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The Difference of Death and Life

Originally called Love and Death or Hate and Life What happens when Edward is faced with a decission he has to make? A past love comes back for Edward, but he doesn't share the same feelings with her as he does with Bella. Will he leave her again, for her safety? Or will he stay with her and risk her life?


2. Choices for Edward

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I ran out of the house. I didn’t want to put up with Esme’s yelling at me for hitting Emmett or breaking her new glass table.I quickly replayed Alice’s vision in my head.


There was no sun out. Very gray, very bland. And there I stood. Where I was, could not be deciphered. But I was not alone. To my left stood was a very gloom looking Emmet and Jasper. We were all wearing suits. And to my right, stood Carlisle who was also in a suit.

And next to Carlisle, was Esme, Alice, and Rosalie. Why is everyone so sad and where is Bella?

Then out of nowhere a piano started playing the wedding march. Of course.Bella was the bride.


There walking down the aisle was Victoria. Not only was Victoria there. She was the one wearing a white dress. The ONLY one wearing a white dress. She was smiling at someone. The only one that smiled back was me. What?

She slowly walked up the aisle in a dress trimmed with a red silky fabric that went with her red hair. Her arms bare the only thing in them was her bouquet and Elizabeth Mansen’s ring… on her third finger… on her left hand.

Then everything went black


A) I would like to know WHO was planning this. Though I have a pretty good idea who.

B) This is never going to happen. NEVER!

And C) If it does, what will become of Bella?

OH GOD! I can’t even imagine. Well I can, after that dog filled me in after my first (and last) attempt to leave her. She was a zombie. But back on topic; Victoria. Damn…she did look fine in that dress.

“WAIT! WHOA! Ew. Victoria is so 1955. Never again.” I said, scolding myself.

“Don’t be so sure Eddie.” Said that seductive voice from both the heavens and hell.

“Victoria.” I growled.

“Oh, Eddie, don’t rude. Or a party pooper. And boy, am I having a party.”“What the hell do you want Victoria?”

“Well, now that you ask. There are a lot of things I want.” Like my mate, she thought.

“Why do you need me?”

“If you don’t remember; you killed my most recent mate. So I am deciding to go back to my previous one.” A ‘Greek God’ as he is currently called.

“No. Victoria.”

“Yes. Eddie.”

“That was 1955. Over 50 years ago.”

“Don’t you remember all the fun times? All those days, all those nights?” She added with a little more longing.

“Yes Victoria, I do remember. That was my PAST. And that’s where it’s staying.”

“Imagine what you can do with me, that you can’t with her. AND you won’t even have to change her. AND I won’t have to kill her. Either way I WILL get you back. Whether Bella is dead or not.”That made me growl.

“Victoria, when I told you we were over in 1955, I meant its over. Forever.”

“Don’t be so sure. You saw little Alice’s vision. AND that pathetic little human won’t have to be protected ALL the time. You won’t have to watch me constantly. I’m a big girl, and I do big girl things.” She said walking closer to me.

I started to back up until my back hit a tree. She continued to advance me. When she was close enough she ran her hand down my chest and down to the buckle of my belt. I pulled myself away far way from her. “Eddie. Just make the right decision, or you won't be the only one paying. Come back to me. You know you love me.”

“NO! I love Bella.”

“UGH! Do you really want me to kill her? Cause I will and you will be mine Edward Cullen!”

Then she was gone.

“Shit!” I muttered under my breath. She wanted me to chose between life and death. Love and hate. Shall I chose Love and Death Or Hate and Life ?


“Come on, dear.” Esme said gesturing me to follow her. We walked out to the backyard. “I have wanted to talk to you for a while.”

“Oh. About what?” I said tilting my head slightly.

“About you and Edward. I know that you to are in love and all, but I still want to know.” She took a long dramatic pause. I nodded to her encouragingly.

She smiled and continued, “I am not sure if you two were planning on moving out. Edward always has wanted to be alone, and I was just wondering if that was your plan. Or what exactly is your plan?”

“Oh… Umm… I don’t really know. We haven’t really talked about it.” I wasn’t expecting her to ask THAT question.

“Well I know that Carlisle and I would be more than happy if you two stayed, but we would completely understand if not.”

Then out of nowhere I felt two cold, stone arms encircle my waist. I involuntarily shivered.

“I don’t think we have talked about that topic.” He said. I turned to face him. His eyes a light topaz and the purple circles were gone from under his eyes. His eyes, like liquid topaz, were pouring into mine, leaving me speechless.

“Would you like to talk on the topic?” he whispered velvety in my ear, though it sounded forced. I looked over my shoulder to see that Esme was gone, probably giving us some privacy. “Or would you rather…” he asked me slightly lifting up my shirt.

“Edward!” I said slapping his hand and tried to back away from him, but was unsuccessful in my attempt. What was he doing? He laughed. “Edward, let go of me.”

“NO! You’re just too tempting.” He said trying to lift up my shirt again. “Too tempting for your own good.” He added quietly, running his nose across my collarbone.

“Edward! STOP!” I said pushing my hardest against his chest.

“Don’t make me hurt you.” He whispered pulling me closer to his chest, his eyes slightly darkening.

“Excuse me?” I asked getting angry. “Who are you? And what have you done with Edward?”

“I am your fiancée, I want you. All of you.” I tried to push away from him again. His hand just moved to my butt and pulled me closer to him. This was starting to make me feel uncomfortable

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

I continued to try and push him away. “Ugh!” he groaned, throwing me over his shoulder, starting to head over to the edge of the forest. I was already surrounded by the darkness of the trees, before I realized what was even going on.