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The Difference of Death and Life

Originally called Love and Death or Hate and Life What happens when Edward is faced with a decission he has to make? A past love comes back for Edward, but he doesn't share the same feelings with her as he does with Bella. Will he leave her again, for her safety? Or will he stay with her and risk her life?


13. Waking Up

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"Oh, yes. I'm sorry. Uh, um where is Ryan?" said a voice that sounded nothing like my previous, human, one voice. I covered my mouth with my hand right after the words left my lips.

"Right here." Came his voice from behind me.

I stood up and flew around. I went faster than I thought possible.

"Hello, love." He said with a slow smile creeping across his face.

"Don't call me that." I hissed silently.

"What, love, is something bothering you?"

"DON'T call, me THAT!" I said, while closing my eyes.

I felt the anger burning inside of me.

"Love, come with me. You need to hunt." He said as he grabbed my hand.

"Don't come near me." I said pushing him away.

And with my newborn strength he was shoved against the far wall.

"Fine! I'm leaving. But you better be here when I get back!" he threatened.

"And if I'm not?" I challenged. "You took my life, my love, my family, AND my virginity! And now I'm in this hell hole." I spat.

"I will take much more than that." He promised

"I'm not scared of you."



He came up to me and grabbed me by the hair. And then he threw me to the ground. When my granite face hit the ground it made a crater in the cement.

The woman, who was in the room when I woke up, just stood in horror.

I stood back up, but he back-handed me and I flew to the ground once again.

I felt my fingers tingling. Then, I felt the tingling spread through to my wrists.

He lifted me up and I looked at me with red eyes.

I felt my anger burning and I couldn't contain it much longer.

I screamed and sunk my teeth into his arm.

He yelled and pushed me off.

But I just came right back with a punch to his face. Much harder than I ever thought I could.

The tingling just kept spreading until it stopped at my shoulders. My whole arm glowed a peachy color.

I felt a whole new energy spread through me, and I totally went crazy. I punched him in the jaw, chest, and even stomach. But soon I felt the high wear off.

My body started to ache and disapprove my further actions, so I just slumped to the ground and sobbed.

And Ryan ran out of the room. If I were human, it would have looked like a blur, but now it just looked like he ran at human speed.

"I'm so sorry. I had no clue what he put you through. I'm Karmen, and I'm here to help you." said the girl who was there when I first woke up.

"Oh, well thanks for helping me out when I really needed it." I said sarcastically.

"He is my boss, I can't disobey him or I get kicked out of the Voturi."

"And what's so bad about that?"

"I have no one or anywhere else to go to. They killed my family, and burned my house down when the found me. I guess they thought I had potential."

"Same here. But I don't want to stay. They can't make me!"

"But they can."

"NO, no, no, NO!" I yelled.

"Please, miss, don't yell. They will suspect something." She cried looking around.

We sat fro a couple of awkward moments, but then the light bulb in my head lit up.

"Run away with me." I whispered.

"I can't."

"Yes, you can. We can do this together. We will be fine." I promised.

She sat deep in thought for a minute. Different emotions crossing over her face, different lights going through her eyes. "Okay, okay. I'll do it."


"So we really are going to do it?"

I nodded.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" she said a little too loudly for my comfort.

"Please now shush."

She nodded. "How can I repay you?" she whispered.

"Just... don't leave me. Stay with me, and we will start a coven."

"Thank you!" she cried, throwing her arms around me. "How are we going to do this?"

We sat there for 10 minutes going over different plans until we finally settled on a flawless one.

"Okay. So... you ready?" I asked.

"Yes." She nodded.

We slowly walked up the dark stairway and she held me with both of my arms behind my back. I ‘struggled' to get free. But if I was really trying I would have gotten away with my newborn strength.

We waited by the door, listening to the steps outside, she opened the door when she thought that it was okay.

Wrong move! We were met by none other than Aro himself.

"Hello ladies- wait. Why do you have Bella...?"

"She tried to attack me after attacking Ryan. We fought for a bit, but I finally got her. Now I am going to take her to hunt. She needs to calm down."

I fake struggled for a little bit longer. Aro nodded.

"Be good my newly beautiful Bella." He said touching my check.

I growled and snapped my face away. That was no rogue.

Karmen took me away from Aro and we walked quickly to her room. We each put on long black coats.

"Wait... Did you see what Aro did to me?"

"Yeah, when he caressed your check. That was weird, really weird."

"Ew. I felt so, so violated." I shook in disgust. "And speaking of Aro... what are your eating habits. Is it same as everyone else?"

"Yes, but I am free to change. No, PLEASE, change it. I heard that the Cullens and Denali clan hunted animals. I'm sure you have heard of them."

"Yes, I have." I said looking away from her.

"There is more to your story than I know. Huh?"

"Yes, but we will speak while we hunt."


"Yes, I promise."

She returned to her position of holding my arms behind my back. And we went outside.

"We have to hold our breath the rest of the way." She whispered in my ear. And I nodded understandingly.

I closed off all my air ways; consisting of my mouth and my nose.

We walked slowly in the shadows of the buildings, and through all the possible alleys.

We broke into a run straight for the forest when we were outside Volterra walls.

I took a deep breath, and my eyes must have darkened three shades.

The first thing we did was hunt down as much as we could. We needed the practice, and of course to be sustained.

We ended up hunting 3 deer and a bear together.

I looked down and realized that we were covered in animal blood, and our clothes were torn.

I looked up at the sky and noted that I was now twilight.

"We are going to break into someone's house, steal their car, and some clothes."

Karmen gasped.



"Yes we have to, other wise we wont be able to go any where. Look at us." I said in a matter of fact tone.

"Well, we better not get caught. We won't. Plus if we have to, well you're beautiful, you'll be able to work it out." And she was.

She was a tall blonde, with such young, fun features that made her look a lot like Cameron Diaz.

"You still haven't seen yourself yet have you?"

"Nope, but what's the use. I am in no need to impress anyone."

"Okay well I can smell human so we must be near a house. Stay here and I'll pick you up."

"Wait I want to come." I protested.

"You are too young. You might kill them."

I nodded sorrowfully.

When she left I went and sat down in the middle of the closest clearing.

It wasn't as flowery as mine and *wince* Edward's meadow. But it'll do.

I lay down after a while, and looked up at the stars.

I wonder what Edward is doing right now.

I miss him so much, but he is in love with Victoria, and I knew something like that would happen eventually.

I always knew I wasn't good enough for him. I never pretty enough, never smart enough, never quick enough, and I was never right for him.

I could never be as good for him as Victoria is.

I realized how much I was torturing myself, just by thinking of him.

But then, you know what?

I am going to let tonight be my one last night of my resurrection of Isabella Marie Swan.

I went all they way back to how I felt the day I met him.

I felt so ugly.

Mainly when he looked at me with such disgust that I thought that something was wrong with me, and there was, it was just that my blood smelt too good.

And how surprised I was when I first found that he was a vampire.

Then the first time I went to his house.

The way he played the piano so beautifully, the way everyone (except Rosalie) accepted me so quickly.

Then I remembered watching baseball.

And James, Laurent, Victoria...

The blood + glass + mirrors + broken bones + hospital + death = Phoenix, Arizona.

My heart sank as I neared the part of when Edward left me, but rose when I thought of when I first met Jake, but once again sank when I left him for Edward.

Wrong move sucker!

Or as Jake would say ‘Blood Sucker!'

Then I thought of Jake almost made me thrown up my blood.

He was a wolf and now even the thought of a wolf made me want to-

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a sound.

Tires. About half way down the street. I ran out to the edge of the forest, to where I was still hidden. I could see Karmen in the front seat so I walked up to the pavement.

She stopped right in front of me in a shiny black BMW.

"Nice." I complimented.

"Thanks. And there is some clothes in the back seat. So crawl back there and change. And as for money, we will have to find a job, which can't be too hard."


I sat on the plane for x amount of hours.

I didn't really count.

All that I thought was: my angel is dead.

But then I thought, she wouldn't want me to slouch around and be all depressed, but that can wait until I see her grave stone. Until I see for myself.

When the plane landed I was so glad that I was in first class, otherwise, at the pace all these people were going I probably would have broken a hole in the side of the plane. I would have revealed myself to the world.

The world seemed so much darker.

I walked to Charlie's house.

Knock, knock.

"Hello?" said a gruff voice through the door.

"Chief Swan?" I asked confused.

"Yeah that's me." He said opening the door slowly. "EDWARD!" he growled. "Where is my daughter! What did you do to her body!?"

"Please, please, believe me. Chief Swan. I just got back into town. And when I heard the news wanted to see if you were okay."

"If I'm okay? If I'm OKAY!" he yelled. Tears streaked down hiss face and he looked as if he was going to hit me, but he just fell into my arms.

I held him up and slowly rubbed circles on his back.

"I'm so sorry Charlie, I now how you feel."

"No you DON'T!" he yelled into my chest.

"Charlie. Let me take you to the couch." He nodded into my shirt.

I walked him, supporting most of his weight, which wasn't much. He must be loosing weight. And then I sat him down on the couch.

"What happened?" I asked slowly.

"She was at your house from all I knew, but when Alice came her looking for her. She said that they we just on a walk and then one moment Bella was there, and the ext she wasn't. We have had the whole La Push/ Sam Uley Crew, searching all of the forests. It's been 3 days. 3 DAYS! And I haven't seen her."

By now my eyes were full of fake tears.

Oh, how I wished I could cry.

Carlisle said that female vampires can cry, but that there is something different in male vampires, that we can't cry.


This is just a song that our characters are feeling for each other.


It's been five months
since you went away
Left without a word,
nothing to say(nothin to say)
When I was the one,
who gave you my heart and soul,
but it wasn't good enough for you
So I asked God


God send me an Angel
from the Heavens above
Send me an Angel to heal my broken heart,
From being in love,
'cause all I dooo...is cry(is cry)
God send me an Angel
to wipe the tears from my eyes

And I know I might sound crazy,
but after all that I still loved you.
You wanna come back in my life,
but now theres something I have to do.
I have to tell the one that I once adored,
that they cant have my love no more,
My heart cant take no more lies,
and my eyes are all out of cries

repeat chorus:

Now you had me on my knees
Begging God please
to send you back to me
I couldn't eat
I couldn't sleep
You even made me feel like I could not breathe
one night all I wanted to do
was feel your touch
and to give you all of my love
but you took my love for granted
want my lovin now
but you cant have little

repeat chorus

Ohhhh God!

Send me an Angel(send me an angel)
An Aaaaaaaaaaaangel!
Wipe the tears from my eyes
God send me an Angel from the Heavens above
Send me an Angel(to heal my broken heart)
God send me an Angel
from being in love
seeend meeeeeee(an Annnnnngel)
ohh God!
send me an Angel
send me(an Angel)
(an Angel)