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Edward Wears Prada


What if the reason that Edward broke up with Bella wasn't because he thought he was dangerous for her... what if he was gay? Chapter 5: Edward in Italy... PLEASE REVIEW!!!

This is our first story - so go easy on us : We wanted to come up with something original...Let us know if we should keep writing.

5. Like the Desert's Missed the Rain

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I miss you Edward

The thought came to my mind, but I didn't know where it came from.

“What took you so long,” Alice said as she stood by the shore with one hand on her hip.

I emerged from the water and she saw the distracted look on my face.

“What's wrong?”

I blocked my thought of what I had just heard in my mind. I didn't want to talk to her about this now; I still wanted to figure out where it came from.

“Nothing just wiped out from being kidnapped by a gorgeous pirate,” I said as animatedly as possible. She could still hear the distraction in my voice, but thankfully chose to ignore it and play along.

“Sure, likely event…omg look at your hair! We're going to have to do something about that!”

“That's why I came to you,” I replied. So we took off to Fabiano's beauty salon, the best in the beautiful city of Rome. I hadn't been to Italy in years; I'd forgotten how beautiful it was- if only my Bella was here. Wait did I say `my Bella,' I meant my bff…that was a strange moment. I think I'm still a little sea sick, I could use one of Fabiano's head massages right about now. And just in cue…

“Welcome to Fabiano's, bellos, how may I help you today.”

“We could use one of your fabulous head massages and a complete hair makeover, specially for beach hair boy over here.” At times like this I was thankful Alice and I could talk in our own heads; I didn't feel like talking to anyone, I just wanted some peace after several days of crazy encounters.

We sat there in silence enjoying our head massages; I was thankful Alice didn't pressure me on my thoughts so I was free to let my mind wander around.

I should have been more understanding

There was that voice again; it sounded so familiar, like my Bella was calling out to me. But that was impossible, as I could not read her thoughts. Oh how I wished it was her, I miss her soooo much. I think half of these crazy things that I've done have been in a failed attempt to get over her pain, my pain. She was my everything and if I weren't gay I'd love her endlessly.

Mm delicious

A foul thought entered my mind; it was Fabiano. Ugh why can't men just leave me alone; I have absolutely no interest anymore. Can't they see that I'm mourning here?? Of course not, stupid question Edward- they are men after all.

“Let's do some shopping; I need to get out of here,” I told Alice. I'm sure she saw Fabiano's intentions so she followed me outside. Thankfully Prada was right across the street; I was in desperate need of some Prada to cure my aching cold heart.

“Oo shoes!” I mentioned as I saw the lovely display through the window.

“Reasons why I love you Edward,” Alice replied. “Now let's go burn some plastic!”

As soon as we stepped in the door we attacked the shoe display. Oh those purple leather boots, if only I were a woman I'd totally buy them. They would look fantastic on my Bella…Bella.

I couldn't get her off my mind. Suddenly the store seemed very small and if I could cry I would've.

“Why the long face?” I heard and I looked up…and I saw those chocolate brown eyes.