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Young Carlisle

Carlisle as a young lad. Living with his father and enduring the fact that his father was a killer. Then one day, he became one himself.... Made by mee (Photo credit deviantart)
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So basically this is based on what Edward told Bella. Except this is in Carlisles view and it was at the time when he was still human. and of course credits to stephenie meyers the creator of Carlisle

4. The End

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I forced the dirt to lift off my ragged body. My posture was weak; I needed something to calm my pounding corpse. My nose flared when it sensed the aroma of blood. I felt it coming closer, and adrenaline rush ran through me.

I felt fear of the events that were about to unravel, of me killing something with my frail powers. I crouched down when I spotted the bear descending from the trees. It was a gargantuan bear, standing on its full height when his dotted eyes spotted me.

It happened so fast, it took me minutes to analyze what had happened. The bear was getting ready to pounce on my fragile body when I jumped on its back and found I had more strength than the ignorant creature. I sank my teeth into its neck and heaven flowed into my mouth, filling my empty veins. Though it wasn’t enough I needed more.

After countless victimized animals, I felt my strength reviving me. My reflection in the mirror was now a beautiful creature with topaz eyes.

I trained myself to only be tempted by animal blood, and to ignore the human blood. The two scents were easy to distinct from each other. Human blood had an iron scent to it, sweet and strong while animal blood was weak. It was a difficult task, though I knew I had to overcome my sweetest desire enable to hide the monster within me.

The time was hard to tell for as a vampire, time flies by like wind. It goes right past me, and I don’t take notice of it. After a long while, when I knew I was ready to go back to the world, I stepped out of the trees in which embraced my monster façade into the world I am most unwelcome.

I walked with caution, standing in the shadows to tame my flesh. I was naked as well, though I knew women wouldn’t mind if I walked past them.

The sweet scent of human blood left me drooling, though I controlled myself.

“Mind over matter” I told myself as I snatched a cloth from the woman.

She took no notice of me for my speed deceives the human eyes.

“The first place” I decided “to visit would be my father."

Though I had fear he was no longer living. I walked the familiar street, the street I had walked on after my father laid the job upon my shoulders many months or years ago.

The familiar house stood there made of bricks. It was worn out, It was apparent the house had not been cared for in awhile. To prevent heart break I turned away and headed for a place where I can take my strength to its advantage and save lives.

I entered the hospital, and the stench of blood gave me goose bumps. Though I knew this was the place I was meant to be. I knew the stars had laid this path for me and given me this strength to help their people. I walked on, knowing full well, all was right from then on. Then I had a feeling I would not be alone soon.