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Stay With Me

What would have happened if Bella had answered Edwards call instead of Jacob? WHat if he knew Bella wasn't dead? What if he came back...?


5. Day Number Two

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Alice pulled in behind Charlie’s cruiser. I jumped out of the car and practically skipped to the steps. Charlie opened the door, his eyes wide with confusion. I stopped and smiled warmly.

“Hi dad,” I said.

“Uh hi Bella, Alice. Did you two have a good time?”

“Yes, we had a great time,” I grinned at Alice. She grinned back.

“We had a great time Charlie,” Alice mimicked.

“Well that’s good. Alice would you like to come in?”

I looked back and she seemed to understand. I wanted to go upstairs as soon as possible.

“No thanks Charlie. I’m really tired so I’ll be heading home now.”

She waved goodbye and walked to her car. Then we walked inside.

“Um, I’m really tired Dad. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.”

Charlie looked suspiciously at me and I just smiled and faked a yawn. He seemed to buy it though.

“Alright. Goodnight Bella.”

I sprinted up the stairs to the bathroom. I got dressed into my pajamas and brushed my teeth. I ran to my room and threw open the door. He was right there, waiting like he said he would. He was a statue, a statue of a god and I sat at the doorway in awe. He moved to look at me and smiled his crooked smile and I forgot how to breathe.

“Do you mind shutting the door Bella before Charlie comes upstairs?”

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and shut the door. I turned around and froze. He looked just like he had in my dream last night, sitting on my bed with his arms stretched out, waiting for me to climb into them. I stared and him for a moment, and carefully walked towards him. I was afraid to sit on his lap. What if he disappeared again? I sat down hesitantly, waiting for him to vanish, but he never did. I sighed with relief but Edward seemed to notice.

“What?” He asked.

“It’s nothing,” I said.

“You’ve never walked as slow as that to come sit with me.” He looked at me with curious eyes.

“Well,” I hesitated, “Last night I had a dream that I had walked into my room and you sat exactly like that on my bed. I was so happy and I ran to sit with you but when I got there, you vanished. I woke up screaming and Alice heard me.”

I looked down, not wanting to see his face. He let go of me and I peaked up. He had his head in his hands. I grabbed one of his freezing hands, forcing him to look up. His eyes were horrified.

“Oh Edward, it was just I dream,” I soothed.

He looked as if in pain and I hated it. I should have lied.

“It’s not just a dream Bella, I did leave you. I hurt you and I feel terrible.”

I winced. It still hurt to talk about this.

“What’s done is done.” I said.

He looked up again and he seemed calmer. I smiled at him and he smiled back, it never quite reached his eyes though. He wrapped his arms around my waist, picked me off of his lap, and laid me on my bed. He wrapped the covers around me and laid down beside me.

“You look exhausted. Sleep Bella,” Edward whispered. He started to hum my lullaby and before I could say I wasn’t tired, I fell asleep.


I woke up to the sound of Charlie’s cruiser pulling out of the driveway. I turned around and my face hit stone. I looked up to see Edward laying right beside me. My face had hit his chest, I looked at the clock and groaned. It was Monday, and I still had school.

“Come on sleepy-head,” Edward grinned, “ We have to get ready for school.”

We have to get ready?” I asked, confused. I didn’t expect Edward to go to school when he just got home.

“Of course Bella. I’m not going to let you go to school by yourself.” He faked a horrified face and I laughed. He smile my favorite smile in return.

I jumped out of bed and got my clothes.

“Wait here,” I said. He froze and didn’t move an inch. I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I got dressed in a blood red blouse and some dark blue jeans. I pulled my hair up because it looked windy and walked back to my room.

I smiled when I saw Edward. He hadn’t moved an inch until I walked in the room. He walked towards me and grabbed my waist, pulling me towards him. I closed my eyes, completely content to stay like this forever, but Edward surprised me. He pulled me close to him, and put his lips against mine. I moved mine slowly, staying in as much control as possible, against his. He grinned and pulled back, I leaned forward as much as I could to get the very last of his kiss and he laughed.

He picked me up and carried me downstairs. I found a granola bar and some milk and downed them both. We walked out to his car, already parked in front of the house. I smiled as I saw Alice in the back, already waiting for us, knowing exactly when I’d be ready to leave.

“Good morning Bella,” she said. She sounded very happy but her eyes told me something was wrong.

“Hey Alice. What’s wrong?”

“What are you talking about,” she asked innocently. Edward looked at me with worried eyes. Of course he would know what was on Alice’s mind.

“You look like something’s wrong.”

“Well,” she hesitated, “It’s Charlie.” I stopped breathing.

“Breathe Bella,” Edward reminded me, squeezing my hand lightly. I exhaled sharply and looked back at Alice.

“What’s wrong? Is he hurt?” I asked frantically.

“No no it’s nothing like that dear Bella,” Alice said, “Charlie’s fine, I’m just afraid of his reaction when he sees Edward again. He’s going to get pretty mad.”

I sighed with relief. I knew Charlie was going to get mad. I was sure he was going to say he never wanted me to see my beloved again but I was prepared.

“Don’t worry Alice. I’ve got it under control.”

She sighed too and the tension left her face. Edward pulled out of the driveway, and sped down the street to school. When we arrived, Edward opened the door for me and grabbed my hand. I felt like the old me again, the real me.

We walked out of the parking lot and everyone turned in shock. As we walked to the office, everyone stared and whispered to each other. I simply smiled, completely happy with myself. I had my life back and I was never going to lose it again.

Jessica walked up to me, surprise written all over her face.

“Uh- good morning Bella. Good morning Edward. Are you… back?” she hesitated.

“Yes I am,” he said flashing her a dazzling grin. I turned my head and laughed as Jessica’s jaw dropped and her breathing became uneven.

“See you in class Bella,” she said and quickly walked to building six. I laughed out loud this time and Edward looked confused.

“Did you see Jessica’s jaw? I thought it would fall off if she lowered it anymore,” I was in hysterics now but Edward still seemed confused.

“You dazzled her,” I explained.

“Oh,” he said, “I forgot about that.”

“It’s not your fault,” I laughed, “you don’t even notice you're doing it.”

We walked to the office, hand in hand and Edward got his old schedule back. We were late to class but quickly sat down in our seats.


The rest of the day went by very fast, too fast. Even though I had told Alice everything would be fine, I was still nervous. I didn’t like to fight with Charlie and now I was almost positive that I would have to be prepared for one. I inhaled slightly and slowly exhaled.

“Bella, relax. Don’t worry. Charlie will be fine.”

“I’m not worried about Charlie,” I sighed, “I hate fights but it seems that’s what it’s come to.”

We had just pulled in front of my house and Edward opened my door. He laid both hands on the car, pinning my against his silver Volvo and leaned forward. He kissed me, but I went too far. I put my hands on his neck pulling him forward and he grabbed them, slowly prying my fingers open.

“Now, what are you worried about?” he whispered.

I was panting, trying to bring my breathing to a normal rate. I was confused and I hardly remembered what my name was.

“I don’t know,” I whispered back. He smiled and picked me up. He carried me into the house and sat on the couch. I laid my head against his chest, listening for a heart beat I knew I would never hear.

Finally, I got up and went to make Charlie’s dinner. It was almost finished when I heard Charlie’s cruiser pull up. I turned around and gasped. I had forgotten what time it was. Edward came and grabbed my hand and we sat there, waiting for Charlie to walk into the house.