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I'm Sorry.

Bella has just come to Forks after a breakup with her boyfriend from Phoenix. But how long will she actually last? Warning: I have the ending in mind, and it is a MAJOR twist. Muahaha. * not done, and i don't use deadlines. i write when i am in the mood. :] *


7. Chapter 7

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And that’s when I threw up on Alice’s, no doubt, designer shoes. At first, she looked horrified, but then her expression turned very, very confused.

“Oh my god!” I whispered. “I’m so sorry!”

She looked at me with blank eyes and shook her head. “It’s fine, but… you’re not supposed to be able to do that.”

When Alice and I returned to the Cullen house, Alice changed shoes and then called a family meeting. The whole family filed into the dining room and took a seat.

“Err… Bella has something unusual about her,” Alice began. She said only one sentence and I already felt like a freak. A look of intrigue crossed everyone’s faces. “Well… we tried hunting and… she didn’t want the blood. It didn’t call her. She didn’t feel compelled to drink it. But she did, and then well… she threw up on me.”

Emmett snickered, not succeeding in hiding it, and Esme hit him lightly on the head.

Carlisle stared at me. “Well, you’re right, Alice, that certainly is unusual.” Nobody said anything for a while. During the silence, I couldn’t help but stare at Edward. Could he stand to live with a freak?

Carlisle stood up. “I think we need to try something.”

Edward laughed. “She’s a vampire! She can’t eat human food!”

Nobody seemed confused by the outburst except for me. “Edward can read minds,” Alice quickly explained. Oh God. He heard all the thoughts I’ve had about him? I quickly looked away and blushed.

Carlisle sighed. “You’re not supposed to be able to do that either. It seems that Bella is not the average vampire." He looked at me and smiled. Like that was something to smile about. “I’ll be back,” he told us.

Carlisle returned a couple minutes later with a box of granola bars. Coincidentally, it was my favorite kind - chocolate chip. He unwrapped it and handed it to me. I hesitated before eating it.

“What happens if I’m not supposed to eat it? How do I get it out?” I asked him.

“You just cough it up, no worries.” He smiled.

I took a tiny bite off the top and chewed. I felt like some sort of lab rat with everyone staring at me all wide-eyed.

“Okay, now swallow,” he directed me. I obeyed. “Does it feel like there’s a rock sitting in your stomach?” I shook my head no and continued eating the granola bar. Throwing up after the blood made me even hungrier than I was, and it soothed my stomach.

He let out an exasperated laugh and shoved the whole box towards me. “I need to go to my study,” he said, laughing while he walked.

Rosalie got up and walked upstairs, and Emmett followed her.

I put down the rest of the second granola bar I had started and stared at the beautiful creatures in front of me. Left in the room was Esme, Edward, Alice, and

Jasper. Jasper, like before, refused to look me in the eye.

“I’m sorry,” I sighed.

Esme looked shocked. “For what, dear?”

“For not being normal.” I walked upstairs and laid down on Edward’s couch again. I wanted to sleep so bad, and it hurt that I couldn’t.

Jasper stood in the doorway and I told him to come in. He hesitated, but eventually came to sit next to me.

“What’s up?” I asked him calmly.

There was pain in his eyes when he looked at me. “Bella, I am so very sorry. I can’t even begin to explain. I wish you could understand the attraction we feel to blood, but you obviously can’t… You just smelt so incredibly luscious… I… I can’t even put it into words. And I’m sure Carlisle has told you it’s harder for me than the others, because they’ve been trying longer but that is no excuse for what I did. I am forever in your debt.”

“Jasper, you don’t owe me anything. I mean, I came to Forks looking for a change… I wanted to

start over. I guess I got my wish. Who knows? Maybe I’ll like being a vampire. It doesn’t seem too bad. I‘m not going to hold this against you. Ever.”

“Part of me thinks you should,” he whispered, looking at his feet.

“Well, I won’t. You don’t need to suffer.” I took his hand and squeezed. He sighed and looked at me, curiosity was plain in his eyes.

“Why did you want to come to Forks?”

I cringed. This wasn’t a topic I wanted to revisit… but I felt that I should be truthful with Jasper.

“I can feel your sadness.”

“Huh?” I said. What was that supposed to mean?

“Some vampires have other… powers, if you will. Edward can read minds. Alice can see the future. I can feel the emotions of those around me, and even control them. And now I can feel your sadness. Do you mind me asking why?”

“I came to Forks because of my boyfriend, Aiden… I didn’t have any friends really, except for him, so when he broke up with me there was just no reason for me to stay there anymore. I mean, of course I had my mom, but she can only be there some of the time, you know? School would’ve been hell if I stayed. So I came here.”

“You really liked him,” he noted. It wasn’t a question, but I nodded. “Well,” he smiled, “maybe you’ll find someone you like here.” There was a mischievous glint in his eyes, and he seemed to be laughing at some private joke.