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Jacob thinks he will never forget his love for Bella, but he knows that because he has not imprinted on her, he has once chance. So he runs far away from Forks, never to return. And then, his last ounce of energy fades and death reaches out to take a hold on him... Chapter Two: Awakening is up! Chapter Three: Plans is in validation!

A continuation of Choice, the epilogue of Eclipse.

2. Chapter 2: Awakening

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Chapter Two: Awakening


The shaking and rattling of a dogsled awoke me. Eight white and black dogs with long fur were dragging me along, and I was grateful to see that I was bigger than any of them. I tried to twist around and see who was leading the sled, but I was strapped on to the sled and could not move. With my usual strength I would have easily been able to rip free, but now I was as weak as a rabbit.

Food. I could smell it. It was fish. Just what I needed. It was somewhere on this boat. Casually, I sniffed it out, trying not to look like I was about to steal the hunter's food. When I found it: a whole blue bucket of pink salmon. Raw, but that didn't matter anymore.

Quickly, I reached out my nose and knocked the bucket over. Some spilled out onto the snow, and some right towards me. I grabbed three in my mouth and quickly gulped them down. The hunter was do preoccupied with the ones falling off the sled that I didn't even notice my little treat.

“Stop!” the hunter said, and I wondered why an Eskimo would be speaking English. Didn't the Inuit have their own language?

“Stop!” This time they did stop. The hunter got off the sled and went around picking up his fish.

This time I got my first look at him. He didn't have the brownish skin that Eskimos have in all the movies. He looked like an American!

As he picked them up, he counted. “One, two, three...” He didn't even have an accent. Where could he be from? That turned out not to be my biggest problem, however.

“Twenty-seven.” He said, looking straight at me. “Where are my last three? I needed those, you know. I have a family, you know. Stupid wolf. I know you ate them.” He reached inside the pocket of his coat, and all of a sudden his dogs started to whimper. I recoiled. He must have a whip, that he has used on them before.

Then, he started laughing. Being human myself, I understood human emotions. But why would any human laugh right before he was about to whip an animal?

After reaching around in his coat for a few minutes, he pulled out some doggy biscuits, and beef jerky. I relaxed as he gave me a few of each. He wasn't that bad of a guy after all.

The hunter got back on his sled, cried “Go,” and the animals again started to move along. I knew then that I was safe in the hands of this man. But I still was wary. I did not forget that I was truly at his mercy. For three fish, a couple of dog biscuits, and a little beef jerky was not enough to sustain me for very long. I had only enough energy to stay awake.

The sled pulled me along for several more long hours, until finally we reached a road. A real road! The man stopped the sled, and walked behind some pine trees. He stayed back there for a few minutes, and then an engine revved up. The hunter soon backed out of the trees in a red truck!

He unleashed the dogs, and put them all in the back. Then he unstrapped me, and left me lying on the ground. He seemed to know I wasn't getting very far. He put the sled with the dogs, and his catch in the cab, and then he lifted me up and put me in the passenger's seat!

Soon, we were driving down the road like this, with the dogs barking at everything they saw. The hunter stroked my reddish brown fur and talked to me the whole time.

“Those dogs, they would have torn you up in no time if you were back there with them,” he said. “I had to bring you up here.” This man must be crazy, talking to a wolf! Then I laughed to myself. He doesn't know that I can understand him!

Then he was silent for a few minutes, and we finally took one last curve in a road, and heading through a gate that said “Welcome to Alaska.”