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Stay With Me

What would have happened if Bella had answered Edwards call instead of Jacob? WHat if he knew Bella wasn't dead? What if he came back...?


4. I Always Loved You

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I knew where we were as soon as I inhaled. The smell of the sweet meadow flowers were intoxicating. I sniffed and sighed. It was so beautiful. This was where Edward and I spent our first day together, alone. This is where he first kissed me. Where I really understood what he was, and the dangers I put myself in for being with him, the dangers I could live with. He picked me up and carried me to the center of the meadow.

"Look," he sighed, "it's twilight again." He smiled, as if he were thinking the same thing I was.

"Its beautiful," I choked. I was so nervous, I was on the edge of a breakdown. Edward noticed and laughed. I blushed.

"I think I miss that the most," he whispered.

"That doesn't matter anymore. We have each other forever." I was hesitant on saying this, not sure what his reactions would be. He smiled but it never reached his eyes.

"I want to start off this conversation.," he said, clearly trying to avoid my comment. I sat down, cross-legged and he laid down in front of me, one arm propping him up.

"Bella, when I left- you, in the forest, did you really believe me?"

"Yes," I answered too quickly. He smiled, but it quickly faded away.

"Why? Why would you believe such an obvious lie. How could you really believe I didn't love you.?"

I was stunned. He did love me? Then why did he leave?

"But you said you didn't want me," I whispered. I didn't think he heard me but he turned away. He looked as if I had drove a stake through him. I didn't want to feel this way, but it I did. What more could I say?

"How could you believe that Bella? How could you honestly think that I didn't care about you? I left you alive didn't I? If I didn't care I would have stayed."

Now I was totally confused. Why would he leave if he cared?

"I left so you could have a normal life. A life with humans, one life with a husband who is equal and children to raise. I left you because I care about your life."

I hated it when he talked like this. That life was over. The only life I had or would ever have was with him.

"Its too late for that Edward. I've chosen my life, and it doesn't involve children or one lifetime." I smiled as I thought of me becoming a vampire. We would be partners, where he wouldn't be have to worry about eating me all the time. Edward sighed.

"Bella, look. I love you. I always have and I left because I love you. I realize now that I made I huge mistake. I'm so sorry. Will you accept my apology?"

I sat there in silence for a few moments, knowing exactly what I would say but waiting for the words to come out. My vision was becoming bleary so I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. Stupid tears. I thought. Finally I sighed and looked up to see Edward's lovely eyes gazing at me. He seemed anxious, so I didn't keep him waiting. I smiled weakly.

"I forgive you. Just-just promise you wont leave again," I choked.

"Never again," he whispered in my ear. He leaned forward slowly, breathing in deeply and pressed his lips gently against mine. He moved his lips slowly, but I stayed perfectly still. I wasn't going to ruin this moment for anything. My heart was fluttering so fast, I thought it would pop out of my chest at any second. Edward pulled away and chuckled.

"I almost forgot about that. Sorry." he laughed again.

"It's fine. Trust me," I said leaning forward to try to get the very last of his kiss. He leaned forward again, this time to my ear and whispered.

"It's getting late. Shouldn't you be getting back from your slumber party soon?"

"Oh shoot," I exclaimed and jumped up, but Edward was faster. He was ten feet away from me, bewildered, and annoyed.

"Dang it Bella! What am I going to do with you? Your going to get yourself killed like that."

"Oh I'm sorry Edward. You just startled me. I didn't notice how dark it was."

"Well, since it was an accident, I guess I can forgive you," he said more calmly this time. He walked towards me, with my favorite smile on his face.

"Jump on," he whispered. I jumped on and firmly wrapped my arms and legs around him. Then we were gone, running faster than the wind itself. I loved running now. I didn't understand how I could have been afraid of it earlier.

When we reached the Cullen's home, Alice was already outside waiting for us.

"You have exactly three minutes to get home Bella, before your grounded again. I managed to persuade Charlie to give you this long but he said absolutely no later. We'd better get going."

"Edward can take me home Alice. You don't have to go through the trouble," I said quickly.

"I don't think that's a good idea right now Bella," Edward said, "Charlie's not very happy with me right now and its late. Maybe we should wait for tomorrow for a family reunion."

I hadn't thought about that. Charlie was going to be very, very mad that Edward had come back. He thought he had left for good.

"Alright," I sighed and jumped into the car. Edward grabbed the handle before I could shut the door, He leaned in, close to my ear.

"I'll be waiting for you in your room." he bent down further and kissed my cheek. He shut the door and we were off, speeding down the tiny streets.

I knew I would see Edward in less than two minutes, but I was still hyperventilating at the thought of him waiting for me in my room. I needed these two minutes to go by fast, very fast. I leaned back and closed my eyes, thinking of Edward.