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Rescue Me

Have you ever wondered what Edward was thinking when he saw Bella again in Italy? Maybe he is not as innocent as we all might have thought...he is a man after all ;) CHAPTER 6 IS OUT: Making Her Understand FYI - This story is in canon *Adult rating - just in case Edward's thoughts get a little too steamy ;) ** The font used is called Edwardian Script - it just seemed perfect REVIEWS = MOTIVATION = CHAPTERS OUT FASTER

Get ready of some very silly and can we say maybe even steamy, Edward moments! Thanks to Stephenie for letting us play with Edward - we promise to return him soon - maybe ;)

5. Bonus Chapter - For Saphira

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I couldn't wait anymore. I needed her now.

Edward - what are you thinking… I could hear Alice scream in her head. I didn't care I had been denied of her for so long, but no longer.

I looked over at my Bella. She was still looking at me like I was going to disappear with a blink of an eye. I took her hand in mine, and brought my face close to the hollow of her neck. She didn't stop me. That was all the encouragement I needed.

"Bella, my love; I am so glad you are safe. I am so happy you are here, with me." I said in between butterfly kisses on her neck and collar bone. I knew she was upset, I knew this was probably not the best way to beg her for forgiveness, but the men in me had won.

I saw the blood rush to her cheeks, turning them a lovely shade of red. Her heart was beating faster than ever before. She brought a hand to my head, and intertwined her fingers in my hair. I continued to plant light kisses behind her ear, trying to keep my breathing from getting too rapid. She bent her head towards mine, letting an almost inaudible moan escape her lips.

I looked up at her, wanting a sign. I needed to know if she really wanted this, but she wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I turned her chin until she was forced to meet my gaze. Her eyes sparkled. There was so much they were trying to convey… Pain, anger, frustration, but on top of all of that there was love, and passion, and desire…I had gotten my answer.

I lowered my head so our noses touched, gently brushing hers with mine, matching my breathing to hers.

“I have an idea,” I said with her favorite crooked smile. “Follow me.” I said hoping she would not pick this time to be stubborn. I had noticed that everyone in the plane was sleeping already.

She looked at me a little confused, but didn’t object. I stood up and took her hand, making her follow me to the front of the cabin. I didn’t look back to her face, not wanting to give her a chance to protest or back out. As we approached the bathrooms I took a quick look around the cabin, to make sure no one was watching. I opened the door, and I gave Bella a smirk as I motioned for her to get in.

A look of surprise ran across her face, but she walked past me into the bathroom, blushing my favorite crimson color. I walked in behind her and closed the door.



As soon as the door was locked, I could not help but let a soft growl escape my lips. Her cheeks were so red, her breathing so rapid, making her chest rise and fall in the most sensual way. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but I was much quicker. I brought a finger to her lips silencing her.

I let my hands run down her arms, sending chills down her spine, until they reached the small of her back. I pulled her close to me, bringing my face close to hers.

“I love you Isabella Swan.” I whispered as I grazed my teeth on her earlobe. Planting kisses down her jaw line, and stopping a mere centimeter away from her lips, breathing in her lovely scent.

“Oh Edward,” She moaned into my lips.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I crushed my lips onto hers, with a newfound passion. I didn’t stop her when she wove her fingers in my hair, and when she parted her lips, I didn’t pull away. I felt her tongue enter my mouth, driving me crazy with ardor. I let my tongue explore her mouth as well, tasting her for the first time. It was even more delicious than I would have ever imagined. But I was not afraid of hurting her, the men in me was definitely in control.

As our tongues danced together, my hands seemed to be everywhere, from her face, to her back, down to her hips. I was a kid in an amusement park, and I wanted to go on every ride.

But I wasn’t the only one. Bella was just as vigorous as I was. I finally understood that her need was the same as my own. I lifted her, so she was sitting on top of the sink, trying to somehow make more room in this very tiny space. She immediately wrapped her legs around my waist, bringing me closer to her body. Her scent intensified with every drip of sweat running down her body.

I detangled myself from her “strong” grip, still standing in between her legs, as I started to kiss down her neck. My hands were at her knees, inching their way up her thighs, bringing up her skirt. I led my trail of kisses lower, past her collar bone, between her breasts, and down her stomach. She intertwined one of her hands through my hair, and pressed the other against her mouth to hide a moan of pleasure. I continued to kiss, lower and lower, and to my surprise she spread her legs farther granting me access.

Never taking my lips of her skin, I look up to my love’s face. Her eyes were on mine the whole time; there was a fire in them I had never seen before. She was shivering from pleasure, and I wanted to give her all the pleasure I could. My hand slid down her inner thigh, and I followed the path my hands had made with sweet, lingering kisses.

Then I reached her ultimate spot of pleasure.

“Please Edward, don’t stop”

Bella’s breathing kept getting harder and faster, her hands pressed on the back of my head urging me to continue…and I was more than happy to oblige. A few moments later I felt Bella shake at my touch, and the way she moaned my name in between gasps of pleasure was more than I could have ever wished for.

I heard her heart beat start to slow down very slightly as she pulled my face towards hers. She had a smile on her face that I had never seen before, a smile of ultimate happiness and satisfaction. Her cheeks were flushed, there were sweat beads running down her forehead; she was a complete and adorable mess. I brought her lips to mine and kissed her with just as much passion as before.

“See how much I have missed you?”