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Who Will Protect Me?

Jasmine never thought for a second that her life would have turned out like this. Or that she would be the only one able to save them. What if she falls in love? Can that destroy everything or Will it be the key to stopping the war?


3. The Prophecy.

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Clutching her pillow, Jamine made a futile attempt to go back to sleep. Her mothers incessant rapping at the door wasn't helping in the slightest.

"Honey, it's time to wake up! You don't want to miss your first day of school, do you?" her mother said, still happily pounding on her door.

"Okay, mom, Okay. I'm up! Need. Coffee. Now." Jas gritted through her teeth.

She wasn't a morning person, one could say. Until she got her morning dose of caffeine, she was either in total-zombie mode or I'll-bite-off-your-face-if-you-talk-to-me-mode. Today was most definately the latter of the choices.

Running downstairs to grab her steaming cup of 'happy', Jas made an attempt to get ready for the day ahead.

After she was showered and dressed, choosing a pair of distresssed jeans and a screened T that screamed 'Bite Me' in bloody writing, she ran back down the stairs, grabbed her car keys, and made her way to her new personal hell.

Arriving in the parking lot, she concluded that Forks High was even smaller than the last 'prison' she attended. She wasn't disappointed with this though, her social skills were never exactly up to par.

Finding an empty parking space, she now scurried her way to the front office through the rain. 'I guess I better get used to all this muck.' Jas thought as she stepped into a rather large, muddy puddle.

She arrived into the office and got her schedule for her classes with no difficulty, the woman, however, looked at her like she was growing some extra limbs. Apparently they didn't receive many transfers?


Morning classes proved to be especially boring, other than the fact that everyone was staring at her like she sprouting various body parts. Her first period English teacher, Mr. Barrington, had the most ridiculous monotone voice in the history.. of Ridiculous Monotone voices. So much for her favorite subject..--Chemistry was even worse, seeing as her teacher didn't get the memo that Jasmine..and chemicals, didn't mix. Well, they did, and that was the problem. After causing a rather embarassing explosion that had everyone running out of the room, Jasmine finally found herself walking to lunch. After denying several seating offers she walked over to a deserted table, relishing in simply being alone..well, as alone as one can be with about 200 students staring at you..

That's when it happened.

She looked over to the far end of the lunch room. Six of them were sitting there. Three males; all pale-faced and ridiculously good looking, and three females; two of which held the pale skin tone, and one that was an unnatural shade of red-Blushing. Cute.

She felt a sort of pull to them, like a nagging anchor-like feeling in her belly.

That's when it all came crashing down.

The topaz-eyed, bronze haired, more boy-ish looking guy glanced at her curiously.

Everything stopped; literally.

Sunddenly Jasmine was thrown into a memory of sorts, like an treasure box that someone finally picked the lock to.

The sky was colored with luminous reds and purples, it danced with a certain omnious joy that was only known to itself.

The Girl sat there cross legged, her face laced with confusion, her glorious black wings-- which appeared to be too heavy for her petite body, were fully expanded, shining with content. There was a certain era of strength around her, as though she held an extensive amount of power.

And she did.

Before The Girl sat a man with Topaz eyes.

"You do not yet know what you are?" He asked rather too sternly for her liking.

"I do not" she replied, "But I feel as though I should, like it's something I've always known."

"That is correct" he inquired "Once you find the Chosen, everything that evades you, will become known. For you were born to be here. You were born to Protect the Chosen. Your powers will come naturally to you and your love for your 'Family' will be unconditional. Be wise, for your emotions could prove to be your end. And mine as well...." his voice drifted off, with his body. Briefly touching her hand before he became air.


That's what she felt. Somehow during her road down subconscious memory lane, she had ended up before the table of Pale Skins.

They looked intensely rigid, as though they were scared of her, yet unsure if this was actually happening.

'Cold' she thought again.

That's when she knew. She need to touch them. Tentatively looking at Mr.Bronze hair. She pleaded silently that he would trust her.

A look of confusion ran across his face before he seemed to get her point somehow and relaxed.

Reaching out her hand, she waited for him to reach the distance to her fingertips. The second they connected, an electric shock and force that knocked everyone out of their seats [or the ground, in her case] went through the whole family, including the one who seemed to blush alot.

Everyone rushed back to their feet, dusting themselves off, regaining their composure until they saw..

Jasmine stood there, you could literally see the power swirling around her in ribbons of color, they evaporated into her skin and she was left with magnificent black wings. Her eyes finally fell back towards the Family.

'This is going to be one interesting day'she thought to herself.