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Jacob and... Amanda?

Jacob comes back (from wherever he was) and it turns out he fell in love. She becomes insanely jealous and eventually tells Jacob this. Edward overhears in Jacob's thoughts and gets very mad. He runs away and Bella need to find to him. Will she find him? Will she end up with Jacob? Or will Jacob end up with Amanda? What will Bella's love triangle come to? READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5. All Alone

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"WHAT?!" I scream a him. He looks stunned.

"Bella what is wrong with you? I told you, I imprinted on you." He takes my hands in his warm ones. "Bella, I love you. I imprinted on you. We are meant to be."

I can't breathe. He...imprinted...on me. He loves me. He thinks we're meant to be together. Forever. That means he think...that Edward and I are ...done.

While I knew this all along, it still seems to be too much for me. I can't breathe. Life with Jacob, not Edward, only Jacob. No Edward to make things better, only Jacob. My breathe slows even more. My eyes flutter at the lack of air.

"Bella!" Jacob yells.

Jacob is the last thing I hear, but Edward is the last thing I think, before I quickly slip into unconsciousness.

"Bella!" I her someone screaming. "Bella!" I open my eyes to see Jacob shaking me. His tight grip on my shoulders hurts. He sees my eyes opening. "Bella" He says. He puls my shoulders up to a hug. My arms don't move. I just sit there.

"Jacob" I start. Jake cuts me off though.

"Bella! I was so worried! I didn't know what happened!" He hugs me again. I push him away.

"Jake" I say firmer this time. He hears my change in tone and leans back. He's listening.

"Jake" I start again. "I'm really glad that you finally imprinted..I'm honored that it's me by the way...but I think..that.." I don't have to say much more. Jacob's face has fallen EH stand up and turns away. He looks out the window, his arms are tense as they make there way through his hair. He doesn't say anything.

I stand up. I make my way towards him but he just outs his hand out to stop me. I stand and watch him.
Eventually he turns to me with hurt eyes.

"Bella" His voice is not like his eyes though. It's harsh ."If you don love me, if you don't want to spend forever with me, then why'd you pick me? Why did you bother with me?" His voice is criticizing. He looks at me skeptically.

That's when I start crying again.

"Jake" I say though the numerous tears. "I'm sorry! I don't know!!" I take a deep breath . I try to calm myself. "You see, I do love you. I picked you because I tricked myself into thinking that I loved you more than Edward. You being here. You saying you loved me, it just made me want to say ‘I love you' back. My...wanting to do this overcame me. I think that I realized at the Cullen's' house that I made a mistake. I love you, but Edward I love more. I'm so sorry. I didn't want to do this to you. I didn't want it to be like this."

I look at me feet. I can't take his sad, mean look anymore. He doesn't say anything more. He simply leaves me. I follow him out to the front yard.

"Jake!" I yell to him. "Where are you going?"

He doesn't answer. He leaves me alone. I find that I'm more alone than ever.