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We Meet Again

okay before you decide not to click on the title let me just say that this was originally named He's Back and is the sequel of I'm Back (original right) but anyway i changed the title. This is the wedding and what mishaps may happen during this joyous event. CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!


for those already counting down the days and those who want to but are too lazy to do so.

i no its late but better late than never rite? im really really sorry

2. Chapter 2 Baseball and A Change of Plans

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We drove to the edge of the woods then got out of the cars. I could tell that Emmett was excited. He was running in place, doing jumping jacks, and push-ups. “Emmett!” Jasper said exasperated, “You are so annoying when you’re excited please give me a break.” Emmett looked down sheepishly and we waited for Carlisle and a map to see where we were going since the Cullen’s hadn’t played since the fateful when James, Laurent, and Victoria stumbled upon us. When he got there they all were trying to figure out which way to go until I took the compass, and map and drew spokes radiating out of where we were and started off on the first one. “How did you know to do that?” Edward asked. “When you left, I wanted to look for the meadow and, Jacob helped me. He showed me how to do this and I just never forgot.” I answered he nodded and looked at the black clouds rolling in. Thanks to Alice we go the leg right the first time and we waited for the on coming storm. Emmett was down on the field swinging the bat, and Jasper was marking the bases as the rest of us tried to explain it all to my very clueless (moronic) family. It seemed like something was missing, because James hadn’t shown up and I was on edge for no reason, imagining I saw flashes of red hair, and burgundy eyes staring at me out of the trees. Edward noticed my uneasiness, and put his arm around me, rubbing my lower back, as I fiddled with Elizabeth Mason’s ring on my finger. When the clouds were directly overhead, Alice spoke, “I have foreseen. The time has come.” The thunder rumbled and Rosalie poked Alice in the ribs and muttered something like, “Get real.” The likeness of this game to the one I had been at when I was human was scary. We all separated into two teams, Carlisle, Esme, Joe, Jamie, Jasper, and Alice, against, Emmett, Rosalie, Luke, Sara, Edward, and myself. “Edward, your team can bat first.” Carlisle said. Edward nodded and stepped up to plate. Alice was pitcher and with a flick of the wrist sent the ball flying into the bat. With a crack it went sailing. Jasper ran to catch the ball as Edward rounded the bases. The ball was now in Jasper’s glove and he threw it to Esme, on second. By some miracle, Edward managed to slide onto the plate before the ball reached Esme. “Safe!” Carlisle called from behind home plate, acting as catcher. “Go Edward!” I yelled and clapped, He smiled my favorite, crooked smile, and watched as I went to bat. Alice, with a smirk, threw the ball and I swung, with a dissatisfying whistle the ball flew right past the bat and into Carlisle’s awaiting hand. “It’s okay!” Sara coached. I nodded and glanced at my teammates before taking stance again. Alice flicked her wrist once more “Strike two.” Carlisle said from behind me. All right Bella, you need to get this one. I told myself. The last pitch was thrown and I watched the ball the entire time it flew, and swung. A thunderous boom echoed throughout the field and I ran. I saw the ball fly into the surrounding forest, Jasper, as the only outfielder, ran to get it. Edward made it home, Faster, faster, faster! I kept repeating in my mind as I got to first. I glanced back to where Jasper had run into the woods to get the ball I saw him returning his hand ready to throw it to Esme again, but I stayed at first, with Joe, too big a chicken to try and make it. Jasper threw the ball to Alice and the game went on. In a few hours the game was over, we won 8 to 9. “That was so much fun!” Jamie said when we went back to the cars. “We told you!” The Cullen’s and I said in union. “Bella? Can I talk to you for a minute?” Rosalie asked when we were almost there. “Sure Rose.” I said I followed her back into the woods leaving Emmett and Edward staring at us with quizzical expressions “Okay so I have an idea for the wedding.” She said when we were sure Edward couldn’t read her mind. “What?” I asked She whispered in my ear and a smile spread across my face. This would be so perfect. “Thanks Rosalie! This will be great!” “I always wanted that at my wedding but at that time we couldn’t because it would have been to conspicuous during the depression.” “Oh.” I said, “But if you choose this we will all be able to do it.” “This is perfect.” I said again, “I need to tell Alice.” I told her, “I know but it’s just between the three of us, no one else.” She said, “Agreed.” I assured and we went back to the car imagining the wedding’s change of plans.