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Who Will Protect Me?

Jasmine never thought for a second that her life would have turned out like this. Or that she would be the only one able to save them. What if she falls in love? Can that destroy everything or Will it be the key to stopping the war?


4. Well, Gee--Isn't he Cute!

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After a rather nerve wracking staring contest Jasmine decided to break the silence.

"We should probably get out of here..I don't really know how Forks runs, but i'm assuming they don't see girls sprouting wings everyday.."

"Nor do they see people suddenly disappear" retorted a short, pixie-like girl.

Suddenly another figure came into view. He was tall, maybe 6'4, and lanky, his chin-length hair was straight and black.. All in all he was absolutely gorgeous.

"I think I can deal with that, Alice" the boy suddenly said. "They won't even know you were in here, just go before they 'magically' unfreeze. Take her to Carlisle, I'll be at the house in twenty." He was very assertive..

The pixie girl, now known as Alice nodded and started to walk out of the cafeteria, we all followed.


As she left the caffeteria, everyone unfroze, leaving the remaining boy slightly confused, but confusion was soon forgotten with the remaining task at hand. Erasing the memories of the students about the cullens and the mysterious new girl being in lunch that day.


We walked to a silver shiny car, my Outback being completely forgotten. As though he knew what I was thinking the Bronze haired vampire assured me that someone would pick it up later and mentioned that we needed to figure out a way to get me and my newly aquainted wings into the car, without being seen.

As though instinct kicked in, I tried to will my wings back inside of me. My eyes snapped open when I heard a collective group gasp.

"How did you do that?" this came from the huge, bulky vampire who now looked incredulous.

"Umm," I looked around looking a bit uncomfortable "I kind of just thought about them going back into my back, I guess.."

They all looked confused, but apparently decided to keep the interrogation for later.

As we got into the car and started to drive off I looked down and decided to ask the question that had been nagging me since the caffeteria

"This is kind of an odd question," I murmured "since I'm driving off to who-knows-where with you all..but..uhh.. do you guys have names? Of course, I could just keep calling you Unbelieveably, gorgeous pale vampires...but--" I realized I was blabbering once I looked up to find very amused vampires looking as though I was crazy.

"She's almost as funny as Bella" cried the burly one

Alice took that moment to smack him and interrupt.

"I'm Alice, as I think you heard, and this-" she pointed to everyone with the mentioning of the names, "-is Emmet, Rosalie, Bella, Edward, and Jasper."

I nodded thankfully to her and countered with "My names Jasmine..you can call me Jas if you wish though."

I had to admit, I felt really ridiculous at this point.

First of all, I was in a car with a bunch of Vampires after somehow freezing the entire student body and having a 'vision' of sorts..which told me I was supposed to know what was going on and I still had no clue. I made a mental note to tell my mind to take a breather and cease with the mental run-on sentences.

This elicited a giggle..yes, a giggle from Edward, whom I just looked at like he was crazy.

"Hey," he shrugged "It's not MY fault you talk to your own head."

I looked at him completely shocked.

He knows what I'm thinking! If ones brain could physically shake from terror, that's what it would be doing right now.

Which elicited another rather annoying giggle for the Oh-So-Pretty-Vampire-Boy.

"Pretty boy" I mumbled angrily trying to think of some insult amidst my utter terror. This time, however, everyone laughed which made me groan and slump down in my seat.

During the rest of car ride it was mostly silence, I looked out the window the whole time, trying to build a mental brick barrier againt my thoughts..which just made my head hurt. After giving up with barrier my thoughts led to how natural this all seemed. Like I was supposed to be here from the beginning. I mean...how often does anyone find themselves in cars with vampires I sighed, mentally preparing myself for the rest of the day.

We finally pulled into a long driveway and drove until we got to possibly one of the biggest houses I'd ever seen.

I sighed heavily this time, knowing that any semblance of peace I had in the car was about to be torn away.