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Flesh to Dust

A young vampire meets death. :D Made by meee

This has nothing to do with the Twilight series. Please leave me reviews! :D I would really appreciate that alooot! lol thanks.

1. Chapter 1

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The great heaven was on fire
Streaks of red and orange apeared on the sky
and the clouds vanished
The forest was empty and the water of the river was filled with lust.
They held hands knowing this was their last night
Everything around them has sank back to a deep sleep,
bodies of their kind float on the surface at the near by river
They held hands and ran through the meadow
despite their treacherous sourounding
Faint screams of deadly pain
and the barking of wolves
everything was happening!
The nightmare was alive,
the nightmare in which Achlys dreamed at the temple where Pandora fed upon young children
They sank into the silver leaves
leaving their thoughts in the cruel world
full of illusions and lies
They held eachother as the voices of the mere ignorant mortals aproached them Closer and closer it came
until it was just above them.

"Take them! These foul vampires!" screamed the leader of the clan.
Gwendolyn looked up at them
no fear in her eyes
They wore crosses around their necks
The scent of garlic clung on to their clothing stinging her nostrils.
The mortals grabbed her arm
tied them together with thorns
blood ran down her arm dripping down at her elbow
She looked at Laurent
her beloved already befallen in their young traps
They turned her away

Tears of blood ran down her face
The sun shined brighter
as they threw her on to the river
Fear she did not feel , though her heart was torn apart for
Laurent was no longer by her side
Slowly and painfully the luminous sky burnt her skin
The sun cooked her flesh
she screamed
then turned into dust.