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The Difference of Death and Life

Originally called Love and Death or Hate and Life What happens when Edward is faced with a decission he has to make? A past love comes back for Edward, but he doesn't share the same feelings with her as he does with Bella. Will he leave her again, for her safety? Or will he stay with her and risk her life?


3. I will. Always love. You.

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“Put me down!” I yelled as he started to go faster and faster.

“I think that will be unnecessary until we reach our destination.”

“Where are you taking me?” I asked starting to get mad.

“You will see when we get there.” We ran for a good 10 more minutes. I had no clue where we were. When he finally stopped we were at a lake.

“Where are we?” I asked a little dazed by the beauty of the lake. His arms circled my waits slowly, and he pulled me down to the ground.

“Edward? What are we doing here?”

“Fate must really be trying to push us to our limits.” He said slowly, repeating my words from earlier this morning.

“What does that have anything to do with being here.” I said gesturing to the lake.

“Well ever since those dogs found the meadow they have been in and out of there quiet frequently, and we needed a new ‘Just Me and You’ place. And I just found this place not 20 minutes ago, and I wanted your opinion.”

“Well, it’s beautiful. Now will you tell me what Alice saw in her vision?”


“No.” I said to Bella.

“Edward.” She said in a stern voice, looking up in to my eyes.

“Bella.” I said looking away, to avoid her precious orbs for eyes.

“I am really starting to get frustrated with you.” She said moving away from me. I felt my eyebrows furrow.

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me. I-am-getting-frustrated-with-you.” She spelled out.

“No. I got that, but how?” I asked bewildered.

“You won’t tell me what the vision was -and apparently it was bad if you actually hit Emmett- and you were trying to take off my shirt back at your house. And you’re just… UGH!”

“Bella, I don’t want you to get hurt. That is why I won’t tell you. And, you’re WAY too irresistible sometimes. I couldn’t control myself.” I said hanging my head in shame. “I am truly sorry.”

She nodded. I pulled her closer to me slowly. At first she tensed but relaxed when she was in my lap.

I kissed behind her right ear lobe. Her scent was heavy there. I inhaled deeply; savoring the moment. “I love you.” I whispered blowing my icy breath up and down her neck. She shivered slightly.

“I will… always love… you.” She said a little jumbled. I smiled for distracting her.

She turned her head so she looked at me straight on. At first she was smiling, and then her eyes were full of worry. I noticed her eyes darted from over my shoulder to my eyes. I looked at her confused, but didn’t really want to know what ruined our moment. Again. That’s when it hit me.

That’s when I smelt the seductively sweet scent. Not a scent a wanted to smell. Especially not with Bella was around.

I turned my head to see Victoria walking slowly towards us.

Hey Eddie, she thought.

I growled loudly as I stood and crouched protectively in front of Bella.

I’ll take it that you didn’t tell her I was here yet, or our plans.

“Edward…” Bella whispered.I looked at her. She was shaking slightly. “What are we going to do?” she whispered hardly loud enough for even me to hear. I just smiled and winked at her. She froze. I realized why when I turned around and found Victoria inches away from me.