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confused much?

everyone is planning something, but what? can Edward figure it out?


1. Chapter 1

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Bella.....MY BELLA! My body, my thoughts, and my dead heart, yearned for her touch. She had a way with me. A way that would make my thoughts travel to a place where they did not belong. I knew I had a way with Bella. I just wish I could read her mind to know how much I effect her. She did say that I dazzle her. Haha! I love it! The thought brought that horrid grin I hate to my lips.(the one bella loves)

"Edward can you please not look for things in my mind or anyone else's for one moment!" Alice squeaked.

"Alice please, I can't help but be nervous! There's something going on and your not telling me! Which makes me nervous!" I moaned agitated.

Alice jumped up and took my hand and lead me to her and jasper's room. She had that devious smile on of hers so I knew she planned something. She threw open the door and sat me on the bed. I knew I was screwed.

" Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle! I got him!" Alice whispered.

They all came into the room at the same time. Dammit! They are counting.......I don't know what to expect now!

"Nervous Edward?" Jasper roared with laughter.

"I'll get you later! I will!" I growled angrily. Jasper looked down a little nervous. I suspected he felt my sincerity. So I didn't bother to say anything further.

"Damn, Edward slow your roll. Its not going to kill you." Emmett laughed.

"Edward, what do you think about a boy's only hunting trip? After that we are going somewhere else. What do you think?" Carlisle asked wholeheartedly. Finally, someone saying something rational.

I thought it over a moment. I was wondering what time I'll see my beloved Bella.

"Well, fine. I guess I'll go get ready." I huffed.

"No need to get ready you look fine." Carlisle said soft. Carlisle normally tells me to change. Now I'm scared. Jasper looked at me right when I said that in my mind. I growled and he looked away. Alice, Rosalie, and Esme were practically pushing us out of the house. If Rosalie was involved; it was big! We went out the back and took Emmett's truck. We arrived in record time because of my great driving skills.

"Edward, hurry, Kay?" Carlisle said softly. "Ok." I said wary. That's when I gave myself over to my senses. I smelled the air and caught the scent of mountain lion. Normally two mountain lion satisfied my hunger. After hunting we drove to a tux place.

"Why are we at a tux shop?" I asked completely confused.

"Little man we are getting you a new tux!" Emmett said to low and fast for human ears.

"Why am I getting a tux?" I asked still confused.

"You'll see Edward." Jasper said slow. We walked in and of course the person at the desk was jealous.

"We need a really nice tux....for a special occasion." Carlisle said trying to daze the person. I found one I really liked and bought it. Little did I know I had to wear it out of the store. Emmett caught me, spun me around and sent me back to the dressing room once again. I sighed. I changed into the tux and waited for Carlisle who was still sweet talking the clerk. In the end he won. We were on our way home now im guessing. Emmett got to drive the way home. It was twilight now with the moon shining over head. Well, I guess were not going home. For we were heading to a clearing in the forest.

Emmett stopped the truck and told me to get out. When I did I seen the most moving site. Bella all dressed up in a big gazebo. Her hair was curled and falling into her beautiful face. Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight like deep brown pools. I ran up there and hugged her close to me.

"What's the occasion?" I breathed against her soft porcelain like skin.

"I thought you knew." She said shocked. At that point I knew it was all my family. I grabbed bella's warm soft hand and began to twirl her and dance.

"Edward there's no music playing." She said lightly.

"There's the music of our love playing right now." I said trying to dazzle her.

"Emmett you better do something and say something that romantic to me!" Rosalie growled from behind the bushes.

Alice then said "Jasper start thinking right now!"

"Carlisle when are you going to do something romantic with me again?" Esme said hard. All the guys sighed.

"Edward did you hear something?" Bella asked worried.

I picked her up and twirled her in my arms. "Nothing but our love."