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Who Will Protect Me?

Jasmine never thought for a second that her life would have turned out like this. Or that she would be the only one able to save them. What if she falls in love? Can that destroy everything or Will it be the key to stopping the war?


2. Any Other Name Wouldn't Sound As Sweet.

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'Eww' Jasmine thought to herself, 'How can this place possibly be so..so..GREEN!' her beligerant thoughts continued in a not-so-friendly fashion.

She had just been forced out of a state she loved, where the pines we a-plenty and the hicks ran free--'Hey, a 'mainer' has to have some pride!' she thought bitterly to the non-existent person mocking her in her head.Granted, Maine was a very green state, but at least the mossy, swamp monster appearance was held at a minimum.

She wasn't exactly...happy when her mother told her that they were moving to Forks..the thought of moving to a place named after a eating utensil was simply absurd to her. A thought which she made known to her mother, who proceeded to give her the most awkward look in existence.

Her mother, Aida, was a major fan of moving to places that conviniently.. had never been heard of. I mean, honestly--Who's ever heard of Belfast, Maine before?

None the less, in all the 17 odd years of Jasmine's life she had moved a grand total of 9 times. Each of those times to a more secluded, Texas-Chainsaw-Masscre;Wanna-Pee-Yourself towns than the one previous..

Throughout the duration of Jaz's bitter thoughts she didn't notice that the car had stopped and been shut off. All of their belongings had been moved and set up the week previous so the car only contained a few mandatory things that couldn't be moved before hand.

As she looked up, her eyes set upon a two-story colonial home. 'quaint, and oddly adorable' were the first thoughts that reached her muddled brain. To her sheer excitement, the home was bubblegum pink with white shutters. Had her father still been alive, the only word that would've come to his mind would have been 'French'. She giggled quietly at the thought and proceeded to walk into the place she would now call home--Until her mother decided to move again, that is.

Her room was basic, white carpet, full sized bed, a desk with her laptop already on it and shelves already adorned with her favorite books.

As she walked into her bathroom she was appalled to see that her mother-she was the only one that would have done such an evil thing!-had decorated the aforementioned room to the brim with ducks.. Squinty eyed yellow ones at that! glaring at her mortal enemies, she silently cursed her mother for being such a pest. This would have to be changed when she went to the nearest shopping mall. "Where ever the hell that is!" she murmered quietly to herself.

Before leaving the evil place where she was supposed to have sanctuary, she glanced upon the full length mirror that mocked her being. To others her pale skin, elbow length, auburn hair and emerald eyes were astounding. To her, she was plain. She stood barely above legal dwarfish height at around 5'2. Her body was slim, and toned, but of course being Jasmine, she'd always find some imperfection in her appearance.

Feeling herself getting frustrated at her self-induced sorrow she left the bathroom in a huff, mind strewn with thoughts of evil ducks dressed in black capes and something to do with Barney the dinosaur... let's not go there..

The rest of the unpacking was uneventful and she soon found herself lying in bed, listening to the rain

pitter patter against the roof. 'I can definately get used to the rain' Jasmine thought peacefully and drifted off to a deep slumber.

Tomorrow was her first day of school at Forks High, and the end of her life as she knew it.

Goodbye Simplicity.

Hello, Cullens?