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Jacob thinks he will never forget his love for Bella, but he knows that because he has not imprinted on her, he has once chance. So he runs far away from Forks, never to return. And then, his last ounce of energy fades and death reaches out to take a hold on him... Chapter Two: Awakening is up! Chapter Three: Plans is in validation!

A continuation of Choice, the epilogue of Eclipse.

3. Chapter 3: Plans

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Chapter Three: Plans


I felt selfish. I felt very selfish.

I looked out the window of Edward's lovely car, and saw what was once my home fly by. My father, my friends, my life—literally, my life—were behind us now.

I felt selfish. I had made everyone suffer, because of me. I had made my father and mother think that I had died. Died. Their only daughter. How would I feel if someone had told me that Edward had died?

Then, I made Edward's family move. If I was going to live with them, then they certainly could not be seen in Forks. They had to move somewhere where people didn't know me. I knew how hard it was to find a place to live, for vampires anyway. They could have stayed in Forks for a few more years before it became apparent that they were not aging.

I moaned to myself as I thought of the last bit of selfishness, perhaps the worst of all.

“Bella?” Edward said , concerned. “Are you okay? Is something the matter? Car sickness? Home sickness?” He looked at me through the mirror.

“No, none of those,” I replied, but didn't tell him what was bothering me. But he guessed.

“Oh,” he said shortly, and fell silent.

Jacob! How could I do that to Jacob! My friend, my very best friend. It was wrong, very wrong, but it was either him or Edward. Why did I have to make choices that would hurt someone no matter the cost? I always have to choose the lesser of two evils.

And it always came down to which one would be better for me. I was selfish.

After a long silence, I spoke to Edward again. “Where are we going?”

Edward was silent for a long time. “We will be staying the night in a hotel tonight.”

I was astounded. The Cullens could travel from Forks to halfway across the country in one night, they drove so fast.

“Where are we going that will be such a far drive?” I asked.

“Its not the drive that is the problem,” he said, but I could tell he was hiding something.

“Where are we going, Edward.” I didn't ask him, I made him answer.

“To Tanya's,” he said reluctantly.

“I thought that Irina would hate us for allying with the wolves.” I replied, not understanding.

“Irina...would hate us. She would try to kill us,” he said.

“Then how can we go there?”

“Tanya does not agree with Irina. She will not let Irina fight any of us,” he said, and I guessed the meaning.

“But it's too dangerous to take me there as a human. And so you will bite me. Tonight. Edward! You know that isn't fair. We haven't kept the bargain yet!”

“Tomorrow morning,” was all he said. And I knew what that meant about tonight.

But my gladness about that was mixed with apprehension. Tomorrow we would be meeting yet another vampire who wanted to kill me. And we would be living with her, at least until we could find another place.