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Bella and Edward are going to tell Charlie they are getting married...and that the Cullens are vampires. How will Charlie react? What will happen after? And what is Alice's deadly vision? Guys come on! I have a thousand reads and only twenty nine reviews!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!! IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND!!! CHAPTER 3 IS UP!!! this is the last chapter, but watch out for my sequel, "Changes"!!!!!


1. Chapter 1

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"It's time to tell Charlie," I said. Edward looked at me with his liquid gold eyes, and sighed. He gently lifted me onto his back, and ran out of the meadow toward my house.When we got there, he lifted me off his back. His perfect face turned to mine and said, "Are you sure you want to do this Bella? What if Charlie won't let you?" I laughed.

"We both know that won't happen. Besides, I owe it to Charlie." I crushed myself to his marble chest, and he kissed my forehead. He smiles his crooked smile, and took my hand. His hand fingered my new engagement ring.

He then stopped.” Alice is coming. She saw what we're going to do and is bringing the family for....moral support. She thinks Carlisle should tell Charlie about what we are."I could tell he was leaving something out.

"What else Edward?"

"Nothing," he said, and the black car pulled into the driveway, filled with my soon-to-be family.

Carlisle was at me first. "You alright Bella?" He asked. I nodded.

Esme stopped and kissed my forehead, but stood aside as Rosalie approached me."I hope you won't resent me because I voted no," she said, eyes wary.

"Of course not Rose," I replied, and hugged her awkwardly.

Emmet wrapped his arms around me. "I'll take you on in that arm wrestle in a few weeks," he said. I grinned. Jasper had informed me that as a newborn vampire, I'd be the strongest Cullen, for a while anyway.

Jasper hung back, as always. But Alice rushed forward and hugged me. "I picked out a bridesmaid dress. Rosalie's too. Esme wants one, if that's OK," she whispered, eyes sparkling.

I grinned"Not too crazy Alice," I murmured."Don't worry."I went back to Edward, took a deep breath, and walked into the house.

"Charlie?" I called.

"Yeah Bella?" Charlie called. I could hear the buzz of Sports Center in the background.

"I gotta talk to you. Now," I said, keeping my voice serious.He flicked the TV off as I walked in, the Cullens at my sides.

"What's up?" He said lightly, and then frowned as he saw Edward. He looked even more confused when he saw Carlisle, Rosalie, and Emmet.Edward walked in and sat down near Charlie, seating me next to him.

"A few weeks ago, I asked Bella to marry me. And she said yes," Edward said, his face stone.Charlie stood up, and once it fully sunk in, his face was bright red with fury.

"Bella dammit, how could you do this after what he's done to you!" he swore for a few other seconds.

"Charlie, he loves me! And I love him! You're so prejudiced to him that we had to bring the whole family to back me up! When he left, it killed him too! He was doing it for my own good! He was doing it because he loves me!!" I screamed, on my feet now. Edward got up with me.

"The only reason we told you is to see if you want your chance to walk me down the aisle. It wasn't a question when he told you. It was a fact. We are getting married. We are asking you if you want to come!" I fumed.Charlie looked shocked and hurt by my outburst, but this needed to be said.

"Why can't you just accept him dad? I've forgiven him. It's over. I love him. You know I love you dad, but I need to do this. It's my choice."Charlie was quiet for a long time. I felt every Cullen's eyes on me. I was surrounded by beauty, yet they were all ready to protect me. Especially Edward. Every so often he would lean over and kiss my hair, telling me softly how brave I was being.

"Bella, I've tried to give you a little leeway with him. But I can't let you marry him! You’re eighteen for God's sake!" He said, and I could tell he was trying to calm down.

He was now forcing me to play my last card. "Well, I guess I’ll go pack my stuff."

"Wait Bells," he sighed, "just tell me why you want to marry him. You've barely known him for two years."I stopped breathing for a second. This was the part I feared. The part that would hurt me the most.

I looked at Carlisle first, then Edward. They both nodded. I stood up and let Carlisle sit where I was. Edward led me to stand next to Esme and Alice.

"Charlie, have you ever heard something that was impossible to believe?" Carlisle started.

"Uh, sure. I'm a police officer," he said, confused on where the conversation was going.

"Well, I guess the only way to make you believe me is this," he replied, producing a small Bible from behind his back. Charlie's frown deepened, and so did mine. When was the last time the Cullens went to church?"I, Carlisle Cullen, swear to God that what I am about to tell you is completely true," he said, keeping a straight face.

Emmet grinned in front of me, and even Edward softly chuckled."Carlisle, whatever you're going to tell me, I doubt that was necessary," Charlie said, extremely confused.Carlisle laughed.

"It was. So will you believe me?" he asked.Charlie nodded. I felt Edward's hand tighten around mine."Charlie, I was born in the 1600s. I died when I was about 27. I soon discovered I had been made a vampire. Edward died in the 1900s. So did Rosalie, Alice, and Emmet. Jasper in the 1800s. We cannot sleep or eat. When we go on camping trips, we are hunting for animal blood. When Bella was in the hospital last year, it was because an evil vampire had attacked her. And they're love is more than human love. They are destined for each other," Carlisle said, the whole time looking Charlie straight in the eyes.

Charlie swore and said,” You know, the funny thing is I believe you. And why the heck would Bella hang out with you if she knew?"

"Well Charlie, I don't know. But it is her choice. You saw what she was like when he left. They can't live without each other."

"Dad, I-," I began, but suddenly Edward was pulling me up. Alice had a blank look on her face. I gulped.

"Alice?" Edward murmured, and she snapped to life.

"Edward. They're here," she whispered, her face unreadable.There was a knock at the door, and Edward crouched low and defensive around me, teeth bared.

Alice reached unwillingly to the door."Hello Bella. You look lovely," crooned the sickly sweet voice of Jane. Aro snickered.