie tried her best to try and put me under her ‘mass hypnosis’ “It won’t work! I’m not affected by any mind powers!” I yelled at her. “Just go already!” Joe said, “You all know something I don’t. I want in on the secret!” “Sorry Bells but you need to go to find out.” Carlisle tried tempting me. “I’m not going!” I said stubbornly “Please sweetie just go!” Esme tried hugging me. “No, I refuse.” “Alright Bella you brought this upon yourself.” Luke warned then lifted me up with his levitation and put me in the car. They all stood against the door as Edward climbed in the front. “Don’t make her go if she doesn’t want to.” At least Rosalie was on my side. It was too late though, because Edward had started the car and we were off. “Bella just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.” Edward tried calming me, “EDWARD! We are about to visit my dad who is about 100 and we are going to tell him that I am a vampire and he didn’t need to worry about me and you left me because you thought it was best for my safety but then I found you once I was changed? He is going to die if he isn’t already dead!” I screamed, “You’d be surprised.” Was all that he said. I crossed my arms and glared out the window. As we turned off the highway I noticed some sights that seemed familiar but I couldn’t place them. Then the sign that said “Welcome to Forks.” jogged my memory, this was where I had first met Edward. It didn’t look like it had changed much but my memory of it wasn’t that sharp. We pulled up to a house that looked some what familiar, I stared at it for a long time trying to remember what was so special about it. “This was your house.” Edward answered my UN asked question, knowing the look on my face. “He still lives here? I thought he would be at the hospital or a convalescent home.” I stated. “You’ll see.” He said with a smirk. Then he got out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to the door. I followed and waited with Edward rubbing circles with his thumb on my hand. He knocked and almost instantly Charlie came to the door. He looked exactly that same as he did 57 years ago. “Bella!” he cried and pulled me in a hug. He was stronger than me and just as cold. “Charlie what happened?” I asked because I knew he was a vampire. “You’ve met the Volturi right?” he asked as we walked into the house. “Yeah.” I said curiously as I wondered where the story was going to go. “Well almost a week after you went missing they came to the house looking for you. They had tried to pass as normal people at first but then I started asking questions and one of them, I think it was Felix, snapped. He bit me and probably meant to suck me dry, but Demetri who didn’t want any trouble from Aro pulled him off. He thought I was dead already though so the just left me there looking for you. When they didn’t find you they left without a glance at me. "I spent three days, three painful days, withering in pain and finally it stopped. I didn’t know what had happened but I knew it wasn’t normal. Just as I was about to leave and go to the doctor Jake came up to the house. He pulled back when I greeted him and he told me what I was. At first I was horrified then he told me about the Cullen’s. was so mad that I just snapped I went into a depression. I actually thought that Edward had taken you away and killed you. I knew that I couldn’t stay because as soon as I went outside I smelled faint traces of human. I knew that if I got close enough I would snap. "So I called Billy telling him that I was leaving and wouldn’t be back until he was dead probably he understood and just as I was about to leave Edward came. I blamed him and he told me about Victoria and James I couldn’t believe it and I left with him to go live with his family for a while. After that I moved around the world visiting a new place every week. I found that I missed this small town and moved back. Mostly everybody was either dead or had moved so I was perfectly safe. Edward called me when you came back and told me everything else why you hadn’t come back and all of that. And now here we are.” He finished. “Wow” was all I could say. Then I hugged him. He hugged me back. “Wait.” I said when I let go, “Did Edward tell you about the wedding?” I asked. “He asked me for permission but didn’t tell me that you said yes.” He answered. “Well guess what, we’re getting married!" I said jokingly. He laughed and congratulated us. Then we went back to talking. By the end of the conversation it had been decided that he was going to come live with us. “I’ll see you two in a few days!” he called as we drove back to our house. When we got there everybody laughed at me when I yelled at them for not telling me that my father was a vampire. Then Alice dragged me into her room to start planning the wedding. “Alice I thought that planning the wedding meant that I actually got to pick what I wanted.” I asked as we sat in her and Jasper’s room. She obviously had done all of the decorating in the room. The only thing that showed a respectable male vampire resided in the room was the big book case, and a brand new PS3. “Bella, I love to plan weddings can’t you let me have any fun?” she asked “I was fine with it at first but when you decided to blow $5 million on flowers it got out of hand. I don’t even want to know what you spent on that dress you won’t let me see.” “Oh come on. You can’t actually tell me that you are still against us spending money on you?” she asked incredulously. “Nonsense. I let you buy me that Prius.” I reminded her. “Come on! That was hardly a little particle of what I usually spend on a shopping spree.” She laughed. “What ever.” I said flipping through the bridal magazines that Alice was making me read even though she already knew what dress I wanted. “I need to borrow Bella for a minute if she can bare to stay away from planning for that long.” Edward said popping his head in the door. “Thank you!” I sighed and got up to followed him to our room. “Well what did you want me for?” I asked as soon as the door was shut. “Nothing I just thought that you had had enough torture for one day.” He said and laughed. I laughed to, but then Alice was at the door. “EDWARD YOU ARE SO DEAD!” she screamed. I laughed at her again and she let out a frustrated scream causing Jasper to come up to see what was making her mad. “Open up!” he said and accidentally knocked the door down when he pounded on it. Alice smiled and thanked him then turned toward me. “Edward save me!” I said jumping into his arms. He caught me and dodged Jasper and Alice then ran downstairs. He put me down and we spilt up. I ran outside while he ran into the dinning room. “Come out come out!” Alice chirped. I climbed up a tree and waited. I saw Edward running from Jasper in the living room and Emmett not even knowing what it was about joined in. I laughed as all of the guys crashed into each other making a loud thunder. I hopped down from the tree with an idea forming in my head. “Hey you know what I just realized?” I asked as the entire coven gathered around trying ot see what was going on, “I still haven’t played baseball." Jamie, Joe, Sara, and Luke looked at me like I was crazy but the Cullen’s had their game faces on. “Let’s Play Ball!” Rosalie said and we all rushed to the cars. I was in the back seat of the Jeep with Edward and Rosalie and Emmett were in front. Soon we were off, the Flemings still unsure about the whole ‘base ball’ thing.