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Death Do Us A Reunion

I have decided to write a series of events that would convey Bella's transformation to a vampire. I know it's not well written and creative, but bear with me for this is my very first ever story. Yay! I hope this series will be as enjoyable as an electrifying song with a perfect set of lyrics and a full pack headbanging melody. Haha, i don't guarantee that, but please do read it=]


2. Part 1

Rating 5/5   Word Count 627   Review this Chapter

The days are dragging more than usual, becoming excruciating with each second, how I can keep on going is beyond my reach. I sat myself carefully on the seat of my truck, trying to hold myself together. I started the car, and headed towards the last place I saw Him. For the first few months the meadow was unbearable, but losing that memory of Him was even more unbearable. I had to keep reliving the moments that made Him real, for they were the factual pieces of my being. My reality was molded around Him, and grasping His existence once we parted made me realistic, but now there is barely anything left of me. I am but a single stigma, left from the brutal separation from the love of my life. And so, I have been damned, waiting and hoping that one day I will find Him at the meadow.

A year has passed, and I failed to see any signs of Him. “He was never coming back” replayed in my head, fading my faith. His angelic face, His cold touch, His velvet voice were merely a trace left behind in my mind. Not too long, and my memory of Him will be as lost as I am in this world. The pursuit to end my life was as strong as ever. I had not planned on how exactly, but I knew that I could not keep on living.

My truck skid uncontrollably as the wind grew stronger. The pouring rain spattered against the window, muffling the ache in my heart, comforting me. “Bella, honey, be careful.” I jolted upright, my eyes bulging out of its sockets. It’s Him. His soothing voice was as clear as it has ever been, as if he was right next to me. My head got heavier, and a sharp pain tugged heavily at my chest. I pulled up my knees, protecting my heart, and embracing my legs with my arms, holding my bowed head. My warm tears stung my face, seeping through my skin, into my pores, so that my whole body was weeping. I let out a deep sigh, and could not control it anymore, I let myself go, sobbing the past months that I had kept inside. “My Bella, I need you to take hold of the wheel. Now Bella. Please, don’t be upset.”

I wrapped myself tighter, shrinking inside my jacket. I smiled to myself, lingering in my newfound bliss. I haven’t been happy in a long while that the feeling was new and awkward. I felt giddy, ecstasy devouring me as I screamed at the top of my lungs. The feeling was glorious, contagious, I couldn’t fathom it. “Please, Bella. Please, don’t do this. I love you.” Tears responsively streamed down my face. “This is it…Farewell my love.” I knew I was ready. The truck mumbled beneath me, shivering as if it was scared. Suddenly, I was shaking hysterically, sending me flying around the inside of the truck. I looked up, and met the glistening shattered glass. A shot of pain went through me as it slivered my neck, knocking me forward. My body was throbbing with pain, telling me that the end was near. My back slammed against the dashboard, my legs bent towards the driver’s seat, the roof had pinned me down. I was getting weaker by each gasp, and then my breathing ended as I closed my eyes.

A white figure swiftly emerged ahead, I relaxed as I found out that it was Him, my Edward. His torn gorgeous face appeared, with tears flowing from his delicate cheeks, his cold strong arms slipped around me. “I love you my angel.” I smiled and whispered, “So this is heaven.”