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Every Time

Alice always saw it the same way.

This is my first story, I hope you like it.

1. Chapter 1

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I wept every time I watched her die. As the vision came again I saw her eyes wide and anguished, searching for his face. For Edward’s. It was always dark around her, the depths engulfing her like a thick blanket, holding her together while the pain ripped her apart.

He was there too, barefoot and bare-chested, a pair of worn jeans hanging from his muscular frame. He kissed away the hurt, feeling her shudders the pain became so intense she couldn’t even scream.

And I wept.

The blood flowed from her throat, coating the room, driving him mad. He looked upon her with coal black eyes, crazed with lust. Whether it was for her body or her blood I was always unsure. He carefully removed her blood soaked shirt and washed her body, soothing cool with the lightest of touches. Only my eyes could make out the careful restraint that he exerted with every movement.

The flow of blood always stopped before he finished cleaning her. She lay quiet and shaking, her every fibre burned by the venom. He'd always sigh, like her silence was a disappointment, like it should be more painful. I knew that look. I knew it meant he was disappointed in himself; he had stolen something precious in his greed. He may have wanted her, but I always knew he would have preferred she'd stayed human.

She swallowed down a sob and a scream, and he kissed down her neck. It was all soft sweetness that broke my heart. Even through the pain she gazed at that perfect angel in wonder.

He moved the kisses down to her chest and stomach, cooling the fire that burned her and ripped her insides, stitching her wounds with gentle flickers of lashes on skin. His hands held her close as he removed her bra.

I cried for all that had gone wrong.

His hands massaged her stomach, quenching the heat as his lustful mouth kissed its way toward her breasts.

She still lay gasping in both pleasure and pain, needing him to hold her together and tear her apart, fighting the pain that threatened to destroy her mind within the ecstasy of that moment.

I could not look away, I was in the trance until the vision was over, and as I watched him kiss his way down her stomach and slide off her jeans, the truth dawned on me, more powerful than I’d ever experienced.

He was hers, and she was his.

It all seemed so obvious now. I watched him kiss his way from her thighs to her throat, soaking her in pleasure.

I saw her begin to fall apart in his arms, spasming from the contradicting sensations. As he kissed her mouth hungrily he entered her, one smooth motion that made her scream, and I was unsure if it was in pleasure or pain. I watched as he gently thrust into her, taking all her pain and replacing it with soft whispers and forbidden desires.

I watch as they climax together. I watch as she huddles her trembling form into his chest. I watch as he proceeds to kiss her again, taking the pain and sending her into a restless slumber.

I try not to see if Bella turns out as one of us anymore. Every time it was the same, like he’d set his heart on it being this way.

So I keep it quiet, especially when Edward’s around.

I couldn’t tell him what Jasper was going to do.