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We Love Jacob!!!

A little tribute to all the Jacob lovers out there!!!

Blondie and Fish please don't take this off cause believe it or not there ARE people who know Jacob is good!

1. Chapter 1

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Even though you kissed Bella and Edward is the one she truly belongs with and sometimes we think you can be a jerk... WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

We love the way you are always warm when we hug you, like a blanket over you on a cold night.

We love the way you protected Bella when Edward left her, keeping her even the least bit sane.

We love when you morph into a wolf, all cute and cuddly!!

We love how tall you are. It makes us seems not as tall. And for the some of us who are short, he is all protective and stuff.

We like the way you never wear a shirt. Your abs are SO HOT!!!!!

We like when you traded a box of hearts for eternal servitude!!! Would you do that for us if you read our heartfelt letter?

We love the way you DON'T LIKE MIKE NEWTON!!!!!!!! (but does anyone?)

We like when Jacob haters get all mad that we like Jacob and start shouting nonsense about him being mean to Bella, when inside, we know that all of their talk is just bullshit and behind the black pit of a heart they have, there is a little love for Jacob stored away.

God, we just love you! In reality, who wouldn’t?

In all the words of Jacobs lovers combined...

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone who loves Jacob in the world plus maybe some of the people we know truly love Jacob and just want to keep it a secret.