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Sk8r Boi

Ten years have passed since Mike Newton and the rest of graduated from high school. Now, he is the most successful rocker of the year, has the hottest girlfriend in Hollywood and is rich beyond compare. Naturally, he is unhappy. But a chance encounter with someone from his past makes him see that al hope is not lost.

This belongs to Mrs. Meyer. As usual, I am just borrowing her characters. Love you all who are reading. I was inspired at a random moment and it only took like twenty minutes to write, so if it sucks- SORRY!

1. Chapter One

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Sk8r Boi

“Mike Newton!” an anonymous voice screamed in the broad daylight.

Mike did not even spare her a glance. He never did. None of the girls who called after him were original, intelligent or even remotely interesting. Groupies. How could they be? He mused to himself. He had never met a girl who fascinated him… not since Bella anyway, and the rock legend was pretty sure that the girl from his past could entice him no more. She turned into another faceless girl in the crowd now. It was almost a shame.

Not that he cared.

Not much mattered to Mike anymore. He had everything he had ever wanted. He was dating Krissa Burse, the most beautiful girl in Hollywood, lived in a huge house on the sandy hill with imported grass, and was the vocalist and guitar guy for the hottest band currently: Obsidian. Mike had the life he always wanted and was completely miserable because of it.

The glamour he had imagined. The fame itself grew old and having to run away from obsessive fans was agitating. All he wanted now was to find the right girl, settle down and raise a family. He would still sing- that part of his life at least, he loved. He wanted that more than anything else.

He just wasn’t sure if Krissa was the right girl.

He doubted it.

Camera lights flashed. Screams and shrieks filled the air. Without thinking, he covered his ears and ran. He hated it when he had to prove Max, his personal trainer correct. Max insisted he run continuously each morning- not only for a healthy and good looking body, but to keep him faster than those who would feel the compulsive need to chase him.

To the right, he saw a little book shop. Not daring to glance behind him, he darted inside. Reflexes took over. As soon as one foot was in the building, the rest of his body slowed down, allowing him to walk in as if he had strolled in by mere chance. At the same excruciating pace, he walked over to the classic session. A woman stood at the opposite end of the aisle, but she paid him no mind. He gave her the same treatment.

Absentmindedly, he picked up Wuthering Heights.

“That’s still my favorite,” a musical and distantly familiar voice drifted towards him.

Mike turned to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in front of him. She had a heart shaped face, clear and painfully pale, like the color of porcelain, wide golden eyes rimmed with coal black lashes. In between her two strange eyes, a thin nose ran down her face, up turned slightly at the end. It lead to full red lips which smiled brightly at him, seeming to be like opera curtains around her glistening white teeth.

“Good for you,” Mike muttered. He did not care if she was gorgeous- much more so than Krissa. She would be just another groupie. Another face. Another faceless girl. She laughed, and Mike felt goose-bumps of pleasure rise up on his tingling skin.

“I am proud of how much you have grown up, Mike. In high school, if I had told you that, you would have fainted. Of course, I did that rather frequently as well, so I don’t suppose I am in a position to judge you.” She smiled at him. Mike’s heart, as tip-top shape as it was in, was having a rather difficult time dealing with the stress this faceless girl put on it.

“I am sorry,” he forced a grin out for her (one could never be too rude to a fan), “But I do believe you have me mistaken with another guy.”

“I doubt that I do,” she mysteriously replied.

Mike furrowed his waxed brows, completely puzzled.

“Oh come on, Mike!” she laughed and lightly hit his arm, “I haven’t changed that much! I’m still the same girl you fawned over each afternoon when you walked me to my truck.”

His baby blue eyes flew open. The enchantress before him coyly smiled. “Bella?” he gasped out. “Bella Swan?”

“Bella Cullen, now, actually. But yes. How have you been, Mike?”

“Uhh…” he trailed off. What did one say to the girl that you were stalkishly in love with in high school.

Bella grinned, perfectly aware of his internal predicament. “Mike, here you go.” She gave him an ornate business card. It read: Isabella Cullen: Physchiatrist. “Call me when you have more time. Edward and I would love to get together with you some time.”

He just nodded. Bella winked at him and turned to leave. She stopped, unsure of what to do. Finally, she seemed to win the internal war she waged. “Mike… if you are looking for love, the girl at the counter…” Bella turned to look him straight in the eyes, “She is your perfect fit in every way.”

Mike looked to see an average looking girl with caramel hair behind the counter. She had the brightest green eyes he had ever seen and the cutest smile to boot! She did look like the kind of girl he had always pictured himself with.

“Thanks, Bell--a.”

The seductress was nowhere to be found. Shrugging, Mike walked up to the counter to introduce himself. Quickly, he learned that Melanie would not be just impressed by his name. She liked country music.