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Edward Wears Prada


What if the reason that Edward broke up with Bella wasn't because he thought he was dangerous for her... what if he was gay? Chapter 5: Edward in Italy... PLEASE REVIEW!!!

This is our first story - so go easy on us : We wanted to come up with something original...Let us know if we should keep writing.

2. Too Hot to Handle

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It had seemed like days since I had left Bella in the woods by her house. I was dreading coming home, but I knew that sooner or later I would have to face them at some point. As I pulled my Volvo into the garage, I cursed myself for not jumping in through the window. Alice stood by the door and immediately her thoughts rushed in my head.

I can’t believe it – Are you sure?

I nodded slightly. How could she ask that? Would she really think I would have put Bella through all that if I wasn’t sure?

Sorry, but I had to ask. I am sorry but I had to tell them. Jasper was really concerned when he felt all that angst coming from me.

I somewhat composed myself and walked in my house dreading my gift more than ever.

Antonio???? Seriously??? That freaky dude from Spain with the long hair? I at least thought you would have better taste.

I rolled my eyes at Emmett, leave it to him to comment on my choices.

You were already enough of a freak when you were dating that human girl – but now you’re dating men? Please let me know when you’re bringing your new date over – I totally don’t want to hear that.

As if I would do anything with anyone in my house, especially if Rosalie was here. I could feel the anger starting to take over. Suddenly a calm wave hit me. I looked over at Jasper with a genuine smile.

It’s going to be ok. It was nice to have him around.

We support whatever decision you make my son. You will always have a place in this family.

My parents said almost in unison. I pinched the bridge of my nose. This was better than I expected. “Thank you all for understanding. This doesn’t change who I am, it is just another part of me. I only have one request. We need to relocate.”


My family moved to New York. I thought about going with them, but I needed some time alone. I needed to rediscover myself. Perhaps Spain would be a great place to start. And with any luck, my Antonio will still be there waiting for me with those ojos de café that melted my dead heart.

I roamed the streets of Sevilla, trying to pick up the scent of my Spanish lover. I noticed a video store to the right; perhaps a movie could distract me for a while. Trying to find a movie to watch as a vampire is hard. Not only have we seen everything, but every plot was about a stupid human falling in love or being terrorized by monsters like me. Then a particular movie caught my eye, the over told story of Zorro. The main actor however was a different one as usual. He looked familiar to me… How did I know this man? As I looked closer I saw the name Antonio Banderas. It couldn’t be, vampires are never actors. But the resemblance is hard to ignore.

It was him. I knew then that my love was no longer in Sevilla. He probably doesn’t even remember me. I thought about ways to get his attention. Maybe if I walked around the town, in a black cape, and a black mask, tracing my mark through every wooden door, a big E carved with my sword. .. I have totally lost my mind. I had to move on. I wish Bella was here, I could really use my bff right now.

I decided since I was in the most beautiful part of Spain, might as well take a look around, and see if these humans made any significant changes to the town recently. Then a strong scent whiffed my way. There was another vampire in Sevilla…

Ai malissimo, mira papi que lindo. Arranca papa grrrrrrr (So bad, look how beautiful. Take off baby grrrr)

My head turned immediately to the direction of those very Mexican thoughts. And there he was in all his glory, looking all tanned (compared to me anyway) and beautiful. He had to be a newborn; his eyes still had a tint of red, which shockingly I found very attractive.

“Mi nombre es Edward Cullen”( My name is Edward Cullen) I said as I approached that Latin beauty, “Yo vengo de los Estados Unidos.” ( I come from the US) Mmm look at that…

“Yo soy Juan Carlos Garcia Jimenez de Cancun, Mexico. Y tu Eduardo eres mi sueño convertido en realidad.” (I am Juan Carlos Garcia Jimenez of Cancun, Mexico. And You Edward are my dreams come true.)

“Encantado en conocerte.” (A pleasure to meet you) As I realized that I’d forgotten how to breathe.

“Mi madre siempre me dijo que me encontrara un Americano.” (My mother always told me to find me and American man.) He said as he eyed me from head to toe. I blocked his thoughts; they were too much, even for me.

“Mi madre siempre me dijo que me manteniera lejos de los hombres Latinos” (My mother always told me to stay away from Latin men.) I said as I bowed and started walking away.

Mmm que lastima. Adios papi... (mm what a shame. Bye baby...)

I couldn’t help but smirk at that last thought. I needed to leave. Spanish men were too much to handle. I feel like I needed to get drunk; I wonder if that was possible for a vampire. I knew immediately where I had to go…