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A quick look at what would have happened if Edward had decided to give Bella what she wanted before they were married. Please observe the adult rating! This gets a bit steamy.. :)


2. Giving In

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I leaned back to lie down on the couch, still looking up at him, daring him to follow. Edward grinned and lay on top of me, calling my bluff. Our lips found each other once again, and his kiss was more urgent than any I could remember. I felt every line of his body on mine, yet none of his weight, but I ached to feel the pressure of him on me. His hands moved to my back while his lips found my throat, but he stopped hesitantly when his fingers met my bra strap. I chuckled lightly, while he looked sheepishly into my eyes. I nodded, and he slowly, almost achingly so, undid my bra and removed it from between us. His eyes never left mine while I clumsily unbuttoned his shirt and took it off him, which was embarrassingly slow compared to how quickly he had removed mine.

Still, our longing gazes never faltered, and his eyes bore into me, like he was seeing into my soul. After what seemed like an hour, which was only a matter of seconds, I saw his eyes flash downwards, towards my chest, but only for a moment. He was looking at me again so quickly that I thought I could have imagined it, but his eyes had changed. Instead of their liquid topaz color, they had grown significantly darker. Eyes dark with desire, his slowly moved his lips once more to mine, and before I was ready to let him leave, his mouth was trailing down my chin, my neck, the base of my throat. He stopped hesitantly when he reached the tops of my breasts, and I gasped from the feel of his cool lips finding a part of me they had not touched before. His breath caught and he stopped breathing momentarily, but then he was like the air-everywhere at once.

He continued to drown me in his kisses, while I just concentrated on breathing. My gasps were coming quickly, and embarrassingly loud, but I didn't care enough to try to quiet myself. I was going to enjoy this. His lips finally settled on mine, with passion I did not know existed. My hands danced across his perfectly carved stomach, onto his back, into his hair. I wrapped one leg around his ankle, and our lips parted as he moaned. I tried to catch my breath as his hands moved from my face across my breasts, lingering there a bit longer than necessary. He continued to move down my stomach, tickling me in the absolute best way possible, until his fingers met the top of my jeans.

This time, there was no hesitation. My pants were removed blindingly fast, and a bright smile lit up Edward's face before his lips covered my breasts, stomach, hips, and neck-anything he could. I concentrated on unbuttoning his jeans as well, and soon, only underwear remained, and the feel of his skin on mine was heaven. His words came out hushed and excited, full of an emotion I had never seen in him before.

"Bella, oh Bella," he groaned, while his eyes closed. He opened them again, meeting my own gaze. His fingers danced to my hip, where they lightly traced the string of my underwear there. One finger slid beneath the string, followed by another. I gasped and my eyes closed, for this was pleasure I had never imagined. The suspense of it all ached, but felt so good at the same time. I know he had been hesitant because he was as inexperienced as I was in this category, but he had no earthly idea how good he was at this. My eyes still closed, my heart still beating a mile-a-minute, he slowly slid my underwear off of my body. I was completely naked, no more secrets from him-at all. Words came from him in a hoarse whisper.

"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I never saw true beauty till this night. I finally understand Romeo."

Instead of my usual blush, I was deeply touched by his words. However, a new kind of adrenaline rushed through me, while I returned his quote with my own.

"Wherefore art thou Romeo?" And my Romeo came to me. His lips crashed into mine, and we rolled over, landing on the floor. He pushed the table out of the way with one hand, so as to give us more room. I had his boxers removed in a moment, and then, we were both utterly still. This was quite a new sensation, all of his body exposed to all of mine. Although Edward was still in control, he was much less careful than he usually was. One of his legs found its way between mine, and he pressed into me slightly, causing me to let out a moan of pure pleasure. He growled slightly and looked me in the eyes.

"Bella, do you mind if I, you know..." he trailed off before adding, "I don't think I can wait any longer." I laughed slightly and nodded encouragingly, but my heart beat picked up in my chest, realizing what was about to happen. Sensing my uneasiness, he looked back to me. "I promise I won't hurt you. I love you." He added and kissed my lips softly, tenderly. His hands on either side of my hips, holding himself up, he looked into my eyes one last time. Then, his hips moved forward, and he was part of me. My eyes closed and my back arched, and he continued to move slowly, with no certain rhythm, afraid to hurt me. I placed my hands on his hips, guiding him, and he seemed to sigh in relief that he was doing it right. My legs wrapped around him, and I felt my whole body shiver and my back arch uncontrollably. Finally, I reached what I had been building up to, and it felt as if waves were crashing over me.

When it was over, his lips found mine once more before he rolled over to lie next to me on the floor, breathing hard from the effort to not kill me. However, when I looked at him, a huge smile was spread across his face. I laughed, unable to control myself. I rolled myself on top of him and kissed him playfully on the nose, and, jokingly, I whispered to him, "We did it." :)