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Rescue Me

Have you ever wondered what Edward was thinking when he saw Bella again in Italy? Maybe he is not as innocent as we all might have thought...he is a man after all ;) CHAPTER 6 IS OUT: Making Her Understand FYI - This story is in canon *Adult rating - just in case Edward's thoughts get a little too steamy ;) ** The font used is called Edwardian Script - it just seemed perfect REVIEWS = MOTIVATION = CHAPTERS OUT FASTER

Get ready of some very silly and can we say maybe even steamy, Edward moments! Thanks to Stephenie for letting us play with Edward - we promise to return him soon - maybe ;)

3. Crazy Adolescent Hormones

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“You can sleep now, Bella,” I murmured. “It’s over.” Maybe if she was sleeping I could really begin to read her mind, she always said so much in her dreams…She swallowed hard before she spoke; that was never a good sign.

“I don’t want to sleep. I am not tired.” She growled.

We were sitting in the back seat of the car; I had her wrapped tight around my arms inside my gray cloak. She felt warm, too warm for comfort. I lowered my head towards her beautiful heart-shaped face, wanting to take her full lips onto mine. I lowered my lips onto the hollow under her ear instead. “Try,” I encouraged.

She shook her head.

I sighed. “You’re still just as stubborn.” Oh how I love a challenge. I wondered if she was stubborn towards everything…but I don’t mind, I like to please.

As soon as we got to the airport, Alice dragged Bella for a human minute and some shopping. I took the time to change my clothes as well, leaving the dark cloak on a pile of trash in the alley outside the airport. The plane trip to Rome was really short. Bella sat next to me and I could almost hear her mind turning; I didn’t understand why she was so quiet. This left me to my own thoughts…

It was hard not to notice Bella, the blush of her cheeks, the rise and fall of her chest, not to mention her delicious, intoxicating scent. My pants suddenly felt tighter; I hoped Bella didn’t notice. The crooked smile that she loved so much appeared across my face. The human urges that were going through my body were something I never experienced before. I had to hold on to the arm rests, being careful not to turn them into dust, in order to keep my hands off from my angel.

My eyes suddenly flicked to the front of the plane, taking notice of the empty bathroom. I don’t know why I was thinking such silly, human thoughts, but all I wanted to do was take Bella in there and make love to her. I am sure that if I used my dazzling look, as she called it, she couldn’t refuse. Just the idea of being able to have her that close to me…

She needs more time Edward, she’s been through a lot since you left.

I looked back to my sister, if I had any blood in my body I’m sure it would have all gone to my face at that moment. I nodded apologetically and whispered too low for any human to hear “I realize that what I did was the biggest mistake of my life and now that we’re together again I can’t wait to be with her.”

Suddenly we had landed, bringing my thoughts back to reality. I knew the flight from Rome to Atlanta would be another matter entirely.


We stepped onto the plane and I guided Bella in front of me. A stewardess appeared to greet us.

“Welcome aboard”…yea that’s right hop on board gorgeous ; )

Did she just wink at me? Some women were just too desperate. I ignored her comment and I proceeded to walk down the aisle. Her juvenile thoughts still ringed in my head.

Mm and that cute behind…I just wanna get up all over that.

I felt like I was being violated by her lack of proper grammar and stupidity. I proceeded to take my hand behind Bella’s back in hope to stop her ridiculous thoughts.

Ah he’s taken…Oh how I love a challenge. Maybe I can show him what a real woman can do!

You only wish you could get my attention, I thought, but my mind, heart and soul can only see my angel, my Bella. She sat next to me, completely oblivious to this woman’s thoughts and I wasn’t about to ruin her peace.

The take off was spent in silence; I wished more than ever that I were able to hear the thoughts going through Bella’s mind right now. If I only knew what she wanted me to say, or how to go about making this better.

I knew it was too early for the in-board service to begin when I heard those vile thoughts again.

“Can I get you anything to drink sir?” And maybe someone to eat too…

If she only knew what she was asking. Maybe I should kill her just to stop that second grade grammar…I am not sure if she could get me a drink, but she certainly may not. I gestured towards Bella “Do you want anything to drink love?” I accentuated the word love, more to show Bella that I still loved her, but also to get rid of that stewardess.

“I’ll have a Coke please.” Bella said in a small voice. I could see and hear the disappointment coming from the stupid blond as she left to fetch the soda.

“Bella,” I began…I knew her low tolerance for caffeine.

“I don’t want to sleep, if I close my eyes now, I’ll see things I don’t want to see. I’ll have nightmares.”

I couldn’t argue with that, I had put her through so much already. I also gave myself the benefit of the doubt that she wanted to stay up so she could be with me…that was probably a long shot.

I would give anything to be back at my meadow, no, our meadow. Feeling the soft grass on my back and holding Bella close to me. The warmth of her skin almost making me feel alive again. If only I were given the opportunity to go back and change things. Maybe she will give me another chance. I want to try to show her that I can be different; at least I am going to try to be a normal boyfriend. Try being the key word here.

I looked over at Bella again, she was certainly the most beautiful being I have ever seen. I remembered all those times when I kissed those full red lips. All the times she tried to hold on to me and I pushed her away, afraid of my limits. I would give anything to kiss those lips again, and this time I wouldn’t pull away. I would hold her close to me, letting my hands slide down her back, my other hand deep in her chocolate hair. I would kiss her softly at first, feeling her smooth lips beneath mine, her breath against my mouth, inhaling her intoxicating scent. And when she parted her lips, I would not run away like I had done so many times. I wanted to feel those goose bumps against my skin every time I touched her, I wanted to see where else they would come up. I would let the men in me take charge. I wanted to feel the touch of her tongue on mine. I wanted to show her how much I love her – and when you live with 3 very active and romantic couples you know that nothing says “I love you” like a passionate kiss.

I took another peek out of the corner of my eyes to my angel sipping her Coke. I caught a glimpse of a red bra strap. I have “slept”, for lack of a better word, hundreds of times in the same bed as her, and I just now realized that I have never seen her naked, or anywhere close to naked. And up until now I have never even given that a second thought. And now that was all I could think of. My love was beautiful no matter what she was wearing, but the thought of being able to see all those curves unhidden, to have the feel of her entire body against mine…I was clearly not ready to die – I joked to myself.

I managed to gather enough courage to hold her close in my arms. I wanted her to feel safe in my strong embrace, like she had so many times before. She didn’t pull away! I tried to hide a crooked smile, that small gesture had meant so much. I proceeded to run my fingers across her face again and again, trying to imbed her perfect features to memory even more. To my surprise she did the same. The shocks of her warm touch sent a shiver down my spine. Maybe the idea of the “bathroom rendezvous” wasn’t so far off base!

I bent my face lower, smelling her hair. As if by habit, I placed a kiss on the top of her head. I could not get enough. She was definitely my brand of heroine. I continued to place butterfly kisses down her forehead, writs, but never her lips. I was sure if I had I would not have been able to stop…

I was a 17-year-old boy, trapped in this body, dammed to live forever with these crazy adolescent hormones. I have been alone for most of the century, and only now I realized how alone I have really been. Bella had not only saved me from death, but from life itself. I vowed then and there that I would make it up to her no matter what the cost was.