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Wolf Want

The day before Bella's wedding and Jacob is still missing. Also will include the day of the wedding and more. Jake ends up in Alaska and meets someone who will change his life forever. please review of the sparkle bunneis will eat your twilight books!!!!!!!!! readers dont let the first chapter discourage you... the second is wayyyyyyyy better. and please please please review i really want ti know what other people think of my story!!! Chapter three is finally here its not as long as the second one but at least it is here. story banner

None of the characters belong to me they are all property of Stephenie Meyer.

1. Lost

Rating 5/5   Word Count 493   Review this Chapter

Sam's POV

Running at an easy pace I swiftly made my way towards Emily's house. I was extremely angry with myself how could I let a member of the pack run away. As the house came in to sight I slowed my pace and started walking.The lights were on but I didn't go inside. Instead I sat in the small yard and looked up at the sky. I couldn't help but wonder if Jake the wayward member of the pack could see the same sky. Several minutes passed in complete solitude but then Emily's voice broke the silence.

"No sigh of him?"

"No.", I replied my voice almost a whisper."

Come in to the house, maybe one of the boys has news of Jake.” said Emily.

Wordlessly I followed her inside, the bright lights from the kitchen were blinding compared to the pitch blackness outside. The pack was shoved in Emily's small kitchen like sardines in a can. I pulled a chair away from the table and sat. Finally I spoke.

"Any sign of him?"

"No Sam.", said Embry timidly.

The rest of the meal passed in silence. Paul pushed a plate full of delicious looking pork roast in front of me, but I didn't eat. After every member of the pack was finished they stood up then ran out of the house as fast as they could go. Finally Emily spoke.

"Bella's wedding is tomorrow." said Emily.

“I know!" I said my tone of voice harsh."

Sam I-I'm going", Emily stuttered and turned away as if she expected me to explode.

“What!" I raged, "You’re going to a leech-lover's wedding!"

"Yes Sam" she replied in a tone of voice that clearly stated her disapproval of the way I reacted.

Jacob's POV

I was lost. Everywhere I turned there was an un-familiar sight. How could I have been so stupid as to run away? Driven by a need to find out where I was I walked towards a place where I had seen human life. After a short while the trees thinned out and I saw a highway and behind it was a sigh that said "Welcome to Alaska". My heart sank I was farther away then I had expected.

Bella's POV

I was happier than I had been in my entire life. I was going to marry Edward tomorrow. Getting to this day had taken lots of hard work and hardest of all telling Charlie. Sitting in the Cullen's vast living room and watching it be transformed in to a glorious wonderland of white was fascinating. Alice practically skipped in my direction and then said."I can’t wait” you have to see the dining room"

Edward's POV

The house was wonderful and my un-beating heart swelled with joy. The house looked spectacular and I was getting married to the girl of my dreams. Well if I could dream it would be about Bella. As the hours passed I couldn't help but think of the coming weeks of horror that awaited my bride-to-be.