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Bella and Edward are going to tell Charlie they are getting married...and that the Cullens are vampires. How will Charlie react? What will happen after? And what is Alice's deadly vision? Guys come on! I have a thousand reads and only twenty nine reviews!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!! IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND!!! CHAPTER 3 IS UP!!! this is the last chapter, but watch out for my sequel, "Changes"!!!!!


3. Chapter 3

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Edward Cullen's POV

I stared at her sad form. She was in so much pain. And I could do nothing. I was only going to make it worse.

"Bella?" I whispered, wanting to take her pain away. I eased the car over 100 miles per hour. We didn't have much time left.

She seemed to be frozen in her seat as we dropped Charlie off at his house. I quickly drove to my house, picked her up, and carry her inside. My family was waiting.

"Just do it," she said. I crushed my lips to hers, and I felt her pain slowly melting away. I didn't pull away until absolutely necessary, if not going too far.

"Okaaay. Awkward," Emmet muttered, leaning back on the couch. His appearance didn't give him away. I'm scared for you both. Don't mess this up or she'll die! I growled at him. Er-no pressure? I rolled my eyes at him.

Do it now Edward. Before you back down, Carlisle thought. I laid my only love down onto the other couch. I slowly leaned forward, kissed her neck softly, and sank my teeth into her neck.

And oh the taste! It was even better than it smelled! NO! I forced all my energy on releasing venom into her veins. I felt her heartbeat slow, and pulled away, breathless.

Bella Swan's POV

The pain was unbearable. I was surely going to die. As the pain enveloped my entire body, I felt Edward pull away. That was when I started to shriek. I couldn't stay silent. The pain was too much. There was no going back now. No more Jacob, or at least for a while, I hoped.

I passed out after a few minutes of screaming. In my unconsciousness, I dreamed of Jacob. He was running through the woods. Then he transformed into a wolf. I jumped on his back and he ran. He just kept running, flying through the trees.

Alice Cullen's POV

I was worried about Bella. I wasn't even sure if she would survive, and she was in so much pain! Something had to be done.

"Carlisle, can you give her some meds, morphine or something?" I asked anxiously.

"Alice, medication doesn't work on this kind of thing," Carlisle replied impatiently.I wished I could cry. I actually wanted to. I was just so sad! Jasper came up to me and kissed my cheek. I looked at him forlornly. He took my hand and pulled me close to him.

"She'll be ok," he whispered.

"I know," I muttered. Every two minutes I kept checking on Bella. It didn't really matter though. Right now there were too many options. I couldn't even bear to look at Edward. He was probably in even worse pain than Bella.

Days passed. We had to tell Charlie that Bella had died in a car crash. He knew too much without having to deal with Bella as a vampire. Her body was "not found." The funeral was wretched, the whole lot of us looking all sad and teary. Bella was doing a little better. She was still unconscious.

Then she started talking. At first it was just about Edward. Then, disaster struck."Jacob, my Jacob! Never leave! Never! Oh Jake," she called in her sleep. Even Carlisle cringed. Edward left the room, with Esme and Jasper following. Emmet and Rosalie shifted uncomfortably. I put my head in my hands.

Then Bella went unnaturally quiet. And too still. I gasped as I checked on her.

I hadn't realized I had screamed until Jasper and Edward were at my side.

"Alice honey, what is it?" Jasper asked.I breathed deep.

"Her future disappeared."Edward swore and ran upstairs. Jasper and Esme followed a pained expression on each of their faces.

"Oh Carlisle," I moaned.I saw Bella stir. I crouched over her as she opened her eyes.

Bella Swan's POV

"Alice? Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Oh Bella," she said, and hugged me. I felt so weird. So..... malignant and indestructible. I was a vampire.

"Answer my question," I commanded, growing worried.

"Bella, Edward's cooling off. You were talking.... and then you looked dead. You're future sort of disappeared," Alice said, not meeting my eyes.

"Crap! What did I say?"

"Mostly stuff about Jacob. That was the jist of it." I waited for the tears that would never come. Alice hugged me sadly.

"Edward's upstairs if you want to talk."

"Oh. Can you go get him?"

"Sure," she said, and left.Rosalie carefully got off the couch and hugged me awkwardly. It was strange that her marble skin didn't feel abnormally hard or cold anymore. It felt..... normal.Then Edward walked in.

Emmet Cullen's POV

It was strange, watching Bella as one of us. As well as that her first moments were tense.Bella looked like she was still in pain. The puncture wound on her neck still looked bad, but it had been two weeks since Edward bit her.

"Alice, how's my future doing?" She asked.Her face went blank for a while. Too long for Bella apparently.

"Damn," she muttered. Then she flung herself at him, and was kissing him with such intensity, that I had to look away. This wasn't one of their careful kisses, like when Bella was human. This was full force, with no caution. And after a while, he was kissing her back. Then we left the room.

Edward Cullen's POV

Bella wasn't fragile anymore. I could feel her strength as she kissed me. We stayed there for a long time, and it was much different than before.I answered a question for her.

“Not your fault love. I wouldn't have objected if you chose Jacob. But now, I am asking you. Stay with me forever. Choose me Bella."She looked at me in awe. I had never asked her to choose me before, and I could see she was happy with me. She chose me, and was happy. My thoughts quickly turned to Alice. Yes, her future looked good. Bella would speak to me soon.

"Oh Edward, I love you," she said, and hugged me tight.

"Ouch Bells, not too tight," I laughed.

"Not so tough now, huh?" She said. I smiled the smile I knew she loved.

That was Bella's first night she stayed up. I could tell she thought it was strange, but she had a great time. Tomorrow, we would hunt.

All was well. For now.

"How long do you wanna be loved?

Is forever enough? Is forever enough?