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Life After Death

This is Carlisle's past.


1. Chapter 1-In the End There Is A Beginning

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Carlisle Cullen crawled away from the mob that was attacking the vampire. He had been bitten. He was bleeding badly, and he continued blindly through the streets. He entered an abandoned cellar and slung himself over the potatoes. The blood poured from his chest, making some potatoes crimson red. He curled up in pain and waited. He waited for a long time. Carlisle had escaped from being burned. Anything infected by the vampire would be burned. They wouldn’t want another vampire around. But Carlisle survived. When it was all over, he knew he had become a vampire.

Carlisle tried to sleep, but he couldn’t. He wanted to sleep. Then Carlisle remembered his father telling him that vampires never slept. His father was a vampire hunter so Carlisle knew perfectly well he couldn't go back home.

Carlisle crawled out of the cellar and stood up. It took his eyes a couple of minutes to adjust to the light. Carlisle’s skin was a pale color, and he felt thirsty. He descended down to a stream and tested the water. Though Carlisle drank, his mouth still didn’t feel quenched. Carlisle sighed. He ran his wet fingers through his honey blonde hair. Carlisle didn’t want to kill for blood. I need to destroy myself, Carlisle thought. He tried drowning himself in the stream, and he even jumped from tall buildings. But he still survived.

Carlisle traveled through civilized places, resisting feeding on the people. He hid in lonely, vacant spaces. He thought he could die of starvation, but when a herd of deer approached his hiding spot, he jumped out and advanced onto the deer. He attacked one, then two, then three. He drank the blood. Carlisle thought it was refreshing.

Carlisle’s strength returned and he swam to France and went through Europe to visit universities. Carlisle studied music, science, and medicine, and found a strength in saving human lives. Carlisle worked for two centuries on gaining his self-control. Carlisle loved doing his work without being thirsty...for blood, of course. Carlisle studied in Italy when he discovered the other vampires. Solimena was truly motivated by Carlisle’s friends, Aro, Marcus, and Caius, and normally painted them as gods in human form. They had been there for millennia. Carlisle stayed with them, the Volturi, for a few decades. They tried to make him drink human blood, and he tried to persuade them not to, but neither made their point to each other successfully.

When Carlisle finally left the Volturi’s hospitality, he felt lonely. He dreamed of taking on others of his own. After a long time, he didn’t find anyone. When vampires and beasties became myth, he thought he could act as a normal human. He started practicing with medicine, again. He wanted companionship. He was working nights in a hospital in Chicago. For years, an idea swam through his head. Since no companionship came, he would make one.

Carlisle finally found a bronze-headed boy in a ward, dying with no hope to live. Carlisle took a deep breathe. He thought about his own transformation. His pain and horror. The thought of being alone. He would treat this boy as his son. He had nursed the boy’s parents, and he knew the boy was solitary. Carlisle leaned forward, and started the boy’s transformation.