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Young Carlisle

Carlisle as a young lad. Living with his father and enduring the fact that his father was a killer. Then one day, he became one himself.... Made by mee (Photo credit deviantart)
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So basically this is based on what Edward told Bella. Except this is in Carlisles view and it was at the time when he was still human. and of course credits to stephenie meyers the creator of Carlisle

2. Monster

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We walked through a narrow alley. My lungs were filled with the thick stench of death which filled the night. There was no light, except from the flickering torches we held in our hands. I did not know where to lead these men, I had no idea where vampires hid at night. Nor did I know where the werewolves slept, or fed.

"Aye sir! There!" yelled Dante as he pointed past me, where a figure lay heaped on the ground.

A group of flies hovered over the body, as it lay unconscious its neck broken. Even though the man was dead, he was handsome. His black hair was full, and his skin was beautiful and healthy. That left me puzzled.

How could a man be dead, but still look so beautiful, I thought to myself.

"A dead man, most likely a robbery," I suggested

"No sir, is' wallet is full, nothin' missin' here,"

"May the God accept this man into his Kingdom, forgive him of his sins. Free this mans soul, oh mighty Father, Amen."

We walked on, stepping over the dead body. Then something or someone ran past me. I stopped where I stood, and looked for any signs of others, besides those whom stood behind me.

A scream from behind caught me off balance. It was high and thin, and full of pain. I turned around to find Johnson taking a hold of an elderly.

"What are you doing?" I asked Johnson, angry.

"He must be the killer! He is the only one here. We must rid of all evil in this world in this man here sir is one of them!"

"How are you so sure? That dead man must have been dead for quite awhile judging from those flies, enough time for the killer to run away!"

"Or hide sire, or to hide, we must take him and get him executed at once!"

"Aye! Aye!" the others agreed as they pulled and tugged on the old man.

e4I looked into his eyes and found innocence, and despair. I knew he wasn't the killer, though what could I do.

We walked on searching for what seemed like centuries. We pushed down gates, broke through doors, and carried barrels which the men thought were contaminated with "evil." Father was right, I needed all the strength I could scrape up. By the time I was home, my muscles were sore, and I was exhausted.

"Did you find evil to rid of Carlisle?" asked Father as he sat by the window,

"Yes father, one. Though I do not think he is any kind of a killer! He must have been just at the wrong place at the wrong-"

"Carlisle! Monsters are everywhere. They try to blend in with our kind and show the most innocence they can. You cannot trust them! When is he to be executed?"

"This noon father, right after lunch,"

"Then I will watch, my sons accomplishment."

I was not accomplished! It was no accomplishment! What is to happen at noon is nothing I am proud of, though to please my father has always been my goal. I am not going to watch the execution of the innocent, and I will find the real evil. The evil that not only put one man in death but two!

I decided to do it right at the execution. Of course, the killer would not watch the execution but hide, especially if surrounded by loads of the villagers.

I walked past all the men as they screamed "Burn him dead!" and "He belongs in hell!"

I walked back at the narrow corridor where we spotted the dead body, which was no longer there. I looked around for any evidence of struggle but no such evidence appeared.

A bright light shined, and it went as quickly as it came. I looked to my right where it had came from and I saw a shadow disappear past the building. I followed, though by the time I reached where the shadow was, the man or woman was nowhere in sight.

I stood there ready to put off that light, thinking it was probably just from exhaustion, when a man entered a house which has been empty for quite awhile. I waited there for the man to come out, though he never did. There was no sign of inhabitance in the house, no sign of movement.

It was well past noon, and the sun was ready to sleep once again. The sky was turning red, and the darkness was slowly creeping around me. I still sat there watching intently at the house, which seemed empty.

I felt a movement where the house was, and saw a man moving slowly towards me. His eyes were red and hungry, and his face showed no compassion. Then I realized this was the dead man we saw the night before. The man lying on the floor with his neck broken.

I stood and clutched the cross father gave me. He did not flinch, nor retreat, he kept coming. I was afraid, I had no tool with me. I left my knife at home, and I had no torch in my hand.

I took hold of a huge rock and ran towards the thing ready to smash its head. I lifted the rock and hit the thing with all my strength though it did nothing, the rock broke in half. Then a piercing scream aroused, from my very own lips. I felt a pain like no other on my right shoulder, and it traveled all through out my body.

"Help! Vampire! Vampire!" I cried, hoping to attract attention,

I heard a stampede of men approaching. Not wanting to spread the venom that has entered my veins, I ran to the forest and laid myself on the wet ground.The pain was throbbing all over my body. It was a terrible burning sensation. Fire spread all through out my right shoulder, down to my toes. I couldn't think right, I couldn't cry for help. The pain paralyzed my whole body.

After what seemed to be centuries, the pain lifted. My body was relaxed, and I could move again.

I walked over the near by stream to wash off my wound. When I looked down, I saw the reflection of a stranger. My blonde hair was still there, though it was fuller and healthier. My blue eyes were no longer blue but red. My skin was pale, translucent almost. I was beautiful, like the man whom I thought was dead. The monster that had bitten me.

What has happened to me? I've been transformed into that man.... that man with red eyes, and the face which had the desire to kill.... Why is my skin suddenly so pale, and why does it glisten in the sun? And my blue eyes has turned blood shot red. Oh God please help me.... What am I?

My stomach churned, I was hungry. Then I smelt a sweet aroma, and I wanted it. Then I realized it was human blood, I had the desire to kill and get my hands on those sweet, red, juice that smelled so nice.

No! What has happened to me.... Ive been turned into a....