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Jacob thinks he will never forget his love for Bella, but he knows that because he has not imprinted on her, he has once chance. So he runs far away from Forks, never to return. And then, his last ounce of energy fades and death reaches out to take a hold on him... Chapter Two: Awakening is up! Chapter Three: Plans is in validation!

A continuation of Choice, the epilogue of Eclipse.

1. Chapter One: Running

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Chapter One: Running


I ran.

I ran.

I ran until the beating of my heart, the pounding in my ears, and my footfalls pushing off the forest were all synchronized as one solemn metronome.

Never again would I think of my loss, never would I think of my past. And for once I was grateful that my love was just that: love. Had I imprinted, thoughts of her would fill my head forever—no matter her choice. At least now I had a chance of forgetting.

The metronome grew unsteady—but not because I had started to tire, no, I was accelerating as the forest dissipated around me. I found myself running in the sand just inland from Washington's coast, and just before me, the Pacific Ocean sprawled out in low tide.

Thinking ahead, I slowed down and came to a stop right in front of the lazy ocean. The wolf inside me was screaming to run right down in the water, and that combined with the the scream to go back to my pack and the scream to keep going south, down the coast farther and farther away from home finally overwhelmed me. I morphed.

All at once, the pain grew ten times worse. My thoughts, more human now, could only think of the kiss. Could only think of her betrayal. Could only think of Bella. Bella. Bella.


I changed again, and made my way up north—refusing all of the desires I then possessed and heading to the icy cold lands of Canada, where the race of wolves first began.

I ran.

I ran.

I ran.

I ran for days, never thinking of where I was going, or why. After about two weeks I was so far north that the sun didn't rise or fall, nor the moon, and the world was caught in some grayish time between day and night. Twilight. It was then that I lost track of time, but I had no intention of stopping.

The emptiness comforted me. I had not seen a living thing in more than a week, and yet the land still continued. It seemed it would never end. As the time passed, my thoughts became more and more wolfish. The human part of me seemed to fade away, and with it, all my human thoughts and desires. Exile had finally worked its magic, and nothing but silence filled my mind.

And hunger.

I had not eaten for almost a month now. There was nothing to eat! Occasionally I stopped to melt the ice with my fevered body, and drink that, but a wolf could not live on water alone. The only reason I had not died yet was because of my never-ending strength—and now even that was running out.

It took all my willpower to turn back—my conscience could not bear to even look behind me, but I had to go back and find food before I died.

All of a sudden I realized that my only chance of survival was to reach the Arctic Ocean in time-- where there would be fish just waiting for my teeth to sink in—my only hope was that the Arctic Ocean was not so far away that I could not make it.

Driven now with the desire to live, I ran faster than ever before, until finally, after a long time, with one last sagging breath, I lay down on the endless ice and fell into a coma.