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Hey Kitty Kitty

What if kismet didn't happen so often for poor Bella? What if she never found those motorcycles, therefore never went down to Jacob Black? What if...there was someone else waiting for her? A twist on New Moon Chapter 4 is up

This is dedicated to my former kitty, M&M who is now...not mine. No, it didn't die, he just has a new home, lol.

3. Lovely Letters

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Creaking, the door opened slowly…

I knew I shouldn’t have come here. While my breaths came in short spurts, I looked around the once loved and cherished house. It hurt so much, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe.

“It has a certain charm.” My voice came ringing in my ears.

The house was empty, lost, forgotten. The beautiful, elegant furniture was gone. The wonderful kitchen was empty, the house was not a home, just… a house.

“Meow,” MnM hummed in my lap. Tears streamed down my face and I curled my fingers into my hair.

“I wish I hadn’t come,” I whispered. “Let’s go, MnM.”

The cat jumped out of my lap and ran up the stairs.

“Oh, MnM, please!” I begged it. “Fine, I’m leaving, you stay here.”

I waited for it to come back, but it didn’t. Of course not.

“NO ONE IS HERE!” I screamed, sobs racking throughout my body.

“You’re here now.”

For some reason, the voice did not scare me this time. It did not startle me, but it did make me cry more.

“Please, come back,” I begged. I didn’t know who I was begging to. Maybe MnM? Probably not. Maybe the beings that used to live here? Probably yes.

Can a cat scream? MnM loud screech came from upstairs and my body locked up and I ran up the stairs. The cat was everything to me at the moment, it was even worth coming closer and closer to his room.

“MnM?” I asked it, kneeling down and picking him up. I looked around me and shuddered.

“Alice’s room…” I whispered, touching the dark pink walls. A small smile touched my lips as I remembered how she dragged me here and dressed me up in ridiculous clothes and put make-up on me forcibly. It hurt to remember, but I could not stop myself. Jasper laughing silently as I pleaded him to make his wife stop.

“Did you know, Jasper and Alice flipped two hundred coins and Alice still got to paint the room pink?” I told MnM. He stared at me, then jumped into the open closet.

“MnM, no one is there!” I sighed and walked into the huge, scarily empty closet. Well, not completely empty.

The kitten was pawing at an envelope that sat on the ground in the middle of the closet.

“What is this?” I mumbled, picking up the envelope. When I turned it around, I gasped slightly.

Upon the envelope, were two lithe, cursive word that whispered familiarity into my nerves.

For Bella

My hands shook as I slowly glanced from the envelope to the cat, and back.

“She can see the future,” I found myself telling MnM for some reason. “She must’ve seen me coming back and you going to her closet or something.”

With my trembling fingers, I quickly sliced it open carefully and pulled out the light purple paper.

“Of course it’s girly. Alice is so funny,” I mumbled, unfolding the paper. I sat down and read, tears swimming into my eyes.

Oh Bella,

If you found this, then my vision came true and I must say how absolutely and definitely sorry I am. I promised him I wouldn’t interfere, but if you’re in my closet already, then I’m not
really interfering am I? I mean, we’ve all been hurriedly leaving Forks, and I just had to leave something for you. I saw the cat. It’s quite the adorable little thing.

Bella, if you find this, then I know how much you’re hurting without us there. I have to tell you the truth Bella, because without the truth, you’ll both suffer for the rest of your lives, and as your best friend and his sister, I can’t let that happen.

Bells? You promise you won’t hate me after this? And, you have to promise me you’ll believe me, because it so true.

He still loves you, Bella. He loves you more than himself, more than anything else in the entire world. He’s suffering more than you could possibly know. In every single one of my visions, he’s lonely and sobbing without real tears. It is our punishment that we can not sleep nor kill ourselves, and that is what has him over the edge.

I stopped reading because of my head was spinning around and around. Blackness was fading around me and I whimpered from the allusive pain. I had to keep reading though, who knows what else it might say?

I know it sounds unbelievable to you, mainly because he’s an excellent liar. He’s even fooled himself into thinking you won’t love him anymore if all of us leave you alone. But you do, right Bella? If my vision is right, then you love him even more then you did before.

I nodded, knowing that that was the reason I was getting my stupid allusions. The reason his voice kept coming back to me. I loved him even more, every single day, every single night that I suffered form the pain of losing him.

Listen to me, if you still love him, then you have to make him understand that he’s worth all the danger. That without him, you’re not okay at all, like he thinks. If you find me by yourself, then it won’t be my fault, and he won’t be able to blame me for anything. Find me, and we’ll help him. Please Bella, he’s my brother, and all of the rest of us want both of you back.

You can find me where he told you about. Denali. I can’t give you more information than that, or he’ll read my mind and kill me. You know that temper of his, huh? I’m thinking of the Korean Alphbet just to hide the fact that I’m writing this letter anyway. Not that he’s paying much attention to any of us at the moment. He’s such a pessimist.

Anyway, I have to go. I hate myself for putting you through this, but Jasper is already frowning at me for interfering. He says he’s
extremely sorry by the way. He’s so depressed all the time now. He thinks it’s all his fault, even though Edward told him it’s not.



P.S. Can I just ask why in the world you would name it MnM? He’s not even rainbow colored!

I laughed in spite of myself and read over the letter another ten times.

“Ha! I told you they were real,” I smiled down at MnM.

If MnM were a person, he would probably roll his eyes at me.

“Come on, MnM. We’re going on a little road trip.”