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The Difference of Death and Life

Originally called Love and Death or Hate and Life What happens when Edward is faced with a decission he has to make? A past love comes back for Edward, but he doesn't share the same feelings with her as he does with Bella. Will he leave her again, for her safety? Or will he stay with her and risk her life?


11. BlackNESS

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"Who accompanied you on your ‘visit' here?"



"Demetri!" I said faking my enthusiasm.

This isn't good.

"Wow. Bella is still beautiful as ever!" he exclaimed throwing his arms in the air before coming to hug me.

After our embrace he pushed me back at an arms length and held me shoulders and examined me.

"You really have grown since last time I've seen you." He eyes lingered for a little longer than necessary on certain curves of my body. I crossed my arms before he decided to ogle over my chest too.

He raised an eyebrow and nodded in approval.

"We first thing in the morning."

"I actually told Bella that we would allow her to pack some essentials." Said Ryan pulling me back into his arms and wrapping an arm possessively around my waist.

"But we promised Aro..." said Demetri grabbing me by the arm.

"But I promised HER." Ryan grabbed my other arm.

I started to feel a tightness forming in my skin where it was being pulled in the two different directions.

"Do you really want to be punished?" Pull.

"Are you two trying to rip me an half?" I said.

Neither of them dropped my arms, they only pulled tighter.

"Hello! I'm am breakable, and you two are getting very close to proving that."

"Sorry Bella." Said Ryan and Demetri, both letting go of my arms.

"Thank you."

"You need to sleep. Let me show you to your room." Ryan volunteered happily.

"That would be good." I said smiling at him.

He lead me down a hall way into a room with the normal hotel stuff; a bed with the same pattern as the curtains, a lamp, and a dresser with a TV on it.

"I'm sorry about Demetri. He is a little... you know..."

"I'm sorry... I don't know what you mean."


"How can he be jealous?" I asked surprised.

"You seem to underestimate your beauty. Even for a human you pass a lot of the vampires back home, and Demetri wouldn't mind taking a piece of you with him."

"Hmm... I thought he was with Heidi."

"He is, but they are a very... confusing couple. You see, they both sleep with others, they both date others. I think that they are only ‘together' because they hate being alone, even if its for one night, so they always have one another to go to if they need some one."

"Promiscuous?" I said trying to hide my laughter but failing.

Ryan laughed too, "Yes, sadly, they are."

I started to climb into the bed, and looked over to my right, and sighed. This would be my first night sleeping with out Edward.

"Are you alright?" Ryan asked, real worry clouding his eyes.

"Can I ask you a favor?"


"Can you sleep with me?"

"Um. Bella I just met you-"

"No, no! Not like that. Come here." I waved him over to next to me.

He slowly approached the bed.

"Now lay down."


"Well Edward used to lay beside me, holding me as I slept, but this will be my first night sleeping without him since... I don't know when. I can get Demetri in here if it makes you too uncomfortable."


"Good, cause I'd rather you then him."

As he lay down, I took his arm and draped it over my waist, and pushed my body against his. He was all most like Edward, but bigger, yet I felt myself feeling more protected.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"More than okay."

I turned my body to face him; his arm still on my waist. We stared into one another's eyes for a few long moments.

"Why?" I said shaking my head.

"Huh?" he asked confused.

"Why do I feel like I can trust you so easily?"

He chuckled and said, "Powers."

"I forgot about powers. You never told me what yours were."

"Well, first of all I make people do things and feel things I want them to do or feel. And then, this is a new one that I just discovered not long ago..."

I nodded trying to tell him to go on.

"I can..."

"You can..." I said bringing my eyes closer to his.

I started to get dizzy, and I didn't know what I was doing. It was like my body was acting on its own.

"I can fall..."

"Fall..." I brought my face close to his and blew my breath in his face. He shivered slightly. So slightly that I'm not sure I saw him really move or if I just imagined it.

"I can fall in love with a human."

And I pressed my lips to his.

What am I doing? I'm not ready for this. STOP! Bella! STOP!

I heard a familiar roar explode in my head, and I agreed with him. but I couldn't stop it.

Ryan ran his fingers in my hair, and caressed my neck. I pulled my self up on top of him; with a leg on each side of his hips. I put my hands on his face as our lips moved together.

His cold lips felt so familiar, but yet so foreign.

I felt like an explorer that just discovered a new land.

I wanted to take on every challenge it threw at me, I wanted to see every majestic part of this land, and most of all I wanted to claim it as my own. Wait, what am I thinking?

His hands left my face and traveled down to my shoulders and then down my sides where he wrapped his arms securely around me so I was completely circled in his grip. And he rolled over so he lay in between my legs.

He unlike Edward let his weight come down on me. It wasn't bad though. I found it more... pleasurable, more intimate, to be able to fell every part of him on me.

He lifted his lips off of mine letting me catch my breath, and he took off his shirt. And just came right back down and smiled before he started kissing me.

I pulled back for a moment.

"You know what?" I whispered, more like panted, in his ear.


"I can fall in love with a vampire. And this time I know it's the right one."

He lifted his face away from mine and we smiled at each other as he started to lift my shirt above my head.

The rest of the night I was blacked out.


How could she do this?

Wasn't she just crying over Edward three hours ago?

Well... She does deserve to have someone. But not someone -a vampire- in the VOLTURI!

Jasper sensed my distress and sent calming waves to me.

I looked at him and frowned. I didn't want to be calmed down.

"What's wrong?"


"You found out where she is?"

We were currently searching the forest for her. Or Victoria.

"Yeah... She's just fine." I said venom filling my mouth.

"What happened?"

"Do you remember Ryan from the Volturi?"

"Uh, oh..."

"Yeah, well he is getting her to fall in love with him, to get back at Edward."



When we reached the hotel I noticed that we were 19 hours ahead of the time back in Forks. It was 4:30 PM here so it would be about 9:30 PM yesterday back at home. No, not my home; my very own personal hell.

Then something hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt the wind get knocked out of me and I felt like my heart just got torn out.

I started gasping trying to catch my forever lost breath.

My body ached and I knew that something just happened.

Something BIG just happened.

I closed my eyes, searching the heads of those around me, wondering if it was something near, or something far.

Nothing but the usual ‘That guy is really cute' or ‘damn that red head is RED HOTT!'

I growled in frustration.

"Edward?" asked Victoria.

"Yes?" I asked faking my strength.

"Come on. Let's go. I want to get in the room before the sun comes out."

"Yes master." I mumbled. I knew she could hear it, but I don't care. There are more important things on my mind right now.

And not a moment later my phone buzzed.



"Yes Alice?"

"Uh, um... I don't know how to say this..."

"Then just say it."

"Well, um..."

"Yes..." I said getting impatient.

"We have a problem."

"No really?" Why else would she call?

"Don't get smart with me." She yelled.

"Well then learn to speak." I snapped back.

"Fine then. You really have turned into a jerk."

"I'm sorry Alice. Will you please tell me what's going on?"

"Bella isn't dead."

And then she hung up.

Then all over again I felt the same burning in my chest. Not only was it burning, but when I put my hand to my heart it was freezing; colder than normal.


When I woke the next morning, I was freezing. I looked at myself and realized that I was naked! And I was only covered in a sheet.

How did this happen.

Then I the other reason for why I was so cold.

I turned to my right and saw Ryan with his arms encircling me. I looked into his eyes and he was smiling down at me. His eyes still pitch black, so I didn't know what his eating habits were.

"Hungry?" he asked me.

"I should ask you the same question."

"I probably should hunt."

"I never asked you, what are your eating... habits?"

"I switch on and off."

"What!" I yelled.

"Bella, Bella, don't-"

"Oh my god. I can't believe..."

Then I got really dizzy.

"I love you." he exclaimed.

Then every thing went black again.