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Life Before the Cullens

What exactly happened to Jasper before he met the Cullens? Chapter is out but not complete so don't read it yet!! Chapter three is to begin construction soon!!!


2. To the Coven

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While Jasper and Valery headed down the dirt road, they heard something. This sound was something that only Valery knew. It was the sound of a wearwolf.

"What is that sound?" Jasper questioned.

"I am not shocked that you do not know this sound. It is the sound of the wearwolf. As long as we remain on this path, he cannot harm us." Valery replied.

"Why will it not hurt us while we are on this path?"

"This path belongs to vampires. I am not completely familiar with this path, but the scent is of vampire. Anywhere you do not smell anything is vampire property and it is safe to travel on. Anywhere that smells like a rotten corpse with skunk is wearwolf territory. If you travel there, wearwolves can shread you up without even warning you. Now, places that smell like human flesh, those are places that both vampires and wearwolves can travel. You cannot harm the wearwolves and the wearwolves cannot harm you. This contract has gone on for centuries. " Valery replied with certainty.

For what seemed like hours, Valery and Jasper trudged on, hoping to find the coven soon.

"Ahhhhh. Here they are. Everyone, this is Jasper. He will be staying with us for a few days to see if he wants to be a part of this coven. Please make him welcome." Valery said cooly.

"Valery and her coven seem too nice to be vampires. I know I am somewhat of a nice one, but her level of cheer is just uncanny." Jasper murmered to himself.

In that moment, newborns and old vampires attacked Jasper with all their might. In seconds, Jasper was pinned on the ground and Valery was standing over him cackeling.

"You really thought I was going to let a vampire with so much knowledge even consider not joining my coven? There is no way possible that you will leave this coven. Once you get used to it, it is just like being in a human civilization. The only difference is that we are vampires and they are humans." Valery stated with disgust.

It only took seconds for the vampires to recieve the signal to continue the attack on Jasper. Jasper felt multiple blows to the gut and head. He could have sworn that someone had twisted his hand. Stars started invading Jasper's eyes as he fought for consciousness.

The attack continued for what seemed like hours. After a while, Jasper managed to get off the ground and defend himself better. The fact that he had been injured on the ground weakened him and gave the other vampires a chance to get him back on the ground where they could keep him best.

After that, everything went dark and Jasper lost consciousness.