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A quick look at what would have happened if Edward had decided to give Bella what she wanted before they were married. Please observe the adult rating! This gets a bit steamy.. :)


1. Alone

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We were alone in his house, something very rare, but extremely pleasant all the same. The rest of his family had gone hunting for the weekend, Charlie was out fishing with Billy ‘til Monday night, and I was here, with my own personal angel, for a full and undisturbed long weekend together-alone. We were just sitting on the couch, me watching TV and him playing with my hair, but still I felt...nervous, tense for some unknown reason. His attentions to me became so distracting, I turned off the television and looked at him, all-the-while trying my hardest to remember to breathe.

“Is something wrong?” he asked in his most innocent voice. He smirked, though, knowing that my heart was sputtering an odd rhythm every time he touched me.

“You’re driving me insane,” I whispered, for I could not seem to find my voice. He unconsciously leaned closer to me, causing my head to spin and my breath to catch in my throat. He smiled my favorite crooked smile, and closed his eyes, slowly exhaling his sweet breath into my face. My eyes also closed, and my heart stopped beating momentarily when his lips met mine with the lightest of pressure. This kiss was so pleasant, so romantic, so perfect.

Then, his lips became more urgent and demanding, and I could not refuse him. His fingers knotted into my hair, and my arms wound around his neck, pulling me closer to him. I slowly traced his perfect bottom lip with the tip of my tongue, and I heard him moan ever so slightly. His own tongue met mine with earnest, while one of his hands slowly found its way to my waist. His icy fingers found the skin at my hip, and it sent shivers of pleasure through my spine, causing his breath to catch.

His lips trailed down my chin to my neck, and he breathed words against my flesh.

“Do you have absolutely any idea how tempting you are?”

This statement had caught me off guard, and, biting my bottom lip, I replied, “Really? Me…tempting, to you?”

He scowled at me, although still kept a smile on his perfect face. “Do not act so innocent, Miss Swan. I am very tempted to have you right here, right now. You’re absolutely perfect in every way, and if I don’t stop now, I don’t think I will be able to at all.”

Blood flooded my cheeks after he spoke these words, and he grinned. However, this was what I had wanted for so long- I would not let the chance escape me.

“Edward, I am yours, now, and forever. Take me now, give into your temptations, for they are the same as my own. My mind is decided, it is only you I am waiting for now.”

He closed his eyes, and I knew I had crossed a line. He had said we would try, but not until after our wedding. I did not want to wait, but I knew I would have to. However, when his eyes opened again, a look of decision and determination I had not expected dominated his face. His lips melted into mine, and I threw myself into the kiss. I saw my chance in this moment.

His lips swiftly moved to hollow below my ear, and when he spoke, they tickled my skin, an amazing sensation. “Are you sure about this? I could… kill you, Bella.”

I drew my face back to look at him. Sadness and a bit of fear shone through his liquid topaz eyes. “I trust you completely,” was all I said, and the sadness melted into a different emotion, a mixture of love and lust. Not bloodlust, as would be expected from a vampire. No, this was a very human type of lust, the lust a man feels for the women he loves.

He did not reply, he simply reunited his lips with mine, resuming as though we had never been interrupted by words. I felt a sense of hesitancy at first, but after a moment, all the walls were down. His lips parted mine, and his tongue snaked into my mouth, wanting, hungry. Both his hands found the buttons of my blouse, and he had undone them and removed my shirt in less time than I thought possible. Our kiss broke, and I gasped for air. A sudden rush of pink flooded my pale cheeks when I saw his eyes sweep down the lengths of my torso. He had never seen me anywhere close to naked, and it made me nervous and anxious all at the same time.

His eyebrows raised and he closed his eyes, and a feeling of awkwardness permeated my being. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“Bella, you are more beautiful then I could have thought imaginable.”

I had to laugh at this. He, living in a house full of gorgeous, perfect vampires, could not possibly look at my devastatingly plain body and deceive himself into thinking it was beautiful. However, even laughter could not stop another wave of blushes to give me away.

“Oh, my love, how could you possibly be embarrassed?” he whispered as his fingers lightly traced the pink in my cheeks.

I just smiled at him, and looked sheepishly towards his from beneath my lashes. I was so close. I could not give up now.