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And so the lion married the lamb...

Well, this is pretty much my version of Breaking Dawn. Thank-you to everyone who has already read this!=] Sorry I haven't written for awhile. I kinda have MAJOR writer's block. Feel free to send me some ideas though at fedup92@yahoo.com! This banner is made by the lovely IheartEdwardCullen.

I own none of the characters. They belong to Stephenie Meyer.

9. The world came crashing down around us...

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I slammed my foot on the gas trying to put as much space between me and the Cullen’s house as possible.

“Jake, Jake I love him. I always have. I love you too but, I always have loved him.”

Her voice rang through my head as I pushed the gas harder.

“You’re too good for me Jake, that’s the problem. I’m not good enough for you.”

Me, too good for her? If I wasn’t so pissed I would almost find that funny. I could see the outskirts of La Push. Home. I slowed once I got to my drive way. I hopped off my bike and pushed it into the garage. I just stood there. Ugh, too many memories. I turned towards my house but thought differently. I didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing when Bella was throwing her life away. I ended up walking along First Beach. I found our tree and sat down. So many memories on this tree. This is where Bella and I had our talk about vampires and werewolves. Before I thought it was real. Before I was one.

“Would you please quit moping around? It’s really annoying,” I didn’t have to turn around to know who it was: Leah.

“Leah, would you just go away? Please, I don’t want to be around anyone right now.”

“Why should I leave? You’re the one who wants to be alone.”

“Leah, I was here first. Ugh, forget it,” I pushed off the tree and stomped into the forest. I pulled off my shirt, not wanting to be human right now. I was so angry I didn’t have to think, it just happened. I was running on two legs and then I was on four. I was vaguely reminded of when I first got the invitation. But, this was worse. She was gone. There was nothing to fight for. In a matter of days she would officially be my enemy.

I pushed myself further. Further away from La Push. Further from Forks. Further from the people I loved. Further from the people I hated. I just wanted it all gone, and I was getting my wish.

Eventually, I got tired. I stopped running and lay down. I was hoping I wasn’t too close to a town. I didn’t want to be seen. Whilst I was laying there I had almost made up my mind to go back. I realized what I was doing to Dad, I was hurting him. I was hurting the pack. But, then I realized that I was worrying about them way too much. I’m in pain, no one seems to realize that but I am. The girl I love just got married. Now, she’s becoming a vampire – my natural enemy. That hurts.

I got up and started running again. I ran for what seemed like forever. I finally got tired again; I lied down and fell asleep.

When I woke I was in human form. Crap, I was lying there all night naked. I quickly put my pants on and started walking around. I didn’t want to be a wolf just right now. I was walking around when I saw this girl sitting on the ground. She looked so sad. I took a step towards her when her face shot up. Oh my god, it’s Bella. She’s a…vampire. She stood up.

“Hello?” oh crap. I can’t let her see me. I took a step away. “Hey! Who are you?” I turned and went into a full on run. Her voice. It’s not hers. I fought the shudder running through me. She couldn’t see me turn. She knows how I look as a wolf. I turn my head and see her incredibly far behind me. Vampires are fast, why isn’t she? A hill! It’s perfect. If I can get over the hill before she does, I can phase and run away. I get over the top of the hill and turn around. She’s not over. I phased, easily.

While running I keep thinking of how she looked. She was, I hate to admit it, beautiful. She looked majestic and wonderful. I can’t do this. I can’t be thinking about her like that anymore. She’s a married vampire. I pushed myself further away from her. If she’s there, that meant Edward was probably near. I wonder if he could hear my thoughts. Crap, think something random. Tree, tree, bush, tree, tree…lots of trees.

Then, I was in a clearing. I figured I had gotten far enough away that I didn’t have to think of the scenery around me. I pushed myself further away from everything around me. I still had her face in my head. When she saw she was being watched. I wonder what she would of done if she had known it was me. Would she have run screaming? Would she have come to me? No. I shook the thought from my head. She loves him, remember? Ugh, I was so sick of thinking of her. I realized I had slowed to a walk. I started running again. I pushed Bella and her future behind me. I couldn’t handle it anymore.