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My Valentine?

A series of one-shots of what various couples of Twilight have done on this oh-so beautiful holiday of Valentine's Day. Quil and Claire are up!!!


2. Alice and Jasper

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I sat crossed-legged upon our bed, searching over the pamphlets that lay around me like a crazy colored quilt. I always dove straight into any chance to plan anything, and Valentine's Day was definitely a day to plan something romantic and extravagant for! Jasper and I had spent decades of Valentine’s Days together, but I still wanted to do something special just for him.

I picked up one of the brightly colored pamphlets and leafed through the pictures. Paris was the city of love, I remember when we had stood together under an umbrella and looked up at the Eiffel tower. The rain was falling gently over the black plastic above us and dripping into the puddles at our feet. That was a magical Valentine's Day.

I could still imagine the sensation my skin felt, as Jasper's cool breath tickled my ear as he told me all the interesting facts he knew about the Eiffel tower. I didn't really care about what he had said; the only thing I listened to was the sound of his husky voice speaking to me and me alone.

I sighed, letting the edge of the memory float away. I turned on the bed, brushing my hand over the layout of booklets and brochures, the images on the papers screaming up at me. We had gone so many places each Valentine's Day that it was becoming harder and harder to find someplace new that we could go together. I grabbed a handful of pamphlets from the stack on the bed side table. England? Been there. Bahamas? Done it. Madagascar? Been there, and done it.

I sighed, falling backwards onto the bed dramatically. I didn't even need to look up to realize that Jasper had been the one to enter even though the footsteps sounded no different then anyone else's. The bed shifted slightly as he sat down next to me. I curled my body onto my side, placing my head in his lap. His hand slid down my side, calmness soaking through me and melting away all my tense muscles.

"What's wrong?" His rough, velvety voice was so close to me, and it made my stomach twist in hunger, not thirst.

"I can't think of any place for us to spend Valentine's Day together." I glanced at the clock; it was now seconds from midnight on the 13th, moments away from the most romantic holiday ever invented. "And I've run out of time to plan."

"I can think of someplace for us to go." I looked into his eyes…they were not the red that they had been when I first met him in that run-down diner year ago, but an intoxicating golden swirl of passion that I could feel envelope the room.

I couldn't answer because I was so overwhelmed with the emotions radiating off of Jasper, so I just smiled in response.

In a single movement of his body, Jasper had managed to clear the bed of the offending paper leaflets and had positioned himself over me. His lips descended upon mine, and the room reverberated our feelings of pleasure and sensual delight mixed with pure love back onto us, in an explosion of passion and contentment.

Jasper leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Happy Valentine's Day."

I sighed audibly from bliss. I had never seen this coming, but it was perfect.