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Death Do Us A Reunion

I have decided to write a series of events that would convey Bella's transformation to a vampire. I know it's not well written and creative, but bear with me for this is my very first ever story. Yay! I hope this series will be as enjoyable as an electrifying song with a perfect set of lyrics and a full pack headbanging melody. Haha, i don't guarantee that, but please do read it=]


3. Part 2

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A cool touch lingered my neck
Piercing with two
I succumbed
Laid still in bewilderment
Until I was tarnished

He held my face into his soothing hands, then intertwining with my hair gently, slowly touching his lips upon mine, then down my neck. He carefully places me on his lap, and caresses my face with his hands, kissing me again. I hope this lasts forever.

Idiot, there is no forever with you, he took that away, don’t you remember? Instantly, everything vanishes. Just like that. Just like a black hole consuming everything except me, leaving me in profound loneliness…until I started to hurt.

“Edward? Edward?! Edward!!”

My eyes were forcefully sealed, making it impossible to open. The pain was unimaginable, flowing through every inch of my body. I screamed from distress, but no one came. Where was I? The heavens could not have rejected me, was this hell? Had my sins merged together, forming into one sick bastard of a demon? Consequently throwing me into the fires of hell, upon the burning hands of Satan? I shook my head vigorously. Nothing made any sense for the suffering was beyond compare.

I was suspended horizontally, both ends of my body pulled at opposite directions, tearing it in half. Every man’s agony combined into my individual defective operation. I was paralyzed in a severe surgery, where I felt every bit of torture, every inch of that blade cutting through me, every increment of that needle plowing into my skin. Each pulse intensified the pain. And I couldn’t do anything. I was helpless, abandoned, damned of all meaning I had.

My soul was unraveling around me, slowly drifting apart from my body. A sudden shot of electric pain sped across my chest, wringing my heart for everything it held. My deepest secrets, cherished memories, brilliant ideas gradually escaped my heart, and they became useless within my mind. What have I become?

I howled from the sharp pain, repeatedly begging for the agony to end. Instead the shrieking deepened the wounds, gnawing at my spirit. A strong compression seized me still, making it possible for a heavy weight to submerge inside me. I was shaking hysterically, fluid building in my throat, bubbling into the surface, like a rabid monster wanting to kill.

Once more, as instantly as it had started, the pain vanishes. A raspy feeling lunged around my neck, stirring in my throat. Rage and desperate pleads of console accompanied the feeling.

Then, the reason dawned on me, I became one of them, those gorgeous beings that loiter and live forever. A vampire. I previously decided to live that life to be with my loved one for eternity, but that reason was clouded with another desire. An unenviable lust for blood.

I can’t escape this hell,
So many times I’ve tried,
But I’m still caged inside,
Somebody get me through this nightmare,
I can’t control myself

So what if you can see,
The darker side of me,
No one will ever change this animal I have become
and we believe,
It’s not the real me,
Somebody help me tame this animal
This animal
This animal
-Three Days Grace