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I'm Sorry.

Bella has just come to Forks after a breakup with her boyfriend from Phoenix. But how long will she actually last? Warning: I have the ending in mind, and it is a MAJOR twist. Muahaha. * not done, and i don't use deadlines. i write when i am in the mood. :] *


8. Chapter 8

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Alice then barged in and frowned. “Esme’s right. You’ve been wearing that outfit for far too long!” she shook head as if she was disappointed in me.

“I don’t have any other clothes,” I reminded her, embarrassed.

“That, darling, is why we are going shopping!” She was clearly excited about this. I braced myself for what was about to happen.

I borrowed a pair of Esme’s jeans and a jacket for the ride to the mall, which only took about 15 minutes thanks to Alice’s reckless yet very safe driving.

She bounced up and down with happiness as we pulled into the entrance and parked. And so she dragged me into stores that were definitely overpriced in the eyes of a bargain shopper like myself.

“Okay, you’ll need at least 10 pairs of jeans, 15 tank tops, 7 pairs of shoes-”

“Alice!” I cut her off. “There is no way you are spending all this money on me!”

“Behave, Bella. We are more than happy to do this, believe me. Now where was I? Hmm. Oh, yes. You’ll need at least 3 jackets, several blouses and skirts for those dressy occasions…”

I tuned her out as she picked up everything and held it up to me. People stared as we passed them, and sometimes I stared back. Not to be rude, but I wished I knew what they thought when they saw me. I usually couldn’t tell by their faces until I saw one boy leaning up against the rail.

Immediately, I looked away, but I could still feel that he was staring at me. It was a weird feeling that I got… like I knew him from somewhere… I saw Alice’s eyes turn black.

“That boy is eyeing you.” She said, nodding towards him like I hadn’t already seen him. “He seems interested,” she added lightly, but I could hear the malice in her voice.

“What’s wrong? People have been eyeing us all day.”

“There’s something about him, it… it makes me uneasy.”

The boy looked away, so I took the time to actually see him. It was hard to see him from where I was but I could tell he had cropped black hair and that he was of medium build - more muscular than Edward and Jasper, but skinnier than Emmett. His piercing green eyes were highly visible, though.

“Where do I know him from…?” I mumbled to myself.

“Hmm?” Alice asked, though she obviously heard me.

“I know him… I,” my breath caught as the sudden truth hit me. “Alice,” I whispered, shaking her arm to get her attention. “Alice, that’s Aiden!” My knees turned to jelly, and Alice had to hold me up by the shoulder. I’d never talked about Aiden with anyone except Jasper but thanks to everyone’s enhanced hearing, no conversation was private.

“Don’t worry, Bella, I’m sure he doesn’t recognize you,” she soothed.

Alice paid for my clothes and we swiftly walked out of the store, heading left - away from Aiden. His baby face remained the same… even though mine had changed. I felt like someone was tugging at my heart, trying to extract it from the safe hiding place it kept behind my ribcage.

We made the short drive home in silence. My hands trembled, and I’m sure Alice noticed. Suddenly, the Cullen mansion couldn’t have looked more inviting. I ran upstairs into Edward’s bedroom, which, thankfully, he was not in, and curled up on the couch. It occurred to me that I couldn’t just come in here anytime I wanted. Maybe they had a guest room.

It seemed that today there was no escaping Alice as she appeared at the door again carrying my bags. I smiled when she couldn’t fit because there was so many of them.

“So how much did we end up with?” I asked. Actually, maybe I didn’t want to know.

She sighed. “I didn’t get as much as I wanted. We’ll have to make a second trip.” I grimaced at this and she stuck her tongue out at me. I couldn’t hold in my laughter and neither could she.

I counted as she took everything out of the bags and hung them up in the closet. 7 pairs of jeans, 3 blouses, 4 skirts, 6 tee shirts, 9 tank tops, 2 jackets, 12 pairs of socks, 18 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of shoes, and 2 sweaters. I groaned.

“Hey, watch it,” she warned.

“Alice,” I protested, “you’re going to make your family bankrupt!”

She laughed. “Bella, you should see my closest. Take all this and times it by twenty!” She let out another giggle. I was just speechless - until I remember again who’s room this was.

“Wait, Alice, you can’t put my clothes in there. This is Edward’s room.”

She nodded in agreement. “Yes, it is.”

Edward then appeared at the door. “We don’t have a guest room. I apologize.” Alice giggled. “I can sleep on the floor if you want.”

“No, no, don’t be silly, I will. This is your room, err… ours.” I could feel the blush creeping up my neck, threatening to stain my cheeks. There was many times I’d shared a bed with Aiden, but I didn’t want to force that upon Edward. Not that I could actually sleep anyways.

My stomach growled, breaking the silence, and Edward laughed and threw me the granola bars.