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I'm Sorry.

Bella has just come to Forks after a breakup with her boyfriend from Phoenix. But how long will she actually last? Warning: I have the ending in mind, and it is a MAJOR twist. Muahaha. * not done, and i don't use deadlines. i write when i am in the mood. :] *


1. Chapter 1

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“I just can’t do this anymore, Bella.”

It was December 20 and Aiden Jones, my boyfriend, sat across from me at the lunch table we always sat at together. We had been together for the past four months, and was even voted cutest couple at school for the yearbook. I sighed.

“What did I do wrong?” I whispered.

“It’s nothing you did. It’s me,” he insisted. I looked at him, finally, with my eyebrows raised. “I know, I know, what a cliché. I just need time to think.”

“About Krystyna?” I glared at him through hurt eyes. Krystyna, the French exchange student, had been flirting with him for the past week. She was gorgeous, of course, and I saw that he flirted back. It hurt, but I mean, he’s a guy. It’s natural. I halfway understood.

“This isn’t about Krystyna. It’s just… we’ve been together for a while, and… I think seeing other people would be good for us.” I stared at him, but he looked everywhere other than my eyes.

Deciding not to make a huge scene since I hated getting attention, I stood up. “Well… I guess I’ll just be seeing you around,” I said, and with that, I walked out of his life.

Phoenix High School was humongous. I always got lost as a freshman, but after three years, I had it memorized. Even the shortcuts and secret rooms. My favorite of the secret rooms was the one behind the janitor’s closet. Me and Aiden always went there during lunch. That’s how I knew something wasn’t right when he told me to go to the cafeteria today.

Aiden was my idea of perfection. My parents split when I was young. Well, my mom kinda left him, taking me with her. He still lives in Forks, Washington - a place where I’ve spent numerous summers. My mom and I live in Phoenix. It’s hard sometimes because she’s a little on the childish side, but I couldn’t love her more. Aiden was the one that kept me together while my mom started dating again. It was endless nights of different guys, and Aiden was always there to meet them with me. Suddenly, I was glad she had put her sights on only one man, Phil.

I took the long way to get to my secret hideout. It gave me more time to think. I passed classroom after classroom. Kids were in the hall, fooling around at their lockers and probably dreading their next classes. I, however, would not be attending my next classes.

It took me about five minutes to get to the janitor’s closet, and I quickly stepped inside. Mr. Lombard, the janitor, was sitting at his desk with the newspaper and eating a subway. He waved when I walked in. Aiden and I had many conversations with him, and I’d actually grown to like him. He saw where I was headed and stood up.

“I wouldn’t go in there,” he said quickly.

“Why not?”

“Um…. Well… It’s uh, it’s a mess. Sorry, I had to store some stuff in there.” His eyes shifted around the room nervously, and I knew he wasn’t telling the truth.

Moans erupted out of nowhere and Mr. Lombard cringed. Instant recognition flooded over me and I burst the other room’s door open. Aiden lay on top of Krystyna, who was completely topless. His hands curved around her waist like they used to curve around mine. I simply stood there with my mouth open, and Aiden stared back, completely shocked. It actually made sense what was going on. Aiden had been pushing me to have sex with him for a while, but I always told him I wasn’t ready. My eyes moved to Krystyna who was trying to discreetly put on her bra. Slut.

I closed the door that led to my heartbreak and walked out of Mr. Lombard’s closet. Teachers yelled at me for running down the halls, and people stared and swore when I pushed past them, but I didn’t care. At that moment in time I just wanted to curl up into a ball and bury myself.

And that’s how I ended up on Charlie, my dad‘s, porch, in Washington, in pouring rain on the night of December 21, with my suitcase in my hand and cash in my pocket. I knocked on his door and waited. I heard slight movement inside the house until the door opened.

His eyes grew wide and bright. “Bella!” he exclaimed. “My God… what are you doing here?”

I just kind of stood there until he dragged me inside. It took all of one minute of being outside to soak my clothes through. One thing I hated about Forks was the constant rain. I always felt trapped by it.

“What are you doing here?” he urged again.

"Um... I need to talk to you," I said, looking down sheepishly.

"No problem," he said easily, but there was a slight hint of panic in his eyes. “Come on in here.” He pushed me into the kitchen and I sat down in the chair I always sat at as a child.

“Can I move in with you?” I blurted out. He stared at me with a shocked expression.

“Why would you wanna do that? You hate Forks, remember? You’ve always hated it. Is something wrong with Renee?” Renee is my mom. I’m just not allowed to call her that to her face.

“No, she’s fine, I just… I need to get away from there.” I kept my eyes focused on my hands. Things were always awkward with Charlie, and I definitely did not want to explain Aiden to him.

He studied me with careful eyes. It fell silent for a couple minutes. “Does Renee know you’re here?” he finally asked.

“No,” I whispered. “I knew she wouldn’t want me to come. She thinks that Phoenix can do no wrong.”

“Yeah,” he gave a wry smile. “I think I know that better than anybody.” He was obviously thinking about how Renee had left him when I was a baby. I wondered how much it hurt him to have his wife and daughter suddenly be gone. How do you live through something like that? I looked around. Pictures of all three of us were scattered amongst the walls. It was clear that he hadn’t gotten over it.

“So can I?”

“I don’t know, Bells, I mean… what about school? I heard you were doing so well in your classes. You might be behind here. And Renee is going to flip out when she finds out you’re here.” He paused. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell her.”

I looked back down at my hands. “I really can’t go back there, Dad.” Like Renee, I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face. “I just can’t.” The last part came out as a whisper.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Well… You’re gonna have to stay the night, at least. I’ll call Renee in the morning. She’s probably worried sick about you.”

I nodded. The truth was, I couldn’t care less. I hadn’t even cried about Aiden yet, but it was coming. I could feel it. Charlie walked me up to the room I used to use and left me alone for the rest of the night. Of this I was glad, because the tears wouldn’t stop coming once they started.