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Young Carlisle

Carlisle as a young lad. Living with his father and enduring the fact that his father was a killer. Then one day, he became one himself.... Made by mee (Photo credit deviantart)
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So basically this is based on what Edward told Bella. Except this is in Carlisles view and it was at the time when he was still human. and of course credits to stephenie meyers the creator of Carlisle

1. No Escape

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My father was not the most likable man. Though he had his moments, he was usually very arrogant and rude. His obsessions of killing the evil was rubbing on me everyday and I am quite tired of it. He is the leader of a small hunting clan, and they have killed many innocent men, accusing them of being witches, werewolves, and vampires. At this very night, he is out with torches and stake in search of a vampire, leaving I his only son.

I sat by window, feeling the breeze slide through my hair, and I thought about my mother. She died giving birth to me, and as soon as I learned that, I have been living with survivors guilt. I strained my eyes, hoping to see my father a handsome man of his late forties. Though I knew he would not be in till morning, therefore I walked to my cot and as soon as I lay, sleep came upon me.

I awoke to the sound of a harsh cough and scratchy breathing. I sat up and found papa sitting were I sat the night before. His hair was thinning and he looked weak. I stood up and walked to him, then placed my hand at the small of his back.

"Are you alright father?" I asked as I patted him lightly,

"you were out quite late last night and that is not healthy for you. You are an old
man, you should stop what you are doing!" I scolded though with kindness and concern.

"That is what I wish to speak to you about my son, I-" he was cut short, interrupted by a round of uninvited coughing, then he continued after a whole sixty seconds,

"I... am putting you in my place. As of tonight you will be leading them Johnson and Dante and them men. You can and will do it Carlisle, this is within you."

He looked up at me. His blue eyes glistened, then a tear slid down to his chin.

"I will do as you ask father, I will not refuse your request," I replied as I helped him lay on his cot.

I watched him sleep, his chin was quivering from the cold air, and he would murmur things I did not understand. As I watched him, gray and old, I became determined to full fill the duty that has fallen upon me.

I walked out of our little house, made of bricks and inhaled the fresh air tasting the salty sea and wet grass. I strolled pass the small shops which were deserted of any on-lookers or salesmens, it was a Sunday. The church bell rang in the East, and a flock of birds swam through the air frightened of the sudden collisions of the two strong steels, painted in gold, shimmering in the sky, informing the folks of our village the time of prayer has arrived. I simply ignored it, I ignored the men and women passing by me, and the little children tugging on my sleeve, and the cry of a young child lost. I was lost myself, in my own thoughts, stressing about what father had told me early this morning.

The sun was peeking out of the clouds awaking from its sleep, and the purple look of the sky slowly turned to red, then orange then to its shining blue glory, with the suns strokes, making a majestic site of the skys. I wandered over to the tree where it created a shadow beneath it where I sat.

The grass beneath me was wet, and I recalled the words papa spoke to me early on. "... As of tonight you will be leading Dante and Johnson and them men..." What did he see in me as his son? Why did he place me in his place? Why not one of his men? And what did he mean when he said ".... This is within you Carlisle..." What is within me but an obedient young lad, who would do anything his father asked? What is within me but patience and a dream of entering the medical field? It made no sense, though nothing in the world does.

I sat there longing for an answer I knew I would never recieve. Looking up at the sky, I saw it was closing in to noon, so I headed back home. The streets were crowded now. Full of people from the four sacred walls, where they had their ritual. Many offered me ridicoulos clothing and such, and I refused all that was offered to me, though the prices were quite reasonable. I kept walking, hands in my pocket, and my eyes studying the ground. Though the ground was barely visible, feets of men, women, children, and animals covered every inch.

When I entered our house, I found father eating the porridge I had prepared for him and his beer sitting on his left. He nodded at my direction, then looked back down at his food.

"I think its best if you start gathering up your tools, torches and such for the hunt. And you might want to bring your wits as well" father directed not looking up.

"Alright, but why so early?"

"So you have many time to rest your muscles, you will need it I promise you,"

"I'll take your word father,"

He nodded then went out. I started preparing for the night, knowing there is no escape.