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We Meet Again

okay before you decide not to click on the title let me just say that this was originally named He's Back and is the sequel of I'm Back (original right) but anyway i changed the title. This is the wedding and what mishaps may happen during this joyous event. CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!


for those already counting down the days and those who want to but are too lazy to do so.

i no its late but better late than never rite? im really really sorry

4. Chapter 4 Stupid Pengiuns!!!!!

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We all drove to the air port and bought our tickets. “Bye Alice.” I said, hugging her small frame. “Bye Bella.” she replied. After reapeting this several times with everyone, it was time for Edward and me to leave. “Bye Edward. Bye Bella.” the group murmured. “Bye.” I sobbed tearlessly. Then Carlisle stepped forward. he pulled me into a hug, and when I was released went to shake hands with Edward, but then I grew into a hug, he hid it well but I could tell Edward was close to breaking down. “Bye.” I sniffled again. Edward took my hand and we left. When we got on the plane, Edward’s face was twisted in pain; my body was rolling with sobs. “Edward?” I asked, “Are you okay?” “He was my… father for so long.” he said, trying to compose him, it worked except his voice was hoarse. “He’s always been there… through the toughest times of my… existence. Bella, I don’t know how to take charge. I understand if you don’t want me.” he admitted looking down. “Edward. I respect, trust, and love you. Telling me this will never change that.” I told him trying to make my voice firm. He gave me a crooked smile and I smiled back, though it was weak compared, to his radiance. Heck, anything I did could never compare to his beauty. Then he leaned in and kissed me. Since we didn’t need to breathe, I wasn’t sure how long we kissed until, I heard footsteps behind me. “May I help you?” the stewardess asked in a too sweet voice. “No we’re fine.” I said imitating her voice. “Listen you. Keep acting like that and I will be forced to throw you out.” her voice came out hard and malicious. Edward then looked up at her and said, “I’ll thank you not to talk to my fiancée like that.” One look at his face said he was ‘dazzling’ her. “Yes sir. I’m sorry sir. Can I get you anything sir?” Her too sweet voice asked. “No thank you. My fiancé and I need to get back to planning to wedding.” he said making sure to put emphasis on fiancé and wedding. “Of coarse sir. I’m sorry sir.” she said ever so sweetly backing away. Edward turned to me with a smirk on his face. “What?” I asked. “What she was thinking.” he said, “OMG? I wonder if he’s married he’s soooooooo cute. Hmmm… but that girl, she’s perfect, but I can easily distract him from her… Wait! Did he just say fiancé?! Just my luck.” he recalled imitating her voice perfectly. I laughed, and we fastened our seat belts, talking with silent vibrations of our lips. 24 hours and a small, scary plan ride later… We trekked across the icy tundra, in search of a flock of penguins. “Are they even called ‘flocks’?” I wondered aloud. He shrugged, but then pointed. “There’s some, Bells, just over that hill.” I ran up and saw a huge blob of black, the only color on the otherwise white rock we were trapped on for the next three months, (at least). “Wonder how they taste.” I muttered. “Let’s find out.” he suggested as we ran down the hill. As we neared the edge of the group, I came to some conclusions, either the penguins were really snotty and ignoring us, or were as stupid as a bunch of rocks. Judging by how I was able to pick one up without a fuss I’m guessing it was the latter. I bit down snapping the penguin’s neck. The blood flowed into my mouth and I almost gagged. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted!” I yelled spitting. “It is a bit… bitter.” Edward noted. “A bit?” I choked “Get used to it. We’re stuck her for a while.” he advised biting into another. “Fine then. I just won’t drink.” I told him acting like a sullen child. “Bella.” he warned. “You’re going to have to drink, otherwise you’ll get so weak you won’t be able to stand, I will use force if necessary." “Fine.” I said grabbing another. “I wonder how walrus tastes.” I said after finishing it. “Silly Bella.” Edward sighed. “Hey look.” he said. “What?” I asked looking down and the stupid, disgusting penguins. “I see a walrus on the ice over there if you want to try it.” “Really?” I asked my face brightening. He chuckled and we headed off to try the walrus. “Go ahead.” he said. I nodded and got closer to the giant hunk of brownish gray. It bellowed at me and whipped it’s head around to reveal pointed tusks. I laughed at it. “As if you could hurt me.” I taunted. “Just get on with it!” Edward whined. “Fine.” I said darting forward, and snapping the neck. Once again the blood flowed into my mouth. As soon as it touched my tongue, I released it and spat it out. “I think I’ll stick to penguin!” I said spitting again. “Poor, poor Bella.” Edward taunted, as he walked away to finish it. No need to have a vampric walrus on the face of the earth. I hissed and followed him back to the stupid, vile, penguins. 6 months later I was sitting on a rock playing with my engagement ring watching Edward hunt. Well really he was trying to sniff out which penguin would taste the least bitter when all of a sudden his phone rang, I heard the song What I’ve Done by Linkin Park play. “Hello.” he answered. I couldn’t hear who was on the other end. “Okay. We’ll meet you there.” he said in a firm voice, then he snapped the phone shut. “That was Alice. We need to leave.” Edward said. “Why?” I asked feeling stupid. “The Volturi.” he said while dialing the phone. “Who are you calling?” I asked. “The plane. We are getting out of here. Now.” I nodded and within 12 hours another small plane flew over our heads. Quickly we shrugged into huge coats so the pilot wouldn’t get suspicious and climbed in. Another Scary Plane Ride Later “We’re home.” I said relieved as I got out of the car. As soon as I stepped on the Astoria ground, Edward stopped me. “What is it?” I asked confused again. “A trap.” he growled. “Very good.” Aro said stepping out from behind some bushes; Caius and Marcus were at his sides. Behind them trailed, Jane, Felix and Dimitri. “I have to admit, evading us for six months was a great feat. You should be proud of yourselves, for that.” Aro stated. “How? Alice said you were heading to Antarctica.” I asked feeling stupid again. “I’ve finally learned how here mysterious visions work. A snap decision. And now my dear it is time for you to come with us.” he explained giving me his hand. “Never.” I spat. Aro smiled, “I was hoping you would say that.” And from behind him little Jane skipped lightly to Aro’s side. He smiled down at her and she turned her gaze on Edward, who went down withering in pain. “Now Bella, please reconsider our offer.” Aro said sweetly. I looked back and forth between Edward, Aro, and Jane. “Okay, I’ll come.” I whispered Jane stopped. “No!” Edward roared leaping to his feet. Aro smiled, and held his hand out and Edward whispered in my ear. “Don’t move.” “Come Bella, it’s a long way back to Volterra.” Aro informed me. I stood my ground and just before Jane was about torture Edward again, small Alice attacked from behind. Jasper jumped in taking a hold of Dimitri and Edward crouched low in front of me. I stepped to the side and waited for the attack. Alice was battling Jane, Jasper had Dimitri and Caius, Edward against Aro and Felix, so that left me up against Marcus. If there is one thing I admire about any of the Volturi it’s that Marcus is a skilled fighter. He constantly, whirled around me, lashing out and almost reaching me before I could get a force field up. When I finally succeeded in protecting myself I looked at Alice and Jane. They circled and lashed out at each other Jane trying to turn her torturous gaze on Alice, and Alice ‘seeing’ it and dodging before it reached her. Jasper was holding his own, Caius tried to help but wasn’t a good fighter at all. Dimitri was the real problem. Jasper fighting fiercely jumped, ducked, and counter attacked as Dimitri tried futilely to gain the advantage. I looked at Edward. Aro sat back and watched as Edward took horrible blows from Felix that had me cringing but then he would hand them out with twice the damage. Felix was able to gain the upper hand then and pin Edward. “NO!” I shrieked letting my force field drop. I used Jane’s power to send Felix and Marcus to the ground in pain. Jane noticed and sent Edward down too. I was mad now. Quickly I used Jane’s power on herself and a shrill scream ensued. “Enough!” Aro yelled, crashing into me. I had forgotten to put my shield up again. Jane, too stunned to remember she had to keep Edward own watched open mouthed as Aro wrestled me to the ground. Edward got up and tried to throw him off of me but the was a better fighter than Marcus and he dealt a heavy blow knocking Edward off to the ground, not moving. “Edward!” I cried. Aro was now pumiling me but I didn’t feel the physical pain, not yet. Edward was hurt or… no he couldn’t be dead, Edward can’t die. Not without me anyway. That’s when I made my decision. I was going to die now and Edward and I would go off to heaven together. It wouldn’t matter that he thought we were damned, we were going and we would be happy no matter what.