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An Unexpected Gift

Bella gets pregnant. What is Charlie's reaction? Will the baby be okay? (And all those other questions) WARNING: This story contains fluff in random places. CHAPTER 4: SurpriseIS UP!!!! Chapter 5: Of Vampires and Strangers will be up soon.

Disclaimer: I wish insanely that all these characters belong to me, but, alas, they do not. They all belong to the wonderfully talented Stephenie Meyer.

2. Chapter 2: Fluff

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Carlisle took a deep breath also. “Yes,” he said heavily. “I know. You are with child.”

I nodded mutely. Since I was currently at a loss for words, Edward spoke.

“Carlisle, how on earth could this happen?” He asked. There was a trace of worry written across his brow. “My being dead and all.”

Carlisle placed his pen on top of the desk and turned towards us. I gasped a little as I saw the intensity in his eyes.

“I truly do not know.” He said, his eyes piercing through my very soul. “But now, one part of the answer resides with Bella.” Sympathy now smothered his eyes, all intensity gone. “Are you willing to keep the child, Bella, and postpone your transformation for the next eight months?”

I cleared my throat. “Yes.” I said hoarsely. I cleared my throat again. “That is, only if Edward wants to keep the child as well.” I looked at him expectantly, waiting for his say in the matter.

Edward looked thoroughly astonished. “You think I would not want to keep the child?” He asked incredulously. “The flesh and blood of my own wife?” He shook his head. “I simply cannot believe you asked such a question, Bella. Of course I want to.”

At these words, two things happened. First, I hugged Edward in some sort of ecstatic joy. Second, Alice burst through the door and wrapped her arms around me while my arms were wrapped around Edward. So we made some sort of vampire-human sandwich.

“Alice!” I managed to choke out. “Can’t- breathe!” She and Edward instantly let go of me. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily for a moment. When I opened my eyes, Alice was right in front of me, her smile as wide as the Grand Canyon.

“Bella, this is great!” She screeched, jumping up and down. Edward rolled his eyes, and Carlisle grinned, in spite of the fact that a tiny, overly energetic vampire was bouncing up and down in front of him, and she was prepared to spend every waking moment planning everything she could about baby showers, nurseries, and maternity crap.

I sighed. “Alice, calm down!”

“No!” she said, still bouncing up and down. It was starting to give me a headache. “It’s not every day that a vampire gets to be an aunt!”

“Alice, you’re giving me a headache…” I murmured. She immediately stopped.

“Sorry, Bella.” She apologized, calming down a bit. “But I’m just so damn excited!” There was still an impish grin plastered to her face.

I laughed, and that triggered some sort of reaction inside of me. I really, really, really needed some chocolate.

“Um. Be right back…” I mumbled. “Need chocolate.”

Edward’s eyebrows rose. “And now the fun begins…” He sort of muttered.

I exited the room with Edward, thanking Carlisle and then heading down the stairs. I entered the kitchen and threw open the pantry door, taking out two bars of chocolate. I ripped open the first one and practically shoved the whole thing in my mouth. I sighed blissfully as the taste and scent of the chocolate overpowered me. Edward wrinkled his nose in disgust.

“What?” I asked defensively, my mouth still full of chocolate.

“That stuff smells revolting.” He said, grinning.

“But it tastes wonderful.” I sighed again.

Edward took the other chocolate bar from me, set it on the table, and picked me up from the chair. He carried me in his arms, bridal style, up the stairs and into our room, gently setting me on the bed.

I pulled myself onto his lap, and he kissed his way up my neck, ending behind my ear. I sighed and brushed my lips against his. Almost instantly, Edward deepened the kiss, startling me. He quickly pulled back.

“What?” he asked concernedly. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” I said. “Just surprised me a bit, that’s all.”

He grinned mischievously. “Well, let’s try again, shall we?”

I kissed him again, passionately. We lay down on the bed, and he placed me underneath the sheets, breaking the kiss.

“Hey!” I complained. “That’s not fair.”

He chuckled, and stroked some hair off my face. “We’ll have more time for that later, silly girl.”

I sighed impatiently. “But I want to now.”

He chuckled again. “Sleep, my Bella.” He breathed in my face.

I had no choice. As I drifted off to sleep, I distinctly heard him say, “I’ll love you forever.”

I smiled.