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Who Will Protect Me?

Jasmine never thought for a second that her life would have turned out like this. Or that she would be the only one able to save them. What if she falls in love? Can that destroy everything or Will it be the key to stopping the war?


5. I Wish I May.

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[Jasmine POV]

I stepped out of the car. Millions of thoughts were rushing through my head all at once. I was confused because all of this felt so right. Yet, I still didn‘t know why. .

I followed everyone into the gigantic house where they all proceeded to sit on several couches and stare at me. After a few moments of this I finally tweaked.

" I get that I'm fantastic and all, but can you all either say something or stop staring at me? Or maybe perhaps tell me why we came here? Or maybe why-"

"Do you always ramble like that?" said an amused Jasper.

I looked up to see very amused vampires and glared at Jasper.

"Only when I don't know what the hell is going on..." I was starting to get very irritated now.

"Well then I guess it's a good thing I arrived then." This came from a vampire I hadn't met yet. He walked over to me and introduced himself, " Carlisle Cullen." he said politely "And I think I may be able to settle some of your confusion, but I'd like to wait for Max to get here. He should be arriving shortly."

Max. That must be the ridiculously good looking guy in the cafeteria.

I kind of just stood there in thought , staring into space somewhere when I heard someone cough.

This came from Jasper.

"You can sit, you know.." This elicited a giggle-like noise from Edward. Damn, he really giggles alot..I wonder if he's gay... Not that that's bad or anything..

I looked back to Edward who had a look of pure horror on his face.

"I'm not gay!" he huffed and then decided to pout.

Everyone in the room looked at him like he was crazy, and I stared at him from my newly acquired seat in shock.

"How did... this is.. I just.. You giggle..and It's.. Oh Shirley Temple!"

" I thought you figured that out on the car ride!"

"Yeah, well I didn't realize that it was quite so .. .. Oh, I give up! It's creepy, I don't like it!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

He smirked and did the same.

It was my turn to huff and pout, but before it could really make it's effect Mr. Gorgeous walked into the house.

"I'm glad you finally arrived, Max." Carlisle greeted him in a slightly mocking tone.

" I try." he simply said, fully aware that he didn't make any sense.

"Well, now that you've arrived, I think it's time to tell you all what's going on." He motioned for Max to sit down next to me. He gave me a small smile as he did so and then proceeded to wait for Carlisle to continue.

"I believe I should start from the beginning," Carlisle then decided to take a seat as well. " I knew a vampire, a very long time ago, long before I even changed Edward. He called himself the Prophet. He had a very unusual gift. Much like Alice," He directed this towards the family mostly, since I knew nothing of their gifts yet.. well, expect for Mr. Annoying-Mind-Reader-Who-Was-Smirking-At-Me. I glared and tuned back to Carlisle. " He could tell the future, but to a much greater degree. He could tell what was to come of our kind. The vampires. He told me of a girl-A young woman that would greatly impact our kind. He said that she would be the Protector of our kind-Of my family. That's when I came out of my depression of being what I was. The knowledge of someday having a family helped me live, or whatever it was I was doing." He smiled at his family, his love and joy towards them was a bit overwhelming.

" He never told me when she would arrive, simply that I would know when the time was come. She would be the essential part to us winning a war of sorts. He never said against who, simply that though she was only to protect us directly, the whole existence of our kind would depend on her succeeding. " I looked at him shocked.

I was supposed to protect all of the vampires everywhere somehow? I looked at Carlisle confused.

"But how? The only interesting thing that's really happened in my life is having these furry things come out of my back.." I pointed to my back, mentioning my wings.

Carlisle smiled at me. "Jasmine, you will undergo some changes in the next few days. They will be excruciatingly painful. With each time this happens, you will gain a new power. You see, you were born part vampire, so your blood does not appeal us, but you're still a human technically. You will, however, begin to look like us eventually. As a sort of tie to our family. Speaking of which.. I think I should begin to explain the full extent of your powers, Jasmine." He said this very carefully, as to say that this was a crucial part of.. well, everything.

"We are tied to one another, as I believe you all can feel. Even Bella somehow, I'm not sure how exactly, but we'll deal with that in time. You will become extraordinarily powerful, Jasmine. You will have every power known to Vampires. Which is why your changes will be painful, you will be receiving great amounts of powers with each time it happens. Even right now, your power is beyond anything that exists. You're indestructible essentially, nothing can kill you."

Everyone looked at me in awe. Hey, even I looked at myself in awe.

Indestructible? That's...pretty effing sweet.

"But we can be. Jasmine, now that we are tied as a family. If one of us gets injured, you will be injured as well. If one of us is killed...you will also die. If you die, we all will die. This is why your power will be so great, because you're the very reason vampires will be able to survive. I don't know how exactly, I just know what he told me. He was a very cryptic guy, must have had something to do with his age. It annoyed the hell out of me, I must say."

I kind of just blinked at him, a bit confused on how he made such a dramatic topic change.

Apparently everyone was thinking along the same lines as me, because everyone else had the same blank expressions on their faces.

"Wow." I managed to get out.

"Yeah.." This came from Bella, who looked a bit faint.

I needed some time to process this, a topic change was needed.

"So.." I began, " Do you all mind telling me your powers? I'd like to know a bit more about you."

Carlisle nodded, but it was Jasper who spoke up.

"Everyone had a trait in their human life that was very prominent, and it was brought over to when they were turned. I was very persuasive as a human, so I can now feel and alter the emotions of the people around me. Edward was very good at reading people, and now can literally read minds. Rosalie brought over her beauty, Esme-her ability to love, Alice is able to see the future, Emmett is super strong, and Carlisle brought over his compassion."

"I see." I muttered "So, Bella.. is a human?"

"Yes," Edward responded which received a glare from Bella.

"Yes, I am. I can also answer questions, much to Eddie's disbelief." She smiled sweetly at him, and I just giggled.

"Who's the giggle-y one now!" Edward glared.

I just stuck out my tongue.

"You two are acting like two year olds" Esme piped in.

We both smiled.

My face regained some of it's serious tone. "So.. my wings.." I looked a little confused. "I .. can fly?"

"One would assume such, Miss. Giggles." Edward was such a dork. I ignored him and looked to Carlisle.

"I believe so." he responded. I tried concentrating on them again like before. Only mentally seeing them unfold out of my back this time. As I heard another collected gasp, I figured I had accomplished my task.

I looked over my should to see them. They were beautiful. I lightly touched one of them and was met with what felt like a soft stone. Make sense? Yeah, didn't think so, but somehow it did..

I began to formulate an amazing idea and then smiled sweetly at my family. They all took a moment to look confused, then it turned to sheer terror for some of them.

"So, who wants to fly first" I cried with sheer delight.

I gave Edward a look of challenge.

Scared, Nancy boy?